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 As a believer in co-creation I wonder if how the majority of people are desiring that trump gets thrown out of office or worse, how is it remains? I have read he was raised by his father to believe in Norman Vincent Peale's teachings, but can one person have that much creative power? I have reasoned that it is that people's fears are the driving force(?) BUT then if we think of Robert Mueller Who is investigating him, it feels like the good energy people are sending would help him achieve his goals of proving trump treasonous?  

This isn't a place where I want opinion on trump please. 

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Oh boy, Flowerpatch.  Do I have some opinions to offer on this.  Uh-oh.  I'm not even sure how to put this into words.  I feel differently about Trump in many ways than I did just probably a few weeks ago.  Then again, I feel differently about just about everything than I did, say, a year ago.  I have become a Conspiracy Theorist, and my belief in what is actually happening in the world is constantly in flux. Not that I'm discarding one theory for another, it's just the theories about just how much of our reality is manufactured keeps growing. Just when I think my mind has been stretched as much as it possibly could be, I learn something new that just resonates as truth inside me.

I have come to believe that just about everything we see in the media is all a big show.  The earth might as well be enclosed in a circus tent.  It doesn't matter what kind of person Trump is, and I don't think he's the complete villian he's being made out to be, but he's not in charge anyway. (IMO!)  People say the presidency of the U.S. is the most powerful position in the world and I don't believe that anymore.  I also don't believe there's any real difference between the Democratic and Republican parties, I think it's all to give people the illusion of choice.

I don't think the entertainment industry is really there to entertain us.  I think it's there to put symbols into our consciousness.  The news isn't even real.  I personally now believe the Jon Benet Ramsey "murder" was a hoax, the Manson murders were a hoax.  There are people, or entities, who want us to be kept in a state of fear and stress and dismay. Also hopelessness.  I'm not sure, but don't the Buddhists say this world is an illusion?  Also, there were those Matrix movies years ago. The Illuminati  openly admit things in movies and t.v. because they know most people won't believe it's actually true.  They're mocking us.

Also, look at the horrible, gory shows on t.v. that are considered to be "entertainment", like all the autopsy shows.  And horror movies have gotten so graphic and violent.  Do people actually feel better after watching them?  Do they have positive images placed in their consciousness?  There's a lot of subliminal messaging too.

A turning point for me came when I saw a video on youtube about a nurse who was arrested for not drawing an unconscious patient's blood for the police.  It was a big "news" story.  It went viral.  It was a couple months ago.  Did you see it?  This very sincere nurse, she was blond and had her hair in a ponytail, was telling the police officer that it was illegal to draw someone's blood without either their permission or a warrant.  And the cop flipped out on her and dragged her outside and put her in a cop car.  It was extremely upsetting!  I was getting really worked up myself over the injustice of it, and the abuse of police power, and judging from the posts in the comment section, I wasn't the only one. Then, in the comment section, someone put up a link to a video that analyzed that video, claiming it was a fake.  One of the things the expose pointed out was how one of the security guards moved over to the button by the sliding doors and stood there, BEFORE the "cop" gave any indication that he was going to flip out.  It was like an actor moving to his mark.  Then when the cop did flip out and dragged the nurse outside, the "security guard" was right there to push the button and open the doors for them to go right through. Right "on cue".   I don't know if I'm explaining this right.  If you looked at the video you would see the guy standing there, waiting for them to need him to open the door, even though at the time he moved over there, there was no reason to believe he'd need to. 

I no longer subscribe to any news or entertainment magazines.  I buy the local paper once in awhile, and I'll read news stories online once in a awhile to see what they're putting out there. I'm sure some of it's true. But most of it's engineered to get us collectively feeling things like fear and anxiety and dread.

I read a book about a year ago called, "Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon" by David McGowan, which was about how the CIA invented the sixties.  An unbelievable number of pop stars and rock stars have parents who were in the military or who were in the university system working with the military or intelligence agencies.

Frank Zappa gave an interview that I saw on youtube, where he said something about how the whole thing is an act, a show, and when people see behind the curtain they're going to be shocked. 

I realize these beliefs sound like they're out there.  A year ago, I would have thought someone saying these things was completely out of her mind.

What I'm saying to you is, there's no reason to fret about getting Donald Trump out of office, because it doesn't matter who they put in there next, if they do.  It's all like a t.v. series we're participating in, even if we don't know it.  I don't believe in organized religion, but I do believe in good and evil.  I know there are a lot of people probably on this forum who don't believe in those concepts, but I do.  I think there are evil entities and good entities, and they are both putting info out there and it's up to us what to believe.

