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I never used to comment, but I am beyond HAPPY in alignment that I cannot contain myself anymore.

I know I am closer then ever to what I desire...but I really want to open up the discussion to those on the same journey.


If getting your ex back is more important than feeling good about yourself, then you're doing it ALL wrong! After reading Leila's post, everything FINALLYYYY sunk in for me. I promise I have been pretty low about this too.  but NOW.....

I AM FREE of the negativity! I am flying SOOOO high, I'm literally totally, utterly obsessed with myself! (in a good way). I KNOW my success story is already written, and can't wait to post when it's delivered in reality ;) 

I just hope those of you feeling down can really see what "self love" means. It's NOT meditations and affirmations. It's believing that you deserve THE BEST. YOU ARE THE BEST. and when you feeeeeel that. REALLY feel it, then you are able to attract it from your person (and everyone else)! Remember your person should be only a PART of your life, NOT YOUR LIFE. by feeling anything less then amazing about yourself, you are sending 'lack' vibes. that love is OVER THERE. and if its OVER THERE, you'll never have it. ITS HERE. ITS IN YOU! Live it now, and we should all have a success story by the end of the week LOL <3 <3 <3 

lots of love to everyone! I know this because I have been a manifesting QUEEN MACHINE. To the point where its almost instantly that people and things are appearing right after I release it. Just felt like I needed to send this out! I am currently injured, and couldn't go into work today, but still on cloud 9. I'm IN LOVE AGAIN (with myself) and my life! 

xoxooxoxo :) 

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honestly, your story was the turning point! so thank you for sharing

Thanks a lot for this encouraging post, it's really helpful. And yes, I hope ALL of us (with no exception) will have our own success stories on this forum by the end of this week, and will give hope and faith to so many people from here :D

Now, I told you that I visualized a message or two from my guy. I even sent those texts to myself to see what they would look like. But even if I feel that text is coming soon, I'm still blocking its manifestation. I sometimes find myself thinking "When is he going to send that text? Will he ever send that text? Why hasn't he sent that text by now?". I know this is not healthy, since I'm just delaying the manifestation, but I try to throw these thoughts away. I try to tell myself "Calm down, Ana! The text is on its way, just relax, calm down, have faith and be positive, because it's coming, and you and him will get together soon. In fact, you damn girl, you have received it already, so now start thinking of what to wear when you meet him! Stop worrying about that text, it is coming!". I have a bit of trouble with letting go, and showing the Universe that I do trust him indeed. I don't feel the urge to check my phone or FB from 5 to 5 minutes, I'm staying away from FB as much as I can, so that I won't feel the need to check it constantly and look for his message, but I just have doubts sometimes regarding that text. I know it's on its way, but I feel like there is this evil voice in me that is trying to make me doubt, and I'm trying to throw it away, to make it stop bothering me and leave me alone, because I have chosen my reality. I've been receiving so many positive signs from the Universe recently, that it is impossible for my guy not to come back. I talked to other guys as well, I didn't really date them, but I talked to them, and they seemed interested in me, but I just didn't feel such a strong and deep connection that I feel with my guy. Maybe I don't move on and I contradict people that have a negative opinion about my situation, because deep down in my mind, soul and heart, I have that great faith in my guy's return, otherwise I would have just moved on and accepted people's negative views, I wouldn't have contradicted them when they told me to forget my guy and move on and find someone else. That hidden faith in my guy's return seems to slowly make its way up to becoming my dominant thought, and I just have to try a bit harder to make it come to the surface for real. I've stopped talking to other people (except my mother and other people from this forum) about my situation, and it made me feel better, and raise my faith. I will only talk to them about my guy only after we get back together, not before.

And yes, I feel like my success story is already written and it just waits for me to be more positive and have more faith, so that it would come to reality. In fact, I visualized myself staying in front of my computer and typing my own success story here, and God, it felt so great! :D So, as you said, all of us WILL have our success story soon. If it's not going to happen by the end of the week, it is going to happen soon, so keep the faith! ^^

And I have a little problem, if anyone can answer: what do I do with my friends if they ask me about my love life, if they try to tell me that I may find someone when we go out and so on? Such things really annoy me. What should I tell them?

don't get hard on yourself with negative thoughts or "letting go" the reason you can't snap out of it is because they are repetitive thoughts you've had over the past little bit. Think of it like a habit or addiction- it takes almost 21 days fully to break a pattern or habit. So your affirmations and redirecting your thinking is going to program your subconscious into NEW thoughts and believes and LESS worry!

