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 problem:  i am in this toxic situation

  how to get out of it, is my objective

as tried everything else and things are getting worse


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Things are getting worse because you're focused on your 'toxic situation'. You should focus on d well-being that is already present in your life and it will increase!!

If you have problems with people just remember that Kindness is King*

here are some quotes 4 you, hope they'll help:

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Our Varied Behavior Adds to the Planet's Well-Being... When you remember that nothing can come into your experience without your Vibrational invitation of it, then you do the simple work of paying attention to your own Vibrational offering, and you save yourself the enormous and impossible task of controlling the behavior of others. When you remember that the varied behavior of others adds to the balance and the Well-Being of your planet even if they offer behavior that you do not approve of; and that you do not have to participate in the unwanted behavior, and will not - unless you give your attention to it - you become more willing to allow others to live as they choose. Abraham Hicks

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 From my experience the only way to true peace and joy is the dissolution of even the possibility of resolutions and their problems.One cannot be without the other, so drawing to one only attracts the other also. As long as the host of such ideas is vulnerable there will be liberties taken against. It's like two sides of the same one coin arguing over who am I, one side or the other ? Neither !

 All I have left is Self Inquiry for no other has or ever could help me . Who am " I ", this I that I am ? To whom does this thought arise ? Who am I ?   All day and night , I ask at the dawning of each thought, each impulse, each sense . .   to whom does this arise ? Right now, to whom does this arise ?

This will assist you as me.... http://sageramana.org/files/Who%20am%20I.pdf

Ask yourself why you are in this toxic situation. You are putting yourself here, no one else is forcing you to remain in this situation. Ignore all the daily realities (finances, commitment to a marriage, etc). Look at the basis for the situation. What does it tell you? What does it remind you of? Have you repeated this situation in the past (but maybe with different people or a different context)? If you answer yes, then you haven't resolved the issue the universe is trying to teach you.

Stop fighting and sit still. Clear your mind and listen to the silence. What does it tell you? What is it that you are really ignoring? I suspect a bigger issue and this situation is only a reminder of that issue.

You must also practice self love and forgiveness. Forgive yourself for putting yourself in this situation. Forgive others who wrong you; they are a reflection of you. What you think is what gets mirrored back to you. Resolve that and so will the situation dissolve.

Love this, Ty for taking the time to write this, lots of love to u

I do what Abe says, "I go pet my cat(the house cat) and hold it for while." I call it my cat therapy time.

some other quotes 4 you - as Abraham says it's just a game, so be more excited about the creating than about d creation!:

Our Diversity Supports Our Individual Freedoms... While your societies continue to try to dictate and enforce human behavior to please the majority - because of your diversity, it continues to be an uncomfortable struggle that, again and again, falls of its economic weight. There simply is not enough money in the world to buck the natural currents of individual freedom and independence of thought. Abraham

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Ty friends, I got out.covert narracists. I learned I was groomed to be how I was since childhood, .) Happier now, I got manipulated to be here, but learning lessons, some situations, you need to leave,

You're most welcome! As Mike Dooley says, "You're here to let your desires take you wherever they may. You are here to be YOU!"

Here are some other reminders 4 ya:

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Now I have to get a lawyer, to protect myself, tired of narracists, I was just here, cause my dad, terminal cancer, but his family is vicious , relentless, ugh, I much rather not be a part of this world of theirs, this is not fun

i can really understand you, i've known soooo many narcissists but i think  we just need to focus more on ourselves. im sorry for your dad, maybe visualizing his well-being could help.

p.s. i like your username, it's original but dont you think that d term 'warrior' puts you in position of struggle? just relax, feel d ease & go with d flow.

some quotes 4 you:

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I wish you all the love and peace, I was avoiding this topic cause I have been there. You will over come this, never be afraid to ask for help from community resources close to you, good caring friends, positive energy, positive words, keep your eyes out for positive signs that make you smile, my guides have been nature wether it's a butterfly a rainbow, shows you the Universe is looking after you, that your never truly alone, how could you be when there are 3 billion people all over the world (((hugs)))

Is the toxic situation work related, marriage, family, or friends?  I think it matters - some situations are easier to manage and even escape if necessary so that you can focus on your purpose and destiny.


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