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Hey everyone,

Does anyone know that a bible story is still connected to the law of attraction? I believe bible is astronomical literate after I watched a film. "Zeitgeist." Converting into Atheist from Christian took me long time like 2 years after watching the film. And then I am Bahai after I believe in the law of attraction. I am sure most of you not familiar with the word, Bahai. It is a religion that believe in one God and believe in any religions. 

I am pretty sure some bible has true statements and some statements are wrong interpreted. So I am wondering if anyone knows that what kind of bible has connected to astronomical literature. I would be pleasure anyone share precious knowledge here.

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Hmmm very complex question to me but that might only be for me. The truth is the bible in its current form has been rewritten and altered so many times that you're not reading the original book you're reading a Roman Empire and British Empire indoctrination hand book rather than a book on spirituality . Some of the edits wasn't done for the right reasons but some researchers  believe a lot of the edit  were done to control how people think.

 I believe the first major edits of the bible happen during the Roman Empire then some more edits came  with King James in England. The lost books of the bible when  combined with what's  in the bible today would lead you to believe that all Jesus talked about was law of attraction. He just had different labels for it.

At this point in my life, I don't subscribe to any religion or religious texts myself. I might read them for entertainment value or maybe just for historical value but nothing more.   In my opinion your religion, your God and the only religious book you should be interested in reading is all inside of you right now. There is nothing outside of you that is more valuable or more knowledge than what's inside you right now.  No human being can write a book or create a religion that is more enlighten than the energy that is inside of you. 

I used to look for a religion until I started meditating and going within. Then I did some astral projecting . After that I could not take religion or religious texts seriously. I feel like it's all distractions and what's inside of you  right now is soo intelligent and complex that nobody can come up with a enough words to describe it.  It's beyond powerful and beyond our human view of intelligence. 

But to answer your question Read some of Jesus teachings and research some of the lost books of the bible. You should find plenty of examples of law of attraction being taught. 

Thanks so much for posting here, Will.

You're welcome Amy.  I'm surprised that others didn't respond to this question. I think it's a very interesting subject but maybe that's because I come from a religious family and I had to spend years deprogramming myself in order to finally enjoy my life and start creating my reality.. 

Ah thanks. Yeah, honestly your statements seems advanced level for me which I needed to have more time to figure it out. I think a book "Life on Earth" by Mike Dooley also helps me understand what are the religions and LOA are different too. 

I think every religion/spirit accomplishes their happiness in different way. I am sure all of their goal is happiness/paradise(heaven) and get reach into it in different ways. Anyhow, don't you think LOA is applied by Buddha? Cuz I noticed that LOA strongly encourages us do meditate and maybe apply to chakra system.

Regard of your statements, it is very interest that you think bible is Roman Empire and British Empire indoctrination hand book. And do you still think it also an astronomical literal? Yeah, I agree that bible has some wrong interpret or had some error from long dialogue. I remember that I got confuses when I was reading bible that has Korean language and English language. Cuz the words said "warm cloth" in English but Korean language said "red cloth." But I still think some of bible versus are powerful if they are sensible. 

I understand that you took long time to deprogramming yourself while you were religious with your family like Pam Grout done that. I am really glad you found able to be enjoy. 

Well Buddhism is in my opinion maybe  the closest thing to real spirituality if you compare it with the other major religions.  The Bible has a lot of feel good stuff in it but if you research the Lost books of the bible and also research the fact that the Vatican even has  books of the bible that they refused to release. It starts to paint a picture for me  where I do not put too much trust in the book in it's current form.  I do believe there was time where people were given a complete picture but some believe the Christians crusades lead to a lot of valuable information on spirituality being destroyed.

Yes there some translation issues because of language but some of it was done on purpose if you research the Roman Empire and then what some of the Kings in England did with the bibie

Can someone find happiness in these religions ? Sure, there is a lot of  feel good things in all religions . You can subscribed to one religion and 100% enjoy your life but in my personal opinion and I don't mean to be harsh.

I can rent a hotel room for 3 weeks for a homeless person and that will bring he or she happiness but  if I do not teach him how to find  shelter for himself  then did I really help him or did I just give a brief moment of happiness just to see him end up back on the street again? 

