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I was discussing LOA and how it affects reality including other people. A few people were saying, ‘everything is you pushed out,’ ‘reality is an illusion,’ ‘other people aren’t real,’ ‘everything that comes into your reality is because of your vibration.’ Well to me this is depressing, but if LOA really is true, it must be true nobody else is real, and it makes life boring. Some people are using this mindset ‘that nothing exists outside of you’ as a way of manifesting. It makes them feel powerful. It does the opposite to me. If no one is real, what’s the point? Life isn’t fun! Surely other people must have thought of this? And is it really true that everything that happens in our reality is our fault? People’s conversations and decisions, their lives, did I create school and the past of space and the earth? Animals and their names? An argument from people on the flats behind me and a couple up the street? Could I change into a reality where a major world event never happened? LOA says I can! Then the families of the victims would have their deceased family member back. I could really do that? I don’t think so. I don’t even think about that stuff but world events like this keep happening! The LOA has really messed my perception of life right up. I’d prefer to be the way I was before learning of LOA. It’s even worse I haven’t attracted anything over the years anyway, which makes me want to give it up and be the person I was before. 

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The core intention of working with the Law of Attraction is to soothe yourself, and help yourself feel better. So focus on different subjects that are easier for you to help you feel better, and stay off subjects that cause confusion.


i'd say focus on the best feeling thoughts about reality, they may be "i manifest the people i want and they also behave in a wonderful way" or "reality is a dream, suffering is an illusion" or "life is an extremely joyous and fun expansion" etc


Thankyou both of you. But thinking reality is an illusion is sometimes the only way to soothe myself and have belief in manifesting. For example, when people have hurt me I get really annoyed even when it happened a long time ago, so I think well i attracted it because they are not real so it doesn’t matter does it? Then I feel down that I am the only person real in my life.

Think about it as much as it is soothing, and when it stops being soothing, focus on something else that is.

Reality .... is BEING ITSELF

That Which IS .... and ISness has no opposite, opposition, other, alternative.  

Simply ... IS IS ... NOT NOT

ifs ands buts ....  Ahahahahahahaahaaaaa !  

So what ?  


but ... but what about .... 

yes .... what about ISness .... BEING ? 

THIS .. HERE .... NOW ?

That THIS... BEINGness .... ISness !  ....IS IS IS IS IS ! .....and IS is "ALL that is"

ISness .... Inseparability ... Wholeness ....  -ness Itself 

Ever Smiling ... for IS IS That IS IS 


Are you listening to Daryl Anka and Bashar? I think some of your questions might get answered via those videos on YouTube.


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