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After someone contacted me privately for advice, I realized once again that I have MANY stories of having attracted things I wanted into my life even long before I heard of the LoA and knew about the "rules" for achieving things.  One that really gets me is about being "happy" all the time, I know that I often wasn't since I suffered from depression for decades (and have even been delivered from that after changing my diet drastically).  For many of us it's "impossible" to feel happy or cheery while we're still in the middle of a bad situation where we can't see any way out, so being told that we have to "feel good" at all times in order to match our vibration to our desire instead of being helpful it's actually more limiting because we feel we can't and therefore, won't be getting what we want.  While that is true in part, what I've never seen any LoA teacher say is that FAITH has such a high vibration that it will make "feeling good" unnecessary in a lot of instances. 

As far as my experience of decades goes, all we need is the determination to believe, at all costs, that our desire will be fulfilled and to listen to our intuition's promptings regarding any action to take (but sometimes none or very little is required).  I'm now over 60 and as early as 17 y.o. I was attracting situations and people who fit what I wanted or served to further the process of the attainment of my desires. 

Some of those times I was feeling really good but other times I felt stuck and had to hang tight to any shred of faith because people were even undermining it.  In August of '12 my car was totalled in an accident that was not my fault, I had a Christian friend tell me that God might not want me to have another car when I asked her to pray.  That reminded me of an instance many years earlier when I'd asked another to pray for my failing marriage and she told me it might not be God's will for us to get back together again.  What?  We had 2 small children together who needed him!  But the seed of doubt was planted and whenever I got down on my knees to pray about it I'd think about what she said, small wonder he ended up marrying the woman he'd been cheating with!  The contradictory thing is that he'd been the b/f I got back years earlier, it's like I totally forgot why it had worked. 

This time I ignored that friend's insensitive remark and just determined to believe, and the clearer I got about what I wanted the more cars showed up for me to look at or test within my limited price range.  Finally, I decided I wanted a car of the same make and model as my previous one and chose the color silver, then I did what I had to do to stay in faith and began imagining that car parked where I usually had parked my previous one. In no time I found an ad on Craigslit for my car, I immediately claimed it saying "that's my car!".  The amazing thing is that the gentleman who advertised it was a nice Christian and he even reduced the price by $400 when I voiced concerns about the high mileage.  That was very helpful because I was unemployed with barely any income and all I had was what the insurance company had paid; the car's final price was way below what I'd earlier considered too little to get a decent car so the leftover money helped to pay a couple of month's rent, how about that?  

Another recent story is that a year after I got the car I nearly became homeless but by using unwavering faith at the last minute and writing that my prayer for what I wanted I was able to find an apt. that was better in several ways than the one I'd been living in, including lower rent.  And due to the kindness of a neighbor I've enjoyed FREE wireless internet ever since which I could've not afford on my own, I made sure I kept her happy baking her goodies once a month which she always appreciated.  It is in another city and I've been wanting to move back where I came from but that's another matter.  The important thing is that I didn't have to go live with strangers or barge in on my daughter in FL, where I finally got out of in '10.  I was "allowed" to remain independent and have the peaceful life I'd craved and then get a kitty, which I really wanted but was not allowed where I lived before.  And very coincidentally I got the very same type as my daughter's 3rd one which I thought was SO beautiful and I'd "love to have one like it".  Come think of it, that was totally uncanny.  I got him as a tiny baby and neither the person who gave him to me or I had any clue that the white kitten he brought me would turn EXACTLY like my daughter's female one; they are "apple-faced" Siamese and there are 3 color "points", yet I got the same one I'd admired in just a few months, talk about effortless manifestation!

I had the misfortune of him disappearing for 6 days at the end of last Sept., I began to despair of him coming back but remembered that fears would make the worst happen.  He eventually returned to me but with his hind quarter paralyzed because one heartless person shot him with a BB gun.  A very stressful period ensued because he's also incontinent and I had the hardest time finding a solution for that.  I asked why that had happened to us, well, it could be because since he insisted on going roaming I'd had to deal with fears of him getting run over by a car or "something".  I finally came to accept our situation as an opportunity for me to gain the patience I didn't have and to love him unconditionally. I've showered that kitty with so much love and attention and I believe I'm more patient now.  He began to make progress, first being rid of pain, then making some small movement of legs and tail.  It's been slow but I still believe he'll make a full recovery, or as close as can still keep him safe with me; meanwhile our bond has strengthened and I give thanks each day that he was allowed to come back to me because I would've lost my mind if he had not, plus his presence and love fills my days and gives some meaning to my life because it's great for me to feel needed.

Right after he came back I had a problem with my car's coolant level and not much money to get it fixed.  And when I finally took it to a nearby shop they were charging me so much money that I just went and got my car back.  I then suddenly thought of asking a Mexican neighbor if he knew of a trustworthy mechanic (Hispanic mechanics usually charge less) and it turned out he had mechanical skills himself and he offered to fix my car.  It cost me a fraction of what the shop wanted and the peace of mind I got was priceless because that car problem had bugged me and even caused me anxiety, yet after I kept praying for help it certainly came.

