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I never used to comment, but I am beyond HAPPY in alignment that I cannot contain myself anymore.

I know I am closer then ever to what I desire...but I really want to open up the discussion to those on the same journey.


If getting your ex back is more important than feeling good about yourself, then you're doing it ALL wrong! After reading Leila's post, everything FINALLYYYY sunk in for me. I promise I have been pretty low about this too.  but NOW.....

I AM FREE of the negativity! I am flying SOOOO high, I'm literally totally, utterly obsessed with myself! (in a good way). I KNOW my success story is already written, and can't wait to post when it's delivered in reality ;) 

I just hope those of you feeling down can really see what "self love" means. It's NOT meditations and affirmations. It's believing that you deserve THE BEST. YOU ARE THE BEST. and when you feeeeeel that. REALLY feel it, then you are able to attract it from your person (and everyone else)! Remember your person should be only a PART of your life, NOT YOUR LIFE. by feeling anything less then amazing about yourself, you are sending 'lack' vibes. that love is OVER THERE. and if its OVER THERE, you'll never have it. ITS HERE. ITS IN YOU! Live it now, and we should all have a success story by the end of the week LOL <3 <3 <3 

lots of love to everyone! I know this because I have been a manifesting QUEEN MACHINE. To the point where its almost instantly that people and things are appearing right after I release it. Just felt like I needed to send this out! I am currently injured, and couldn't go into work today, but still on cloud 9. I'm IN LOVE AGAIN (with myself) and my life! 

xoxooxoxo :) 

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That's good ^^ And from what I see, from smaller signs and manifestations, you're heading (if you haven't already) towards bigger signs and manifestations, and it won't be long until your real manifestation appears in your physical reality.

You somehow got to do what I'm struggling with the most: you let go, you have chosen your reality and you're living in that reality, so you got to ignore "what is", you got to ignore the current reality and concentrate on what you want, on your mind, your imagination. How did you manage to do it? Sorry if I'm being annoying with my questions, but I just want to make sure I'm making it right, I want to take advantage of this 2-month period that I have until May, so that I won't waste my time completely, and I want to be closer and closer to my manifestation day by day, just moving forward without any doubts or worry, just that pure faith that you talked about ^^ Thank you in advance ^^

Hi Ana! Not annoying at all and thank you so much your words are also so inspiring! After reading Leila’s story I realized that I created my reality and took ownership for it. I then decided that my happiness was the only thing I could truly control so I made it my priority! I can honestly say it was a struggle as the past few months have been, but when I continued to work on it, it got easier. The most important thing to me is my well being. Of course I want to be with my love and I believe I deserve him but also he deserves me! But what’s really funny is I have so much faith now in the universe, that if it’s not him, it’s someone better... and I’m okay with that too!!!! I know I deserve the best and loving relationship. Any man is lucky to have me. I’m brilliant, incredible and so blessed to have learned this now. I will NEVER give up this power to anyone in any situation ever again!!

i also realized that ALL the answers are within me. I know my man better than anyone and I know our situation and myself... so looking to others for validation or answers doesn’t make sense. (I’m not saying don’t ask questions, but never doubt your love for each other. Think of the good times and the greatness. It’s almost hard to forget that during the break up.) I also accept the old relationship is gone. It’s done. When we reunite (because we absolutely will) it will be better and much more fulfilling for us both! 

I hope we can continue to motivate each other! I truly feel your vibe and energy is in the right direction!!! Congrats on the progression so far! Xoxo

Yes, I realized that I created my reality by negative thinking, but unlike other persons who were happy to find out that they can still create the reality they want, I hated myself for this, for destroying my relationship, but after that, I truly realized that if I destroyed it, then I am the one who can fix it and no one else. I still struggle to find my balance, because I have mixed vibrations sometimes: there are times when I'm so happy and flying high and having the greatest faith in the Universe, but there are also times when I'm so down and doubt that he'll come back. But I guess I overcome such feeling a bit more easily than before. I really need to do what makes me happy, so he'll indeed find me at my best. I prefer to think that now, we aren't broken up, but he's just gone with some business for some time, and that I need to take care of myself, so that he'll find me at my best when he returns. I don't feel the need to date others, I don't know why. Maybe because I know deep down in my heart that he'll come back at the right time, and I just need to truly believe, to believe in it 100%? I just feel like I can be happy without trying to date others, especially if I do it just for the sake of dating. I've talked to other guys, but I didn't feel a very deep connection with them. In the past, I really felt the need to move on after a break-up, I just knew those guys weren't meant for me, but now it is something different. Something inside of me is telling me not to move on, that I have no reason to move on, because he'll be back one way or another. Seriously, I haven't felt like this before.

And yes, I know. People think they know my situation, they are sure that he wouldn't come back and that I should move on just because this is what happened to them, but this is their story. It doesn't mean mine will be the same. In fact, I think mine will be much more different: he is going to come back and we'll be happier than ever. And I accepted that the relationship we had is in the past, it is gone, and now what I really want is to create a new, better, stronger and more loving relationship with him. What he said in the past doesn't matter any more, I have forgiven him already (even if he still said kind words to me then, but they still hurt me then, but now, it doesn't matter; he said it then, and now I'm creating that new and better relationship with him that I truly desire). I wrote this in Bold, so that I will read it carefully and fully understand what I actually want xD I had breakdowns as well, even if I know they don't serve me at all, but well, I need to work harder on self love, and truly believe that I deserve him and his love, and that he deserves me and my love, and that he and any other man will be happy and lucky to have me in their life.

