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With everything happening in the world these days, it's safe to say tensions are pretty high if you live near a big city. Picking fights with strangers happens after somone looks at a person the wrong way, accidentally bumps into them, or says something stupid. Even in our homes, our family members may fight with each other. But do we hit back? Are arguments really worth getting worked up about? Are people really trying to prove they are right, even if it's about a small issue. I am wondering if fighting back, both verbally and physically, is the right answer. It takes effort, and it doesn't seem like the rihht thing. But part of our human nature is to hit back! I am tired of fighting, but some people just can't let it go. If someone starts an argument with you because you forgot to take out the trash (for example) is it really worth fighting back. Resisting and fighting back never works, actually it seems like whatever we resist persists. So do you guys take the hi road or are your boxing gloves on?

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Hi AA,

If there are two premises of law of attraction that state:

  1. You get what you think about - no exceptions; and
  2. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world

Would your question not be "what is in me that is creating this"? You are creating combative situations with your beliefs and thoughts.  You then experience those situations as your reality.  A person who is in alignment could walk into a room with another non aligned person and they would not experience a difficult time, because the vibrations of the two individuals would be so wildly different.  They simply wouldn't be a match.

Also look at the story you are telling about "what is happening to the world these days".  What you believe is "happening to the world these days" is exactly what you will experience.

We all from time to time create situations that we are not fond of.  However rather than asking whether you should fight or walk away, perhaps you should look at ways of adjusting your vibration, so you encounter less negative and more positive.

Just my two penceworth!


Simply put, pick and choose your fights. Most of them are not worth the energy, emotion, or ruined relations over. Per your example, it's not worth fighting over the trash, especially if you're the one that was suppose to do it and forgot/didn't do it. You can take that into any of your situations. What does it serve? If it serves nothing, then it's not worth fighting over. I don't have some magical mystical answer for you, just normal life common sense answer that works. You can be the happiest person inside in your magic world, but that doesn't rid your world of circumstances around you, simply aids you in how you decide to react to it. So, make a decision on if you want to react to your circumstances or not. From my experience, it's very rare that fighting resolves what you're fighting about. Often it's just because someone wants to be right, and/or someone is feeling like they've been wronged and they don't know how to handle that within their own selves. As well, sometimes you really are the asshole that caused the problem, and you've no need to defend when you're wrong. If you were asked to take out the trash and you didn't, is that anyone elses fault? No fight there if someone is upset because you didn't keep your own word. 


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