I think the whole thing is a set-up----the entertainment industry, the news media, world governments.  Even social media, although I think that backfired on them.  There are a LOT of bad things about social media.  But people,(yes, conspiracy theorists), have also been able to get info out there.

For one thing, notice something the next time you're watching your local news.  Notice the bright shiny spinning graphics all over the screen.  What the heck is that all about?  Who do local news stations get their instructions from?  Corporate headquarters. The reason they do that is to put people into a hypnotic state, so they are more likely to believe what they see and hear on the television.

I have reached a point where I think that thoughts and feelings really are the only reality.  It's like a game that we're being exposed to, to see how we react.  We're in a virtual reality simulated environment.

Years ago, I saw a Twilight Zone episode.  It was one of the old black and white ones.  There were aliens who short circuited the electric grid or something. (I saw it a long time ago).  Anyway, throughout the episode, people were blaming each other and I think forming groups, one group of neighbors against another group, and they both blamed each other, or something like that.  There was a new family who recently had moved in, and a lot of people suspected them, etc.  Until the end of the episode, the viewer was left guessing as well.  And then they showed the aliens saying to each other something like, "They're so predictable.  It's so easy."  In other words, it was so easy to make people suspicious of each other, and to turn them against each other.

So in other words, I think all of this bad press about Trump is part of the show. It keeps people "watching".   All of these groups out marching in protest.  All of these people getting worked up to a fever pitch about this issue or that issue.  And all of this nonsense all of a sudden about all of these powerful men who  allegedly sexually harassed women or other men,  decades ago, and recently, but all of a sudden the media is saturated with it?  It's like someone turned on a switch. Of course it happens.  Of course it's an issue.  But look at how much anxiety it's churning up in people.  And is anything positive going to come of it?

That's one of the things I remember from The Secret documentary.  Instead of being "anti-war", be "pro-peace".  What happens when the media deliberately works people into a frenzy about different issues?  All it does it increase the negative energy surrounding the issue, which probably makes it worse.

I'm not technically a Christian, but I do think there are words of wisdom in a lot of religious texts.  A lot of ancient wisdom.  Isn't there something in the Bible, or maybe somewhere else?, that says something along the lines of: "Be in the world but not of it?"

One of the things I noticed when I was still watching television was the effort to make the Amish look foolish or worse.  If you think about it , the Amish are just about the only people in this country who just live their lives in accordance with nature, focusing on each other, taking care of each other, not judging people by how much money they have, not being greedy or materialistic, not getting worked up about who's in office or the latest alleged mass shooting, etc. Of course they are also affected by things like pollution, like everyone.  But they are probably the only people in this country who are, for the most part, "in the world but not of it".  They're not perfect.  No one is perfect. They are very conformist,for example.   But when I look back on all the television I've watched in my life, violent movies, etc., I envy them.  I remember years ago, seeing a cartoon in the paper during the Y2k scare, and there was a picture of an Amish couple and the words underneath said "Y2K Ready".

I just take everything with a grain of salt these days.

I haven't reached a state of "enlightenment".  But at least now I'm closer to understanding what that is!  I still let things get to me, but it isn't the everyday goings-on in Washington, all the little "distractions" they use to keep people from seeing the Big Picture.  And I think the Big Picture is that our thoughts do affect things, collectively, as a population on this planet.  Maybe not necessarily something like you mentioned, having Trump proved treasonous, because that's not a real issue. It's all a fictional reality.  It's about as real as if people wanted to use their collective energy to have Kramer and Elaine get married on Seinfeld.  They're not real people.  They're actors.  And so are the people in the White House.

I think the "real" reality is that if everyone, collectively, "woke up" already, that the human race could eliminate poverty, disease, pollution, etc.  But "they" are doing everything they can to keep that from happening.

And humans are making it so easy for them.

What I'm saying is, it's like that movie "The Truman Show".  But MOST of the humans on this planet are the "Truman"s, and a small percentage are the "Christof"s.

