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Hi everyone :)

Well this site changed my life. And I just needed to come back and share because I feel I owe it to those of you who remember that younger and more naive girl who came here after a very tough breakup.

I was desperate and wanted to use LOA to get him back and for months I tried everything LOA related to do so, which of course just lead to putting out lack and more desperation because I was lying to myself. Faking being happy when I wasn't, until I made the decision to just be single until I could be happy on my own and not depend on someone to complete me.

Lessons were learned, and I slowly moved up the scale of emotions instead of pretending to jump way up to elation, and it worked for me. Since joining the site I manifested the best job for me. I dated here and there but nothing serious. Until now :)

I now have an amazing boyfriend who treats me better than I ever imagined. And he came into my life when I has no expectations in meeting someone. At first I wasn't sure I was interested but things developed and here we are a couple of months later and it's going great. Some of you might know of me that because of internal things I may have issues with conceiving. I still think I will be a mother one day, but the great thing about this guy, is he has two young boys who I get along really great with so I don't have to feel any pressure in that area too! It's all about timing sometimes :) what if I had met him a few years ago? I don't think it would have worked back then given our circumstances at those times.

I just wanted to write this post. Not to belittle anyone who is here to get their ex back. There are success stories, but just to encourage you as I was encouraged to put out there what you want in a significant other and be open to whoever comes along :) because it can be even better than you imagine. Especially when you look outside your comfort zone or type!

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Wow! I am so sorry to hear you went through this! I think that's what made it hardest for me with my ex is because I was just hurt, but it wasn't a bad breakup so I didn't have a lot of reasons to be mad at him. After a couple of months though I cut him out. It hurt too much to keep talking to him and I haven't heard from him since thankfully! I don't want to know anything about him.

Just be patient and live your life to the fullest and when you're not expecting it, the right guy will come!

I think about this alot ..its been 2,5 years I have been single...and the dates I had were not what I wanted..so I have faith the right guy will come as you say ..when I least expect it....I am not bitter or angry at my ex and my friend,,,they did just what they felt was right for them even if it meant hurting me to a point of insanity....but I surrvived and grew into a better person and happier than ever so would I change this experience if  I could?? NO never..,,,,it made my life so good....even if the price was so high its worth it

Wow! You are very strong! I don't know what I would do in your position. It's something I always fear, but I have to let those fears go because it's rare these things happen and I can't control it even if it were to.

I was single a little over 3 years. And I know it's not easy finding a good guy out there! I also have made peace with the idea that if this doesn't work out, I'll still be okay. Because I know now what I deserve and I also spent enough time on my own that I know I can be happy that way too.

I guess we are stronger than we know ...I know ne thing this experience made me love myself..thats a price I am willing to pay and the best gift he could of given me....good luck as well hugs

That is wonderful. :)

I hope you continue moving up the ladder in your path. For one thing I learned as well, there are no ultimate success stories and no finishing points after which we live our lives in bliss. We forge on, enjoying, learning, sometimes suffering, but always becoming more and more aware of our depth.

I'm glad you were able to let go of the attachment to the pain you felt with your ex. It's a freeing feeling. :)


Thank you Layners.

I have done this recently, i do love him still, however open to a new guy in the future who ticks all of my boxes. I want to love me now and grow. 

Exactly right!

Perfect quotes!!


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