Also, most people don't ask me anymore and if they do I say "Guys, I'm doing GREAT! Thanks for asking...next SuBJECT PLEASE :)" or you can say "I'm focusing on me right now" 

This is when people who don't understand LOA can really mess up your vibe. They worry about the "how" and "when" which is the opposite of where we should put our energy! 

Write your success story NOW! Write it. FEEL IT. BELIEVE IT. don't fill in all the details, but say "he loves me so much" "he is doing everything I want in my perfect partner" 

Why not? If you can honestly write that out and feel amazing about it, then it can only lead to GOOD things! 

Yes, they are false and limiting beliefs. They led me to have negative thoughts about my relationship. I was thinking "it's too good to be true, he's the perfect guy, the guy that I've always wanted, but he'll leave me, just like others did, because he'll say that we're different and that we don't have too many things in common", and guess what? This is how he left me. I kept comparing him with my other exes in my mind and thought that he'd leave me like the others had done. I should have stopped such thoughts and said "Just because the others were such jerks doesn't mean he's like that, and you know he's not a jerk. He's a better person and will never leave you". I may have also made him believe that he was the center of my life, that I stopped pursuing my goals, and that he was the only focus and happiness in my life. I became clingy and desperate, and he felt it, and didn't like that vibe maybe. I was a bit mad when I realized that my thoughts destroyed my relationship, but I was a bit relieved when I discovered that I can fix it with changing my thoughts. And there are so many success stories with women/girls that attracted their exes back even after worse situations than mine or yours, so we can do it, too! LOA really works in such cases, otherwise there wouldn't have been so many success stories.

And my close friends don't really ask me about my love life too much, either. The person that asked me today if I have a boyfriend is a new friend that doesn't know too much about me yet, and I just told her "Yes, I do, but we're not doing too well lately, we have our problems, but I'm sure we'll solve them. I don't want to talk about this, sorry" (because it's a personal matter, and I'm concentrating on me now; in fact, when people ask me if I found some cute guys after being out or to be careful because I may meet someone new before going out, I prefer saying that I don't care about guys, that I'm concentrating on myself, and that I want to have fun with my friends, not to pick on some guys), and she was understanding. Apparently, she also has some problems with her boyfriend, so yeah xD

And I actually visualize in my head the beginning and the end of my success story. I didn't fill in all the details simply because I don't know how, when and where it will happen, and I don't want to dwell on an outcome. And it made me feel good, indeed, and seeing a lot of people thanking me for sharing my story and telling me that I helped them a lot and that they hope they'll have a success story soon made me feel even better, and made me think that my desire is coming :)

Thank you Ana for sharing your story. It gave me goosebumps because it feels exactly like what I’ve been going thru! It gave me chills yet I feel comforted knowing someone is going thru the same thing and that I’m not alone. And thank you meow meow for your encouraging words you shared. I have saved both your posts to reread when I need a little encouragement. Thank you both for making me feel better tonight!!!

<3<3<3 ANYTIME! 

We're in this together!

No problem ^^ I also read your post about "Letting go vs. not giving up", and the comments from there, and they really helped me. I also seem to be caught between there two notions. I also thought that letting go means stop thinking about your desire. But it is actually the faith that it will come true. I'm still trying to keep myself positive about this, I am even trying meditations to manifest a text or a call from him, and then let go and let my desire come to me, I even try visualizing us both before I fall asleep. But I just need more positive energy, because I find myself crying and doubting sometimes, I just can't seem to let it go, and let it come to me naturally. And now, more than ever, I need to let go, to concentrate on what I have to do, and let it come to me. I need to be the happiest that I can be, so that I can firstly be happy and content about myself, so that he will be content about me as well.

Hi Ana.  What do you tell your friends about your love life?..... You're happy just the way you are at the moment!  That is all!  :D

Yep, thank you ^^ If they ever ask me about this, I can say that we're OK, just having some problems that couples usually have, but it will be fine in the end, and that, for the moment, I prefer to focus on myself and not to talk about this, so that everything will be indeed fine ^^ I don't have to explain myself to anyone. I'll never do that mistake again, since some people really lower my vibe and make me lose my faith.

thank you for this uplifting post <3 lots of love!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!!!! :)


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