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EFT Psychological Reverse: Reversing polarity correctly to manifest your desires

It has been a week now that i am using EFT and decided to include it to my daily techniques of releasing resistance. EFT brought many simple yet profound instant releases in the past days such as, healing from severe headache, shoulder pain, stomach ache, colds and dizziness. When i say instant, i mean in a matter of minutes... between 2-5 min i healed myself.

I went further and experimented with EFT to free me from emotional pains. At first, i really didn't felt i still have emotional residual pains, and it was a bit hard at first to allow such emotional pain to arise again because as i learned from the Secret, happy feelings is the main thing why we manifest our desires.  But as i allowed myself to be more sensitive to what i feel in the moment, bit by bit anxieties, fear, sadness and other negative feelings unfold itself before me. These negative feelings were not extreme, it does not even measure up to a 10 or an 8, if 10 will be the highest. Nevertheless, they were subtle negative feelings. And as they unfold one by one, and as i apply EFT, the negative emotions literally dissolve into thin air. 

Gary Craig mentioned Psychological Reverse, that it is crucial to understand why medications, therapy and other techniques does not work....and his analogy went something like this: "even though you have a high-tech gadget and a fully charged battery, if the battery is placed in the wrong position-the minus sign of the battery to the plus sign of the gadget, nothing will work". So even though we have  applied so many techniques to manifest our desires, even though we take meds, therapy and coaching to be healed and to reach our goals, nothing will work if we are psychologically reversed. 

I will post a bit later youtube clips explaining polarity reversal.

Happy Manifesting!

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I'm with you!

I have known EFT for years now and it's only now that I use it everyday as I can feel it's the best and fastest tool to get rid of resistance.

I think that LOA teachings of being happy is good, but the tricky thing is that we then tend to bury our feelings and put a fake sticker on instead of genuienly feeling happy so of course it doesn't work! I've known abe for more than a year now and I love them and their teaching but to me there is something missing in the sense that their processes in my opinion don't allow us to really get rid of resistance as well as EFT. Like reach for a better feeling thought is ok but the crap resistance is still lurking, while with EFT we go deeper and root out the crap and really retrain the brain. That's how I see it but it's only my experience.

I realise with Abe I have ignored my feelings a lot instead of facing them and dealing with them and it works for some to just ignore it but to me it won't disappear by itself. so I need to face it and from there work on it.

I've felt much better since I tap on myself, I feel freer and more peaceful but I also know that I have A LOT of work! I personally use Faster EFt as I think it's better, more powerful.

good luck to you all! happy tapping!

Hi Mimi,

I too had EFT video course for a year now, but i did not really looked at it...anyway. 

Mimi, do you mind to share what were your successes with EFT? I would appreciate your share.



Well to me that's the tool I need for whatever emotion is bothering me. So for example I feel fat, don't love myself as I am, if I tap, I'll feel lighter again, the resistance will be gone.

For ex one day I had a craving for crisps, I tap it out and I was free, didn't want crisps in the end.

the thing with EFT is that you should never stop tapping because it's not magic either, you need persistence and that's why I gave up so many times in the past thinking it wasnt fast enough or didnt work that well, the thing is it does and did work but I was not willing to do my part. so now I know that my resistance won't disappear by itself, I DO need to retrain my brain and I'm the only one who can do it and I want a better life so all this boosts me and I tap every day now.

I do hold a lot of resistance and fear regarding many things-accumulation of traumas etc so I know it takes time and persistence but I really want to change my life.

For a year I have been wanting stuff to feel better, for example I'm off work for health reasons so I thought winning the lottery for example would be the solution for me, now I think the solution is just to get better, feel better now regardless of the illness. So I'm reaching for relief and instead of finding things to get better (like my friends say find a man, you'll get better etc) but it doesnt work that way, things and people are not there to fill the gap! I want to be whole here and now and not be chasing stuff all my life because I feel crap and need them, you see? and EFT can do that, EFT can help me feel good with how I look now, it can heal my symptoms, release my fears etc..

So I can't say I'm there yet of course as I have started not so long ago on a consistent level but I feel better.

I do the grid work too, so it's a combination of things really and it doesn't mean I give up on my desires of course, I just decide to heal myself and all my resistance now.

Does that make sense?

It absolutely make sense! Thanks for sharing. 

Persistence is one key to identify the culprit feeling, belief or the psychological reverse to apply EFT to.  I am glad that you are having lots of successes doing this.

Hey, i also begun to use EFT / FASTER EFT for releasing some feelings of despair that have been in my too long. As i do my EFT procedure i feel lighter, as the feeling are gone shortly afterwards. But after a while during the day, those old beliefs and feelings are coming to surface once again. I'm doing EFT for 3 or 4 days, so i think if i'll persist to EFT routine for longer time, i hope those temporary results will become permanent success. Can anyone relate to that?

Btw, for how long you two are doing eft? And how much time/day do you tap?

Thanks and good luck!

Hello Primus,

Today is my 8th day of doing EFT. With bodily aches and pains, they're gone and did not returned in a matter of 8 days. But with residual anxieties and fear, i do EFT topically with persistence. I go deep and wide to what ever kind of word that brings feelings of anxieties and fear. And each and every time i hit a word, a past event that i have negative definition of, i do EFT and they quickly disappear. 

I tap also when i feel so positive and confident, and i sense that step by step, my confidence expands. This technique goes to places in my heart that other techniques have not dealt with yet. So i am grateful!

Thanks for sharing! :)

I'd love to write my own EFT scripts but I find it very confusing. Everyone seems to do it differently. Can anyone explain it more simply? Each teacher does it differently. Some just tap the negative twice, some tap the negative twice and then a positive, some tap the negative twice and then do the set-up again and more negatives (and maybe a positive), and some people just tap on the positives.

Can anyone explain why they do it differently and what method would be best for a starter?

I thought the same thing, some often tap out the negative and then tap in the positive or go from generally negative to specifically positive like for ex weight;

I feel fat, I don't feel good like this.... then but I can feel better even though I'm not at my current weight, besides I was lighter before so I can do it, and I know it's not about the food I want but more the thoughts I have, so I can choose my thoughts now, I can feel better regarding my weight, I can be more knowing etc..

I use faster EFT more so it's a bit different as we mainly say I release and let go while having the feeling we want to get rid of. it's safe to let it go etc..you have to do what feels right.


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