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Hi everybody.

I was recently browsing a forum about time travel, and someone mentioned quantum jumping. For the sake of their privacy, I won't mention who. Anyways that fueled a discussion about it, and someone linked this page. Paraphrased, they claimed that the premise of the article was that every time you manifest, you quantum jump - because you enter a new reality with what you accomplish. For example, if you manifest an abundance of money, you enter a reality where you're rich.

What people usually confuse about switching realities is that not everything changes. It could be something as simple as you going to a reality where you find a book you were looking for lol. Anyways I suppose you get what I mean.

Does anyone agree? Disagree? All opinions are welcome, granted they are civil and take people's feelings into account. I, myself, won't be offended by anything you have to say; but this is a public forum - and it might affect someone for whatever reason.

Personally I believe this heartily. I've no reason not to, yet. I think it makes sense, because you're changing frequencies and a reality. You've changed your reality, you've basically switched realities - and quantum jumped.

Anyways, I'm excited to see what everything makes of it :P

Have a wonderful day or night,


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This is just another description of switching realities that Bashar describes and Abe has slightly alluded to.

Its what I was talking about before, and yes Bashar describes it in a fantastic easy way to understand. We basically shift from reality to reality all the time, trillions of times a day or even maybe more. Every and each reality is slightly similar to the one you are in or was in with only slight differences, or it could be a reality a lot different to one you experiencing now, the key is to understand that all of those exist and work simultaneously, like when you watching TV you are watching one show, while there are other channels available at the same time, but you decide to tune in, watch that one or this one, and if you don't like it you change the channel, frequency, to another one, but all the channels available exist at the same time. So in summary you simply shift from reality to reality, you change your frequency . How you do thud is by changing your perception , but heres where the problems start, we have build up belief systems that are not in alignment with our higher self, the real you. Those belief systems and definitions we hold make us percieve things usually with fears , obstacles and such. And so to be able to feel and notice those shifts you would have to change your belief systems accordingly, basically if you can program yourself in to having a fluid belief system where you can just pick and choose your perception and definitions without hesitation or doubt, or the old '' that can't happen'' , I got your message by the way. To re live something all you have to do is remember it and you will put yourself in to that vibration, but as everything changes this moment had to change too, without change there is no growth

really good reply knight :D

It makes so much sense that we shift realities incessantly, considering the fact we manifest all the time - whether we realize it or not. You said you can move to a reality, which is very different; would you do immediately or move through several realities with a few changes each before landing at the final changed one?

Thanks for your reply, btw.

Please understand that everything we are discussing isn't really real, we are just talking about a concept which is an experience of time. That's the whole point. All we do is experience. understand that there is infinite , infinite, infinite number of realities, earths, etc. Whatever you can imagine already exists, one thing  you can not imagine is non existence.  you are simply over thinking it, perhaps redefining your definitions would help. It is all about how you understand, define the process, by defining something you give it life, by your definitions you create your experience, and I'm talking about literally everything, you define feelings, thoughts, situations , you define time. You are not landing anywhere, you simply shift, change your frequency in order to change your experience. Have you ere tried looking at something from a neutral point, the point zero as I call it? So a point where you have no definition yet, the point where you detach yourself from definitions, point where, if you can understand it correctly, you are in a neutral state where you can than decide , direct your experience. So be the observer for once, just observe what is  happening and neutrally feel whatever feelings come up, those are your building blocks, than ask yourself how would you prefer to feel rather than define what you feeling instantly. You really need to broad your perspective. On bashars website there is a store and really not expensive, where you can buy and download his talks. Perhaps listening to it can guide you better.

just another thought I had....

would you do immediately or move through several realities with a few changes each before landing at the final changed one?

read what you wrote. This is exactly how you define what could happen, or how, since you define it this way to you the process will be exactly this. Ask yourself what do you think, what do you prefer? Do you prefer to move immediately or not? However just answering the question will only direct you in what you prefer, and here is where your belief systems come to play, your definitions. So in order to move immediately you have to re define everything, to match the vibration of chosen reality. Because your chosen reality could work on different rules than what you believe your current reality to be.

I think Bashar is right and that we do constantly shift realities every second.  I think Bashar says it's billions of times per second with each reality being like a still frame.  And when you shift between them you get the illusion of movement.  And then we have time.  That could explain how time is really an illusion like experts say it is. 

So when you think about it, you don't really attract your desires to you, you shift to a reality where the desire exists in your experience. 

I had experience that proved to me that we really do shift realities.  You can read my experience on this post on the second page:  Has anyone physically changed their past/shifted into a parallel un...


That's so cool, honestly. You may have found it freaky at the time, and I don't blame you. I would have too, although I would later see it as solid evidence for shifting realities. I do believe in it, of course. The fact evidence exists makes it cooler, though.

I'm starting to believe time is an illusion. Why else would we be able to go back and forth with other realities?

Human time is an illusion but we have created an experience that it makes it seem as time is real , but its just an experience we have created, and since you have agreed to live within a society you took on a general belief of time, general experience of time. But it doesn't have to be real if you don't wish to be.

Oh and we don't go back or forth its all happening at the same time, another definition you perhaps should look at within you.

Reality Shifters is a pretty cool site... Cynthia  Larson  is really nice, if you comment on her youtube page she usually responds .I totally agree with this. I always get people to test it out themselves.  Just pick one thing in your reality that you would change and focus on it being different than what it is. It might be best to pick something that you can easily believe change is possible and just picture it different than what it is maybe a few minutes a day then forgot about it.

Just think of it like this. Everything that can happen is already happening in some reality and you can't think or imagine something that isn't already happening in another reality. It's just not possible.  So when you think or imagine something you desire what you're really doing is connecting to another version of yourself that exist in another reality that is living the life that you're imagining or thinking about.  All you have to do is align with it and you will shift.


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