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Hi everyone :)

Well this site changed my life. And I just needed to come back and share because I feel I owe it to those of you who remember that younger and more naive girl who came here after a very tough breakup.

I was desperate and wanted to use LOA to get him back and for months I tried everything LOA related to do so, which of course just lead to putting out lack and more desperation because I was lying to myself. Faking being happy when I wasn't, until I made the decision to just be single until I could be happy on my own and not depend on someone to complete me.

Lessons were learned, and I slowly moved up the scale of emotions instead of pretending to jump way up to elation, and it worked for me. Since joining the site I manifested the best job for me. I dated here and there but nothing serious. Until now :)

I now have an amazing boyfriend who treats me better than I ever imagined. And he came into my life when I has no expectations in meeting someone. At first I wasn't sure I was interested but things developed and here we are a couple of months later and it's going great. Some of you might know of me that because of internal things I may have issues with conceiving. I still think I will be a mother one day, but the great thing about this guy, is he has two young boys who I get along really great with so I don't have to feel any pressure in that area too! It's all about timing sometimes :) what if I had met him a few years ago? I don't think it would have worked back then given our circumstances at those times.

I just wanted to write this post. Not to belittle anyone who is here to get their ex back. There are success stories, but just to encourage you as I was encouraged to put out there what you want in a significant other and be open to whoever comes along :) because it can be even better than you imagine. Especially when you look outside your comfort zone or type!

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Thanks for telling us how you are doing Layners, and continued bright blessings to you. =)

Thanks Ross! I forgot to say so before :)

WoW, that's an awesome story.  Thank you so much for posting it.  I SOOOO needed to see this.  I am presently going through a divorce that I filed for and was struggling with the idea of maybe I should try and get him back but when I really thought about it, I knew that it wouldn't be any better then last time but still I struggled.  But now after reading this post from you, I definitely feel that there IS something better for me out there and I thank you.

I'm glad it could be helpful to share the story :) believe me I know it's hard sometimes!

I think the best thing I ever did was just to work towards being happy on my own and going with the flow. No expectations is the best way to go! Then you are just putting out gratitude for what you already have and in turn attract more to be grateful for.

That's just my two cents anyhow :)
Welcome back Layners. So good to hear a successful LOA story .... It gives us all hope
Thanks! Good to see you too! Once upon a time we were in the same boat when it came to this :) on to bigger and better things!
Yeah I'm much stronger than I was 4 years ago, but still trying to attract better things ;)

It's really encouraging

Layners, it's almost impossible for me to look out of my type and to ME it doesn't feel right to do so FOR ME.

But your success story has really encouraged me and I am so happy for you!

Believe me I know how you feel! I find many girls, myself included find ourselves attracted to jerks who we mistake or "confident guys"...but some guys who are less forthcoming to start kinda surprise you with their confidence! And they are also sweet and thoughtful and attentive to boot! I was never into shy guys so if a guy didn't make a move on me I'd get turned off. But there's something to be said about the slow build.

All those things that kinda made me wonder about this guy now endear me to him, and he is all the more attractive to me. Everyone always told me that it happens when you least expect it. And it's true. I think the best relationships grow. And that attraction isn't instant. And now I wonder if it is instant, is it real? I don't think so anymore.
I don't care if he is shy or confident.
But there's certain things physically I've always been strongly attracted to
It's really important to me & if the guy for me is not like that than I'd rather go without.
(Obviously he has to be a lovely person on the inside too!!)

Anyway really happy for you!!!!
great story. Glad to hear that life is going well.

thanx forsharing..I was one of those peopleas well...I was so desperate to get him back. The man I lived with 11 years..I couldn't inagine my life without him..he cheated wuth my best friend and moved into our house one week after i< moved our..It was a time of pain and sadness...Its been 2.5 years now and thanc to the mny great people here I as well have moved on..new town, new job and soo much more..I look great and feel wonderful....I even had the courage to tell him to never contact me  anymore since he never stopped calling in these 2,5 years....That I actually did this was my turning point to self respect....I have dated but nothing serious...It does not matter because I am happy as I am and when its time he will come..the new man whom I imagined...We all have to decide we are worth it and never settle for less as I have...our souls know whats best for us and it takes us there, even if at times its a long detour..


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