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Hi, my partner and I discussed last night about a temporary break.  He feels he needs space and being on the same wavelength have been thinking about work opportunities, and seeing my mum up north.  Our relationship this year has been it seems like the 7 year itch, up and down, turbulent.  

I agree with this temporary break. I just would love that when I go back our relationship is stronger.

Has anyone gone through this at all?  Any advice.

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Happy New Year :)

I think the key is to stop focusing on what he is doing or feeling or experiencing. Focus instead on yourself. You can't hold onto a person or anything really forever. All you have is YOU :) and that's a good thing! Love yourself! Be FREE! Find out what makes you happy because right now you're unhappy. It's not his fault. Him changing won't make you happy. Only you can choose happiness and when you do things will fall into place. PS.Be grateful he has the courage and integrity to tell you he wants space. Happy New Year & reading up on co-dependency might interest you? Love you!

Thank you Flowerpatch, blessings and Happy New Year to you too. Love you too HUGS xoxoxx

Step into my own energy :D

I am feeling highly anxious.  I am not feeling good about the idea of my partner wanting me to head back north for a few months.  It does not feel right and I feel like I am catering to what he wants, when this is my home too. I thought about going back north for a short while to do some healing and get some feminine energy around me. I know this is a judgement:  My partner is acting like a 20 year old, as he works with younger people.  I am really not sure what is going on with him, its like his personality has changed???  

I truly do not see how months and months of space can save a relationship? Anyone have any input please feel free. I feel my partner is making a mole hill into a mountain due to a December disagreement.  All I know is this feels like a bad dream, I don't know how I manifested this, and I am doing my best to change my reality.  

I know I need to feel good and focus on what I want. Believe me I have been doing my best. I get overwhelmed as I cannot understand this scenario.

“I am feeling highly anxious.”

Which means you have a lot of momentum. You can meditate or take a nap to help slow down the momentum.

“I get overwhelmed as I cannot understand this scenario.”

You don’t have clarity when you are not in alignment. And when you are not in alignment, that is not the time to try to figure anything out. Source has it figured out, and your only work is to allow yourself to resonate with Source.

You get overwhelmed because you believe it’s your job to fix and control everything. Your work is to do your best to feel a little more relaxed and let Source take care of everything. Your Inner Being has your back and is guiding you every step of the way. You just want to ease yourself to the receptive mode to allow yourself to receive your Inner Being’s thoughts on all of this.

Any meditation you can suggest Brian?

You can sit or lay down comfortably, close your eyes and listen to a steady sound such as a fan or nature sounds.

You can also watch asmr, which can be very soothing. Here are five videos:

1. [ASMR] Face Touching & Hand Movements for Sleep

2. [ASMR] Sleep Clinic Roleplay - Trigger Test (Whispered)

3. Slow Hands Slow Whispers ASMR

4. Triggering You Gently ASMR ~ Whisper Ear-to-Ear ~ Brushing ~ Trigge..

5. ASMR Let me massage you to sleep Whispered  #asmr

I am on my second marriage, and I have learned a lot about marriage.

First of all, you may be surprised to find out that arranged marriages end up being happier than marriages of love: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2217232/arranged-marriages-lead-to-ha...

The reason they speculate that such is the case is that people in arranged marriages believe they have to work at it and be kind to their partner.  In marriages of love, the spark is lost, and then people stop trying.  Statistics for second marriages are around an 80% failure rate.  Which is probably because people that divorce once, don't think it is a big deal to do it again.

So really, it just depends on if you and your partner are dedicated to making the marriage work or not.  If not, then it won't.  If you are, then it will work, and it will be happy, if both of you are dedicated.

Me and my current wife are extremely dedicated to each other.  Even though she has become much more religious than I have, she is going to stay with me.  And I will stay with her.  Our marriage is not perfect, but it is wonderful.  And we are both dedicated to each other.

We are not married, it doesn't matter anyways, we both want it to work.

Oops!  Well, just disregard my post lol.


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