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 As a believer in co-creation I wonder if how the majority of people are desiring that trump gets thrown out of office or worse, how is it remains? I have read he was raised by his father to believe in Norman Vincent Peale's teachings, but can one person have that much creative power? I have reasoned that it is that people's fears are the driving force(?) BUT then if we think of Robert Mueller Who is investigating him, it feels like the good energy people are sending would help him achieve his goals of proving trump treasonous?  

This isn't a place where I want opinion on trump please. 

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Genevieve, BINGO!  This is good thinking and of higher mind.

The Sun is always shining you know ☺

No one and no-thing can stop it, Sun-Shines regardless of any act, thought or feeling about it. No one can hoard it, and no one can be without it, the Sun-Shines in full glory without interruption. 

Oh .... "but I don't see it, I'm under a cloud, it's dark here, something is blocking, taking my view from me... I cannot see anything but darkness and blaaahhhhh " . 

Ahhhh ....

And yet .... you see "that estimate, the account of the situation" , don't you ? 

So how is it you are aware of this then .... ? 

How is it you know you exist to witness this, anything and everything, if not by Light ?  

LIGHT is present every-where all-the-time at-once, OmniPresence. 

There is no opposite, opposition, or degrees or limitations of or to LIGHT . 

LIGHT has never not been, ever Wholly All , Illuminating All.


The LIGHT by which I See, be the very LIGHT by which I BE. 

Great :D

My 2 Cents --

Great reply from Brianna, I agree with much of what she said.

The Presidency is, by Constitutional law, a transient position, while the Deep State lives on with impunity decade after decade.  It's the big world banks, the major energy corporations, and the military industrial complex running things, and I suspect there are negative as well as positive energies from other places manipulating events and circumstances.  I wouldn't be surprised to learn that we are still waging the Ancient War that took place many thousands of years ago, only now it's we Humans doing the actual fighting.  It's a proxy war.

I've become convinced that, since this an infinite creation, every aspect of it must also be infinite even though experiences of the finite exist within it.  This would necessarily include infinite alternatives to everything, which in turn would necessarily include an infinitude of alternate versions of reality -- every conceivable configuration co-existing simultaneously, each at its own unique vibratory frequency.

What all that means is . . . you can't change "the world", or even change events and circumstances.  You can only change your own experience of reality by changing your vibration to match that of the version of reality you prefer.

So to experience the world your way, you have only yourself upon whom to rely.  You can only create in your own reality.  But this does not preclude working in concert with others who share your preferences, and ultimately make the same shift to the same alternate reality :-)

So, why is he still there? What you resist, persists. How many people are in massive resistance to him and what he's doing? Half of the populace? More? How about all the people from other countries that feel that same way? All of that resistance equals a huge amount of energy that is keeping him there. 

Many years ago, my mom taught me a wonderful technique that she used all the time to move people out of her experience. Instead of resisting those people, she would simply wish them well (and mean it) and wish them gone to something better. Within two weeks of her using this affirmation, that person would be gone, and they always went somewhere that was "better" for them in that moment. 

All of this silliness about fighting, and joining in resistance, and being in fear about him and what he's doing only keeps him there. Let it go. It doesn't serve you in any way, shape or form. Instead, laugh at the circus and comedy that all of this is. Remember also that what's going on is not permanent. It will all change again, just as it always does. =)

Hey Ross, how you be, bro?  Good to see you again.

I can affirm that technique you described, as I've used it myself on several occasions.  The method I learned goes like this:

See yourself and the person you want gone alone together immersed in white light.  Surround the other with a globe of pink light as you think thoughts of peace and well-wishes, then see that pink globe containing the other person drift up and away from you, getting smaller and smaller, until it vanishes into the white light.  Never allow thoughts of malice to intrude, or theoretically, it can backfire on you.  How, I'm not sure -- but I've always been careful not to risk finding out :-)

And sure enough -- about two weeks later, away they went, and away they remain.

To the silliness of it all, I agree -- it's all just the never-ending Comedy Of Errors we call life on Earth, and I believe it would serve us all well indeed to view it that way.  Why add stress and anxiety to your life when you can just as easily say "So what?" to whatever happens, knowing that none of it means anything except what you say it means to you!  You can choose to be offended and have negative emotional reactions to things, or not.

Not, in my experience, is by far the more pleasant choice :-)

What a special treat to see my good friends here! In one thread! Some of my old pals from back in the day when PI brought a bunch of us together into a swirling magical lasting burst of energy forming a forever family! :) You know who you are and I love ya! That's my way of saying hi!!!!!

What a beautiful world we live in! Thank you, Marcy! 

Tolemac, I have some neighbors who recently moved in and they are a lot of trouble.  I suspect they are drug dealers, although I don't know for sure.  This is going to sound terrible, but I have become very self-protective due to past experiences, and I have been hoping that if they are drug dealers, that they would get arrested and be out of my life.  But now, I am going to try what you suggest!  Because I knew my previous desire was negative, and it made me feel negative thinking about it, but they are getting worse and even though I tried to ignore it, that thought would keep coming up.  I just want them to go away.  Preferably, I would like to go to a better place, but I don't seem to be aligned to that just yet. So I am going to wish them off to something better!  Enjoy your windfall, people, and just go away!!!  Thank you for that suggestion.  I feel much more positive realizing there is a better way to deal with this than just trying to ignore them, which is damn near impossible because of their increasingly erratic behavior.

Tolemac, it worked!  I can't say for sure if they've moved on to a better place, but they've either moved on or gotten very quiet. I really think they're just not there anymore.  The legitimate tenant, the only one who's technically supposed to be living there, is still there, and at least one other person.  But that seems to be it.  All the rest of them seem to be gone!  It's been a couple days now, and it's been wonderful!


Sadly, I am divorced from a man who is very much like this Narcissist!

Trump is in office, because he reflects the mass consciousness of the American people at this moment in time.  He chimes with at least 51% of the population through his behaviours, policies and the way he conducts himself.  More than Hilary Clinton did.  It is a case of be careful what you wish for, just as it was for Britain in the 1980's, when we elected an authoritarian leader to 'rid' us of Eurosclerosis and militant union activity.  The reason why Trump is still where he is, is because there is so much focus on him and everything he is doing.  When America shifts its focus to something else, a peaceful mass consciousness which connects with the world, then you will attract a leader who reflects this, and the circumstances for that leader to come to power.


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