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In a way, I can see how scripting works under LOA (you script your desire in the present tense) but wouldn’t that be telling the Universe HOW to work something out and how to manifest something?

(Sensible answers please: no arguments or silly short replies)

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Well to some degree, when you do scripting you are doing it from a place of having the desired item in your life right now and how you would feel, act and the things people would say to you, so its not about the "how" but rather you are jumping to the energy of having it in this very moment which brings or pulls the item into existence and to you.  So the "how" you can do, but Abe's original suggestion was going to the kind point of having your desire and scripting in the now as though you already had it.  You can, if you wish, focus on the how, but the issue with doing this is that you create limitations in how you will be allowing that desire to show up.  Depending on what you are asking for, often the universe can orchestrate things in a brilliant and mind blowingly simple way than we can ever imagine.  If you are focusing on the "how" you are kind of in the space of "not having" what you desire, rather than being in the space of having it or being it now.  Does that better make sense?  

Yes it does, thank you.  Scripting is more of the 'living in the end' (the desire in its completed form) and the ways it gets to you are the lookout of the Universe.

Yes, you kind of start at the end of where you desire to go and work backwards (so to speak).  Its almost like make believing you have it, and then the universe takes note and when you script it, you do so using language to expression emotions (from the heart is particularly powerful) and it seems to accelerate or increase the speed.

Note I used to hate Scripting, and at first it made no sense to me then on a cruise it seemed to be something that Abe brought up again and again and yet I ignored it, and then a month afterwards I wanted to create a particular thing in my life and decided to give it a go as I tried everything else and within 24 hours of me doing it, it appeared in a more magical way than I could have planned.  

If you don’t mind me asking, what was the magical thing and how did you script it?  How did it manifest for you?  It would be a good example for this thread. 

There hasn't been one one magical thing, but hundreds.  There was one but its vanished from my mind but I'll try to try ecall it and repost.

Very helpful discussion

We know that Dorothy. You don’t need to restate the obvious in every discussion thanks. 

A big thumbs up for Dorothy's unfailing appreciation and positivity! Thank you! 

I would say that scripting removes resistance to your desire. You write out what you seek, seeing the result. You have allowed yourself to believe that this will come through without any barriers or hiccups. In essence, you remove your own resistance (you get out of your own way?) and allow the Universe to assist you in manifesting that desire.

I can give a short example - on a plane trip two years ago, I decided I would manifest an upgrade in my seat assignment. I scripted out the night before that when I got to the airport and was at my gate, that my name would be called. I would go up to the desk and the attendant would ask if I would mind switching seats because they were trying to group a family together. I would be given a better seat and some extra miles. Well the next day, that exact thing happened and pretty much in that order.

So immediate success. Here's my take on why this worked and why many don't. This was fun for me. I didn't care if it happened or not. I was not attached to the outcome. I was happy with the seat I already had, if something better came along great, if not great too. I wasn't in a hurry for it to happen and I would not be impacted negatively (physically, emotionally, financially, etc) either way. Nothing in my life depended on this outcome. Hence it flowed easily, the Universe responded, and it came true.


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