I feel like some of these religions do that to people.  The reason why I am so harsh is because I subscribed to a major religion until the age of 20 and the only thing I really learned is how to "Deal with life" and worship a being who had all the power and got to pick and choose rather to fix my situation or ignore me   The reason why I was told I was ignored because it was some lesson. Which In my opinion was a excuse certain religion's use so they don't have to admit the fact that they "don't know".   Which is fine I guess for some people but for me it was still a powerless existence . It wasn't until I started studying Spirituality and realized that all powerful being  was inside me and I could create the reality I want that I truly became empowered.

I no longer had to worship or beg anybody for anything. I didn't have to give 10% of my money to some man that claims he talks to God to keep his organization going.  I simply didn't need them anymore.  I could heal myself,. which I did and the doctors still have no idea why My blood pressure is in the range of a healthy 20 year old .  Plus many other things that I can manifest now of days with ease without thinking about them.

If this was simply about happiness then I would not be so harsh but I feel like a lot of people tied up in major religions have been used and mislead because one single human being can manifest and do some amazing things if he or she is aware of their unlimited power.  That is why I try to answer any question that people have about spirituality or manifesting things.  A lot of people join religions because of family traditions, in needs some type of guidance or they feel powerless.   I feel those people are taken advantaged of when all the answers in life is inside you and if you go within in you won't need to read a book or subscribed to any religion because all the answers exist in you.

Hi Pemp,


I apologize for no reply for long. Actually, I almost completed writing the post here like two months ago but I clicked X on the site by accident which I had to write it over. Anyway, for now I am South Korea in last minute for watching my buddys wedding and seeing dentist for my bad cavity. Well, I thought seeing dentist in Korea is much cheaper compared to the US but I still have to paying about $100 in every time I see the dentist for three times(about $300 total). Anyhoo, I am exciting for doing cheap hobbies like shooting BBS and gonna be exploring different kinds of temples and meditate there! Also, I am so blessed that I can read a ton of books from my parents neighbors library and even can get American LoA books in Korean! From reading more than several books from the library, I just realized that almost of all of meditate books are applied to LoA & chakra. I just found one interested book, Bright-sided by Barbara Ehreneich, that the book against any religion, positive-mind included LoA. Even I read LoA part multiple times, I still cannot understand almost all of statements, I cannot figure out whats the authors point and I still think LoA is still sense for me.  Maybe reading in English version over would make me understand better which I am gonna read it once I am back to the US.  What I can remember from the book (chp5) is Joel Osteens some statements are pretty resembled to LoA. So, I still think some statements from religion's books are applied to LoA.


Anyway I am gonna go back to a point that we are talking in the issue, about bible. As you mentioned that you would have motivated to help the homeless; we all can make our good morality without believe in religion. But you would rather teach them for rest of happiness instead of just rent a hotel for temporary happiness. So do you mean that some religious people are giving temporary happiness like that? Cuz they made the homeless become less power after they got help and go back to the street or make them worship in a religion?


I can see that you justified that you have a good faith to heal your weakness by yourself rather having religion or without any religion like from the DVD, the Secret.? Seems meditate and positive mind help you heal better. I am still learning how to meditate as well during the month too.

Interesting topic!

Do unto others do unto you,

The more we have the more will be given and the less we have the less that will be given.

Are the verses that come to mind.

Hi Nathan,

Do you mean the versus from a bible?

Hi Amy,

I think these words are called versus in the bible?

Also other good on is "as you sow and shall you shall reap"

What I mean is, some of the versus/phrases are relevant to the law of attraction as in the above verse.

What you give is what you get.

I can't edit however there is also 'seek and you will find'.

Yeah, you can see that some statements from the bible is powerful. =)

Hello Amy, 

There are many scriptures from the Bible that pertain to the Law Of Attraction. I believe that the entire Law Of Attraction idea is taken right from scripture and the word of God. We can dress it up any way we like but the 'principles' taught in the Bible are the same principles used here in this forum and in the book The Secret among many others. It's nothing new. These teachings were not only taught by the biblical prophets of old but also our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ himself. In the book The Power...the entire principle is written around and expanded upon the following scripture, "Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. W... Matthew 13:12 .

I believe that there is a scripture, parable, principle or story in the word that explains everything taught in the Law Of Attraction...

Sorry that I am late to the discussion, but contact me at any time if you would like to discus further. 


The Mystery Within...


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