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Okay, I know most people probably don't watch the news, but a hillbilly wrote something in the newspaper that struck a chord. I was reading the editorial pages when one guy started talking about health care. From what I've heard on the news, the Senate has already given up on public option, employer mandated healthcare, and there is a chance that at least 17 million people will not be receiving healthcare. However, what one guy in the newspaper said in his letter sort of struck a bit of panic into me: "In the bill it says that everyone has to purchase healthcare or else you will be fined."

Does anyone know if this is true? I am having a difficult time trying to find an unbiased site that has the main information. If this is true, then how do the unemployed or those who only work part time afford healthcare or else be fined?

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If this is true I'm moving to Canada!!!!!
TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! I have friends in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. Most of them believe in LOA. As an alternative, I have a few friends in England. You sort of said exactly what I was thinking if this were true. However, as I mentioned, they've edited and cut out so many of the positives that were originally promised, I have no clue what the bill looks like now that they've passed in the Senate and hope to combine with the House. I'm all for healthcare reform, but if you get rid of affordable options and are focusing on making everyone pay expensive insurance or else they are fined then it's basically worse than what we have now.

However, I have no clue what the bill is right now that the Senate passed (I think there are two bills actually). Does anyone else?
It wouldn't make sense economically or politically for Obama to sign a bill that would fine the unemployed and uninsured for not having insurance.

From what I've understood the senate bill that came out would cover an additional 17 million and extend coverage through plans like medicare. The left would have gone mad by now if that was really in the bill.

I can say with 75% certainty that that is not in the bill and if it is, it will most likely be edited out once it reaches the senate floor.
Thanks! I was really hoping that wasn't the case. I also hadn't watched CNN in a while, and when I decided to check on it on CNN all they were showing was a story about a little boy who hid in a basement while a bunch of people went hunting for a hot air balloon b/c they thought he was in it.
I used to follow the news religiously up until this summer. Then, it became extremely repetitive, so I cut back on leaving the TV on CNN all day and focused more on going out into the real world and working on freelance writing. I still check in on MSN or CNN if something sounds interesting or there's breaking news, but when it just focuses on the balloon kid for hours or preaches for hours about swine flu I get bored.

They have it in Mass? Even when I was watching it religiously I didn't hear about it. I would definitely protest it b/c right now I'm working part time, freelancing, and I'm saving my money so I can leave this area. If I wanted to keep the insurance I did have it would have cost me hundreds of dollars. I have no serious health problems. No medications.
A great place to look for this type of info is


A few things to remebr is the bill seems to just keep changing and evolving , which is good becuase new things come up each time it does, things others had not thougft of so it keeps taking shape.

Obama has said that one he wanted for sure is that NO ONE can be denied because of current or past

When he declared this the insurance companies flipped because who would buy unsurance UNTILL the actually needed it.

If they did that the insurance companies would go out of busness.

Fining people for not have insurance might discourage this, who knows how much the fine will be,
and when they will actually be fined?

Maybe only if they have an emergaency and have no health care, they still would be given insurance but I am guessing that fine would be like a surcharge.

But none of this is written in stone.

It is an interesting question because if twe give every american free health care ( and just cut out insurance altogether ) than what about the millions of people living here that are not citizens and do not pay taxes?

And how many more people will come to the US to get health care for free becuase they can not get it.

It's a pretty interesting situation but it seems to be evolving well,.

The last and most important thing is Law Of Attraction! ( of course! )

The entire thing does not matter that much but how I focus on it and in what way I focus on it DOES! :-} :-}
"When he declared this the insurance companies flipped because who would buy unsurance UNTILL the actually needed it.

If they did that the insurance companies would go out of busness.

Fining people for not have insurance might discourage this, who knows how much the fine will be,
and when they will actually be fined?

Hmmm...I never thought of it that way. That is an interesting point, but I was hoping that it wasn't something where they were going to make very little changes to healthcare yet force everyone to have insurance even if they could not pay for it or did not want it. Right now, I'm manifesting great health even when others around me have been struck with flus and colds.

The illegal immigrant thing is a problem in terms of health care. I know when I was living in England for a semester and even though I had health insurance in the U.S. I wasn't sure if it worked internationally. I was told by the U.K. study abroad advisor that while I was a student in the U.K. I would be covered under their plan. Not only that, but the one time that a couple of friends and I did go to speak with a nurse about a scabies ourbreak in my dormitory (we didn't have it, but we wanted to prevent it spreading), she told us that if we signed up today with the doctor then we could see him as early as tomorrow. I know it's not always like that in the U.K.
Thanks for the link! It's hard not to find unbiased information either way.
Like I said, that tidbit with someone saying that there would be a fine was said as a letter in an editorial, so I was hoping it wasn't true, but I had heard mentions of a fine before but it could have been for something else in previous bills. LOL, I always considered the Medicare and SS deductions from my paycheck as taxes.

I remember when I was in college I had insurance under my parents and even though I had a full-tuition scholarship I still had to take out loans to pay for room and board. One day, they said they required everyone on campus to have insurance, so they added insurance to those who didn't have it. That meant even more money taken out for those who couldn't afford it in the first place (my college was for smart kids who were low-income). Then, the next year they said, "Since our insurance company is raising the cost to $500 per person, everyone on campus is going to have to pay $250 for our insurance regardless of whether you DO have insurance or not so that way the school can get a deal and help others who could not afford it." In other words, because the insurance was raising prices, I had to pay for insurance I didn't need b/c it would make it affordable for someone else. I looked at the coverage and it was basically pathetic in comparison to what I had. I protested, but they said that it was either pay the insurance or get expelled.

So, I guess I'm a little jaded in terms of Berea College forcing this on us when in the U.S. that's not how health care works. It's like, I had to go into more debt to help others, so where are those people when I need help with insurance? We had a clinic charge that we were paying within the fees added to room and board anyway. Now insurance I didn't need which didn't really cover for much anyway?

"But it is really no big deal. I am just hoping to die in my sleep so I don't have to struggle with the medical beaurcracy."

LOL! My current health care plan is to go for walks around the town to stay in shape and use a protective bubble of light to block illness ;).
Here's some info I found on MSN: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33365442/ns/politics-washington_post

"Group to make key decisions

The group will make such key decisions as whether to include a government-run insurance plan designed to compete with private insurance companies. The bill passed in July by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which Dodd led while Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) was ailing, included such a provision, but the legislation passed last week by Baucus's Finance Committee did not.

The bills also differ on how much Americans who do not buy insurance should be fined as the government seeks to get everyone covered.

In the sessions, Dodd in effect represents advocates of the government-insurance option and Baucus represents those less committed to that proposal. The tie-breaking votes are likely to be Reid and, on Obama's behalf, Emanuel. Obama and Reid have said they personally back the government-insurance option but have not ruled out supporting a bill that lacks such a provision.

Then again, it's still in the planning stages and maybe I'm interpreting it wrong. I really hope so.
The California Nurses Association, which is the strongest voice for nurses that I am aware of, has an Awesome Site for Healthcare Reform...


Our nurses know better than anyone just how broken our current system in the U.S. is...

Bob :>)
Thanks! I'll definitely take a look at this source as well :).


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