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There are a few people I would love to never have to see again, I don't wish them harm just to not see them or have them involved in my life

To set some background they are extended family members and their partners who we don't see often but ideally I'd like to never see them again. Every where I turn I see reminders of them like their friends or their car drive past or think about them and how they have treated me and it causes me so much anxiety. 

My understanding is that if I just don't think about or focus on them in anyway, then they should slip away and not be part of my reality. But I can't stop giving them my attention!! 

Any advice? 

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Hi, it's hard as they are people whom you can't avoid physically, as you explain.

I understand you, I have the same with my area, where I live, it's one person from my past who caused me harm and said nasty things about me when I was younger.

I avoid certain shops to make sure I don't bump into him and his girlfriend because I know they shop there.

It's crazy.

In your case I would say that you should simply remove photos if you can or anything that reminds you of them.

DETOX your home from the things that is related to these persons.

And if there's a meeting with them try to avoid it.

If you live in the area which seems to be the case then try to let go of it.

It's hard.

I should maybe also let go of it, as I'm writing to you I'm thinking I should just let go.

Good luck.

Hope this helps.

Here's something my mom taught me decades ago. It worked for her (and myself) every time. You wish them well (truly) and you wish them gone. In wishing them well, you want them to discover a better situation that doesn't involve you. Every time mom or I did this, the person in question did indeed go somewhere else. Sometimes, it was to the other side of the country. Other times, just to another job. 

Be peaceful with this. There is no fear or anger towards them. 

Bright Blessings,

Ross - Tolemac

Conscious Energy Healing

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Maybe they're showing up in your reality to give you another chance to heal your mind of judgment.  If you're wanting someone removed from your life then you're probably judging them in some way.  And if you've seen any youtube videos on the topic of "everyone is you pushed out" then you know that people often show up for you the way you judge or expect them to.  Judge them as an asshole and they'll keep showing up as an asshole.  Forgive them and let go of your judgment toward them and they usually change to reflect your thoughts of them.  Your outer world reflects your inner world.  The 7 Essene mirrors also talk about this.  So in my understanding, we need to heal our judgments of them.  If they happen to leave your life before you've let go of the judgment you might end up attracting another person and that pattern will continue with that person.  If you heal your mind of the judgment they might leave your life after that, but it might not matter if you're no longer judging them.  Maybe that's why Tolemac and his mother have been able to get people to leave by wishing them well and wishing them gone.  Maybe by wishing them well truly you're letting go of your judgment of them.  So perhaps stop judging them, wish them well and wish them gone.  I'm not really sure about the word wishing - what exactly does that mean?  I would forgive them and let go of judgment toward them.  Imagine/visualize them well and them leaving.  Someone told me the other day that what worked for them was to send love to the people they're judging and imagine/visualize giving those people a hug. 

Wow thanks so much everyone such good advice. I am feeling better today, I did a hypnosis track on YouTube last night that was well suited as hypnosis works very well with me and Manifesting, today I haven't thought about these people and even now talking about them I don't have that anxious feeling something has shifted.
I'm always a "for the good of all" type of person when setting intentions, I've just never handled anything like this and can see where I'm going wrong, I need to send them love and just keep focused on things I DO want in my life.

THANKS everyone.

" But I can't stop giving them my attention!! "  You just said it. It's up to you to not let their presence affect you. Who knows, maybe you will see a job offer far from where your living and you will move. Open your mind for positives and overook the negatives and they become less and less important.


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