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Hi everybody.

I was recently browsing a forum about time travel, and someone mentioned quantum jumping. For the sake of their privacy, I won't mention who. Anyways that fueled a discussion about it, and someone linked this page. Paraphrased, they claimed that the premise of the article was that every time you manifest, you quantum jump - because you enter a new reality with what you accomplish. For example, if you manifest an abundance of money, you enter a reality where you're rich.

What people usually confuse about switching realities is that not everything changes. It could be something as simple as you going to a reality where you find a book you were looking for lol. Anyways I suppose you get what I mean.

Does anyone agree? Disagree? All opinions are welcome, granted they are civil and take people's feelings into account. I, myself, won't be offended by anything you have to say; but this is a public forum - and it might affect someone for whatever reason.

Personally I believe this heartily. I've no reason not to, yet. I think it makes sense, because you're changing frequencies and a reality. You've changed your reality, you've basically switched realities - and quantum jumped.

Anyways, I'm excited to see what everything makes of it :P

Have a wonderful day or night,


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Cynthia Larson is surprisingly one of the first people I came across whilst researching this. I think her last youtube video was months ago, so I'll try to comment on it.

The "forget about it" routine works much better than dwelling on it all the time, imo. That way you know it's changed and your complete belief is in it. That way you don't need to dwell on it, thinking that it might not happen or that you didn't do it right.

That last paragraph you wrote is so motivating and interesting, I feel. LOA can be interpreted in so many different ways, and how you interpret it, is how you manifest. While we believe you shift realities with manifestations, other people believe manifestations are an alteration to the reality they are already in and will stay in. 

Its funny you should say that because  when I manifest something it's not just the manifestations that has changed. I notice differences in the people around me, it's like they were one way before and now they're different.  There have been days after i manifest something I really want where things look kind of the same but do not feel the same at all. Even the people I talk to don't seem the same they were . People don't believe me when I tell them this but there has been times where I will go meditate and get in a really good feel good mood then I come back in my room and the TV is on a totally different channel than when I left and I live alone.Plus I am a perfectly  healthy sane man in his 30s. So it's not like Im crazy. There is a guy on youtube that talks about changing your past by shifting into a parallel reality where either the event didn't happen or it happen differently. 

This is the one you got it, that's correct people around you can change instantly, although it is not people around you that have changed, it is that you have now experiencing everything slightly different or very different. Congratulations you have noticed a shift!!


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