Right :D :D

It doesn't matter what people desire though. Also Trump isn't really a low vibration, despite everything he gets on the news for :D

Dear Flowerpatch i think you just need to understand there's not a mass reality, everyone lives in his/her own reality so you can create a reality where Trump does not exist at all or where he comes an angel or where he gets death penality or whatever. These first 2 quotes by Abraham (d first in particular is sooo revolutionary because it sees world peace under a totally different light) may help you reinforce this idea that you are powerful enough to create YOUR reality of peace/YOUR reality without Trump: 

"World peace means one mindset big enough to make the decisions about what everybody else wants and the rest of the world conforming. That is the ultimate definition of world peace. You say, "Oh, let's get along!" And what each of you mean is, "You do what I want." A peaceful world means, "Everybody wanting what I want. Going along with what I want." And the only problem with that is: there are more than one of you, and you have endless desires that are born within you. The ultimate experience is everyone having their experience and launching their individual rockets of desire, and the Universe yielding to all of them simultaneously. And everybody not worrying about what anybody else created, and so, then allowing what they are wanting. What a world that is, when there are endless desirers—who are allowing the fulfillment of their own desires."

You are the creator of your own reality, and so you are not in jeopardy. You do not need to control the behavior of others in order for you to thrive. Your attention to things that you think they do that keeps you from your thriving is, in fact, what keeps you from your thriving... It is not what they do to you; it's what you do to you in fear of what you think that they will do to you.

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, con sorriso, cappello e sMS

Thanks everyone. Stefania just about an hour ago I had this thought: If I were happier trump wouldn't exist in my life at all. It's my fear! (Falseevidence appearing real!)   I'm a hugeAbe fan and am going to listen more in my car.  Brianna, thanks for your thoughtful response. My brother thinks the same! The term conspiracy theorist indicates that there is a thought of people conspiring against which is contrary to a higher level thought of for example-Everyone is always helpful. Know what I mean? Louise Hay I think nailed it in her video YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. Astro, I believe he represents hate so for me my perspective comes from what I hear come out of his mouth so yeah hate for me is a low vibe. Thanks everyone for your input! 

Flowerpatch, I'm glad you are seeing things differently now!  What you say in your post, about "people conspiring against which is contrary to a higher level thought" really hits the nail on the head!  That is what TPTB are trying to do, keep people at a low vibration by filling their heads constantly with news and images, etc., that cause the population to feel negative energy! 

One of the things that is a tip-off that a news story is fake is the number "33".  The Illuminati love that number, for some reason.  So if you are watching a news story about "33" people getting killed in a mass shooting, or a terrorist who used "33" pounds of explosives, etc., right off the bat you know it's a fake news story.  Chances are good, it's a fake news story anyway.  So don't let the fake reality take up your attention and get you down!  I'm glad you are already feeling differently about the Trump situation.  I'll bet it feels like a weight off your shoulders!  That's how I felt when I realized most of the doom and gloom on the news is manufactured.

How funny that you mention the threes! My boss just gave me a theory about 333 and how if you see it then it means good things-higher thinking and aligning with higher energy! 

That is bizarre!  And here I am splashing  "3"s all over your discussion.  Talk about synchronicity!


Hi Flower,

I have changed my way of thinking about politicians. In the past I thought I had to fight against the ones I didnt agree with and fight to support the ones I did like.  But now, I form my political desires in my head and say "Wouldnt it be nice if they made peace with x and y, or would it be nice if they changed x and y laws.

Abe says not to fight against anything because we give 'energy' to it and so the negative stays the same or gets worst. What we need to do is simply 'imagine' what we really want and them "ask" and by living that in our minds and hearts, it can then become true.

Trump and other politicians, but also bankers and doctors and media people, in fact all people are all working out their own desires, but we, individuals, have just as much power as a seeming powerful person like a politician, and if we use our power of creation, Our desires will come true too.

My latest political intention is to have a Basic Income for all human beings. I just think about it and imagine how happy it would make people. When negatives or fears come up, I recognise it and let it go and continue with my desires.  And now I am a member of a movement to realise this. I dont take part in the politics I just Imagine, Ask and get into the receiving mood.

In terms of co-creation, yes many people are joining together to 'fight against' things and they dont succeed, because thery are giving attention and energy to what they dont want.  But we can create and co-create what we DO want not by fighting against things but turning our attention to what we Do want, feeling great about it, seeing it through the eyes of source and that or something better that we cannot yet imagine will manifest.

Thank you Gen! I totally agree about not fighting agasint. I will say though that one of my most beautiful life memories ever was the Women's March in NYC last year. I went to fight against sexual abuse of women etc and spent my day surrounded by beautiful, strong, kind, loving people-men, women, children, families! It was INCREDIBLE the energy! The LOVE! So sometimes what we know we don't want leads us to what we do. I'm going to practice observing that which I desire! 


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