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About six weeks ago I decided to walk away from my 'secure' and well-paying but time-consuming job with zero perceivable promise that it would not cost my family our lovely apartment, financed car, or even the food we eat. My partner very distressed had to be assured by me often as I insisted source will deliver, though we do not know how, when or where, the money needed will come. The first check was a reimbursement of $6 in the mail from a copay overpayment, small but nice. The next day was a $152 from an audit of a dentist we saw 2 years ago that overcharged and somehow they got our new address, for this I was ecstatic for it looked as if it should be another of the many medical bills, but I laid my hands on it and said 5 times that I chose for it to be a check, then I opened it with knowing. Last week was a $1500 check from a flex fund given to me by my therapist, on behalf of her supervisor who had just remembered it was too many funds went unused for the quarter and would need to be used to ensure proper funding for the next. I asked for these things from the universe and they were delivered from places I would of never of expected. I fully expect more checks and revenue to find me as I focus on finishing my book and developing my business plan for funding submission. Every day I gave and give thanks for the sureness that all is well, and all that I need is already provided, whether here or on its way, in transit and unable to be rerouted. I have seen so many signs and miracles and am loving the vibration I have been holding since the day I lept into faith with everything to lose AND everything to gain!

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I'm so happy and grateful to have stumbled upon your post! I quit my dead end job two weeks ago and this encourages and reminds me that everything is alright and to allow the Universe/God to take care of me!

Yess it's a great inspiring post with beautiful Energy****
Sending you both my best wishes****

Thank you

This has happened to me too a couple of times. It's amazing how money can come to you from unexpected sources when you ask for it and let it go.

One time I was in need of some money, so I prayed for some money and let it go. I went about my day. Next thing I know, I got a phone call from my job. They said they were looking at their records and it appears that they had given me a check several months ago and I never cashed it. So if I wanted to come in they would print me out another check to replace the one that I apparently lost. They didn't know I was praying for money either. Personally, I don't believe I ever lost a check. I think I shifted to a parallel reality where I lost a check due to my prayer for some money.

Another time, I was in need of some money, I prayed for some and let it go. The next thing I know, a friend gave me some money which she said she owned me. I didn't tell her that I needed money either and I didn't recall ever loaning her money. Again, I believe I shifted to a parallel reality where she owned me money due to my prayer for some money.

SOURCE IS PROVIDING FOR ME (or words to that effect) is a great belief to have.  Fear is pretty much believing that you won't be taken care of, and that you will be left high and dry, but we don't need to have this.  Source is willing to help and provide for our every need and desire because it loves us and wants us to be happy.  What we have to do is believe in this.  The newspapers are at it again at the moment, spreading fear and worry surrounding a slowdown in the UK housing market.  I'm pretty sure recession warnings will come, but if we believe that the Universe is providing for us, then that is what our experience will be.  It doesn't matter about the economy, the job or housing market, profit warnings or stock values, for those are not our sources of security and Providence, the Higher Power is; and it will lavishly provide for us if we believe in it.

Beautifully said & true


I so needed this kind of direction tonight! Thanks

This is great! every time my brain wants to worry about money I repeat that I have an abundance of money and my bank account never seems to have a low balance. I have been receiving gifts and money lately, I'm so grateful for it, from the smallest thing. :) 

But keep the wording positive: you have an abundance of money and your bank account is always full. 


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