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Just wanted to say that i have started doing the RS Process by Wendi and i have to say that it is amazing :)

I know that from what i feel when i do it that it is definitely working and that sooner rather than later, things will happen and i will be with the person i am in love with :)

I will certainly let you know whe tnta happens so will update you on that and i am sure it is getting closer and closer from all the signs and processes i have been doing as well for the fact that i know and believe with certainty that we both will be together.

In regards to the RS Process that this post is all about, the first two times i did, my feelings were so intense, so vivid, so amazing, so loving and erotic and real that i almost cried of happiness, i kid you not, it was that intense and i felt so happy that it was unbelievable and i have to say that at the end of the process, i was almost out of breath, excited, really hot and i mean that literally, my hands were so hot and full of energy that i almost got scared :)

Yesterday i was abit off on the process but once again i started 4 days ago so it is normal and to be expected but i see this getting better and better and i cannot wait for the real physical manifestation to come along.

Besides like it happens on the other porcesses you will have that annoying old junk coming back to see if they can go back but it is not hapening, not anymore and negativity is finsihed for good :) only positive, loving and happpy feelings coming my way now and like i said i cannot wait for what i want and desire to be manifested as i saw how her and i will be together and believe me it is amazing :)))

Anyone else with what they feel when they do RS, it would be great to know what other people here feel and do in regards to RS.

Peace and Love to everyone.

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Are you doing this for a specifc person or just anyone ?
Hi Anna, i am doing this for a specific person :) but i think it works with a generic person as well but i have heard and i can testify by the energy i have at the end of it and that i pass on to the person i love that if you do it on a specific person it works better but i am sure other people will be able to give their own comments as well and help you out. One thing i would say is that on my case for example, it works better if i do it in the evening and with no lights or sounds at all apart form Wendi's RS MP3, while maybe for you it might be in the morning so you have to check it.
What is it you actually do in remote seduction if you dont mind me asking,can it also be used in other ways.thanks.

Remote Seduction is basically a way to send deep and loving, sometimes erotic or quite often if you are doing RS to the person you are in love with and would like to be with either it is an ex or a new person (which is my case).

There is a link to the MP3 itself if you make a quick search under Remote Seduction here on the Forum.

It works wonders and it feels amazing :) and i know that it is working and it will work itself into manifestation very soon.

Also, sometimes i feel extremely happy and at peace and i just smile the whole way through, sometimes it is full of erotic energy and really hot :) sometimes i feel the energy just running through my body and it feels so powerful...so give it a try, it works for me and i am sure the person i am sending it to is feeling it, the energy and power of the loving, erotic, happy and fantastic feelings i send to her there is no way she is not getting them, so i know it is working even if it is on a subconsciously level at present and the universe is working its ways and it will start being manifested very soon :) the signs i get and have been getting for a while now also support that :) now i am just excited and happy in anticipation of what is coming and of my desire being manifested :)

Hi LovingThoughts!!

I am sooooo going to try this once I find the mp3 lol.

How long did it take to get you into a positive state of mind? Have you had any contact from your girl??


The positive state of mind comes from this and all the other processes i do such as scripting, visualizing, affirmations, etc...not just this and i have to admit that sometimes i still have bad days but i try when that happens to say to me, OK now that i know what i don't want...either it is that anxious feeling i had or a desperate feeling or thinking that maybe things don't work out...i STOP and then say to myself...OK WHAT I WANT AND DESIRE IS...and say what i want and desire, i make affirmations and try to visualize until that fear or anxiety or desperation state falls away, sometimes it disappears quickly, sometimes it takes longer but it always happens :)

My situation with her is different as i go to the gym she works at, so i do see her from time to time though lately i have been avoiding it so that i can concentrate on the processes and make myself as ready as i can (it is difficult sometimes to see someone when you want to be with that person and still aren't) but saying that i know i will be with her so i am just excited most of the times now when i see her and have no feelings of desperation anymore (sometimes a bit of anxiety but not much more than that).

I think at the moment it is a question of timing or waiting for the right time, i have my issues to take care of in terms of being more comfortable with who i am and she has her own issues with overcoming a past relationship which has been blocking progress as she told me herself but like i said before all the signs and all the things that have been happening (i also did a tarot reading) point out that things are very close to happen, so i will just keep doing what i am doing and i know that sometime soon it will happen :)

I really need to get rid of my anxiety and angry thoughts too, so I really hope this helps.

I cant find the download to the mp3, can you post a link please?

Here it is:


By the way scripting helped me more than RS for releasing anxiety and desperation, particularly desperation, i still feel anxious sometimes but less and less :) and i even have started feeling quite at ease with letting go of the need of having her though of course i still want and desire the outcome i know it will happen :)



Really dumb question, but how do I get it saved onto my computer so I can put it on my iPod or something? Thanks!
Hi Leeanne, what i did was to save it as an MP3 on the desktop and then drag into I tunes, from there it was just a automatic sync when you plug in the ipod again :)
OK, do you have a Mac or PC? It just comes up with the audio player for me (Mac) I just don't know what to do from that point. Thanks so much!


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