I came back here because last year I attempted moving back where I lived before but my efforts failed.  At first I felt lost and my confidence in manifesting that desired flagged, but I'm a very analytical person so I decided to review my thinking and action pattern at the time and realized I'd allowed outside input to influence me negatively.  But with such a big failure after having started out in total faith I didn't feel confident that I could try the whole complicated process all over again.  When I finally decided that I would, I gave myself a limited time period to begin the process but it soon came to an end, then I had to decide whether to forge ahead anyway or wait for a better time of the year when my chances of finding what I desire would be bigger and moving would be easier.  I have not been able to conquer a health problem that keeps me very fatigued, especially during the summer due to exposure to more mold spores inside my apt. so I'd prefer to move during cool weather.  That right there influenced me negatively last year, I was SO tired all the time, often having to lie down to rest for a good while or even taking unexpected naps that I began doubting if I could handle a move... so I ended up with "split" vibrations.  This time around I didn't know what was best to do, I thought and thought but could not come to a decision so I prayed for guidance, and soon enough was guided back here.  I had stopped coming here actually back in '13 or perhaps '14 and had not received any notifications for a very long time, then all of a sudden I got one and I took that as a "sing" to come back here thinking I might become inspired again.  I did decide to wait until summer to start the process so I might be able to move hopefully in the fall, and although I hated the thought of staying here for another summer, I know I can handle it because I'm very proactive about finding ways to cope.

But coming back here has proven to not be just "about me".  I see that the same potentially limiting rules are still passed around by very well-intentioned people, but I think the most fragile of "believers" will just feel doomed to never being able to get what they want because they can't make themselves to feel good.  Sure, starting a gratitude journal really helps and I encourage everyone to give thanks every single day even for the "bad" things as they bring great lessons with them, but if they determine to just BELIEVE too, magical things may begin to happen.  I once got the greatest manifestation of my life while taking anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications which worked imperfectly.  I just made a decision to feed my mind with faith boosting stories, Bible verses, etc. I did surrender my will at one point but made clear what I really desired and it only took about 3 mo. for my life to entirely change for the better.  I, unfortunately, still dragged with me a very limiting church teaching that some things may "not be be the will of God" so I'd gradually allow myself to fall into a more limiting frame of mind and often ruined the good things I'd gotten.  I now understand God differently but still have struggled at times with the old lingering programming in my subconscious, but at least now I know how I can get past that if I try.

Sorry for the looong post, but I believe this might be helpful to a few people here.  Love to all, and keep the faith!


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Great post and great message!

Much love*****

Thanks Stephanie, much love back to you!

Thank U :))))
Thank you :) your story makes me, and I’m sure plenty of others, not feel so alone.

Ah, so you've found it a little hard to be always "up" too?  Glad I've contributed something positive!

Very good and inspiring post.  I am always wary of people who say that it's God's will for this, than and the other.  It sounds to me like a platitude bolted onto the end of conversations, to cover up a lack of wisdom, or to just end conversations they can't be bothered having.  For instance, " it's not God's will for you to have children, even if you are having baby cravings. "  Rubbish!  If you have been given the desire for something like this, then it means that it IS possible and that now is the right time.  God would not have given you the desire if it wasn't.

God's will for you is the same as your will for you:  your greatest good, greatest joy and best feelings.

As for the other part, the belief part, then that is a huge part of it.  As I have said, if you have a desire, it means that it is perfectly manifestable, but oftentimes, doubts creep in and these scupper the attraction process.  The strong belief (some say blind faith) is what brings them into being, because ultimately, you get what you believe in the most.  I don't mean trying to hard, forcing yourself to believe, and forcing something to happen though.  I mean, you supply the thoughts (the faith so to speak) and then the Universe and the process of synchronicity does the rest and brings it into being.  You just have to keep at it.

Don't believe that things will work out for you, believe that things ARE working out GLORIOUSLY for you, and the Universe will take care of the rest.

Wise Sir Neil!

Too bad there isn't a thumbs up feature here so I could do that!  Thanks for your input Sir Sunshhine, I definitely agree!

I’ve found one (lesser known) modern LOA teacher that talks about Faith. A guy named James Goi Jr. “It bridges the gap from your current reality to believing you have it. It’s a belief that it is coming to you!” He said something along those lines.

Neville Goddard has talked about faith. “It’s like expecting a delivery in the mail. You know it’s on its way!”

Anyway, faith is something I need to work on! Faith has a positive vibration, no doubt, and will attract things to you!

Thanks for sharing about Mr. Goi, I'm going to look him up right away.  Loved the N. Goddard example, right on target! :-D

Wonderful post by Rackie! It all boils down to faith, and being in faith 51% of the time. I'm not religious or Christian but enjoy quoting this- 

“Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.

Fantastic words!!


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