Yep, we'll surely continue to motivate each other and soon enough, we'll have our own success stories on this forum ^^ I need to raise my vibe again, and this time, really keep it up! I have 2 months to get him, so I ain't gonna waste my time any more, I am starting to really focus on myself, so that he'll be proud to have me in his life :)

You two are amazing! Keep up your positive thoughts for not only are you encouraging yourselves, you are encouraging me and I’m sure so many others! Thank you Meow meow and Ana!

Thanks Gigi!!! 

It's been a long journey for me, but contributing to other's stories is very helpful too. We are all in this together!! :) <3 

No problem :) Thank you, too :)
Yes, I myself still have a lot of work to do until I get there, to that letting go phase. I post things here to encourage you and others who are going through the same things like us, but also to encourage myself, to let me see what I really think/want. I really have to have faith and let go. Every success story has the same pattern, just like me, you and any others from here who are trying to get there: at first, they were skeptical in terms of LOA, they didn't really believe it would work, their situations were even worse than ours, but they made themselves believe in their desire, they started thinking positively, and they let go in the end, and their lovers came back when they didn't expect them to come back, got back together and were happier than ever. I keep reading stories from here and from "The Secret" website to keep me motivated.

I do that too Ana. It really helps at times. Makes me feel encouraged that if so many people have success than I can too! But the more time that goes on and it doesn’t I feel discouraged. I feel very up and optimistic in the morning but as the day goes on I get sad that another day is coming to a close and still no message. Does that happen to you? I’m struggling with so many conflicting thoughts on letting go. I feel that if I do that it’s giving up. I know in my heart without a doubt that he is the one I want. I however feel that may not be the case with him. Otherwise we’d be in the same vibration and back together right? If I let go and he decides he wants me wouldn’t we be on different vibrations and therefore not connect again? I know some people say letting go is not giving up but it sure feels that way to me. I have so many conflicting thoughts that I’m thinking I should take a step back but I fear that will make me unhappy or bring me down. I know life will go in without him but it would make life so much better to have him with me.

Yes, sometimes I am like that, too. But I can tell you what some people (people from this forum and my parents) have taught me so far.

You shouldn't count how many days/weeks have passed since the break-up. I used to do that as well, but I'm trying not to, because the Universe doesn't work with chronology, there is no such thing as the linear time that we know, there is only the right time, no matter how much time has passed since then (I've read success stories where those girls/women said that they hadn't talked to their lovers for months or even years, but they still managed to get back together). The Universe responds to our feelings and energy. So, if you keep being sad because he didn't send any message (like I do sometimes), this is what you keep attracting: his absence in your life. But if you think you already have him, and do the things you love in the same way you would do if he was physically with you, not only will you feel better about yourself, but it will be more likely to manifest him back.

And about letting go, I've heard that you're not letting go of your desire, you're just letting go of the worry concerning its manifestation. When you reach that level of faith, and you know for sure deep inside your heart that he is yours, that he's on his way to you and it's just a matter of time before he appears in your life, then there is no doubt, and it has no choice but to manifest. At least, I'm trying to have this way of thinking deep down in my heart. You only have to visualize him once or twice a day (preferably, before you go to bed and/or after waking up, since your mind is more relaxed then), but not more, because if you visualize too much, this may lead to feelings of lack and desperation, and they are not good. And you have to visualize him for 5 minutes maximum, because if you visualize more, then you risk having negative thoughts that may disturb your process. Then, go on with your day as you normally would. Don't think too much of him, because, as I said, this may do you no good.

And yes, I am also struggling with this letting go thing. Sometimes I also feel like I give up if I let go, but I try to think at letting go as what it actually is: a combination of faith + trust in the Universe + belief that it will come true at the right time. Sometimes I also feel sad when I see no message from him, but I try to redirect my thoughts, and say "Don't worry, Ana! He is thinking of you a lot, he misses you as much as you miss him, but if he hasn't contacted you yet, it's because it's not the right time now, but it will be sooner than you think, and in no time he'll contact you, so stop blocking your wish, and let it come to you naturally." I don't know, I am still in the process of adopting this mindset that I talked about here.

Thank you thank you thank you for all your kindness Ana! Every time I read one of your posts I feel so much better. Sometimes I feel like people think I’m nuts for putting so much want into having my ex back. I know life goes on and that  I can be happy and have fun times with just myself. I’m not putting my life on hold for him like some people may think. It’s just that I know in my heart how much better life would be with him sharing it with me. I know someday I’ll hear from again. It’s the waiting that’s driving me crazy. I feel like we’re wasting so much precious time. Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement! I hope you have a wonderful night!

No problem, Gigi! ^^ I am so glad to see people here that appreciate my advice. I cannot wait for the day when I post my success story here, and help and inspire even more people with my success xD

And don't talk to your friends about your desire to get your guy back. They are not you, they don't know what you truly feel, and why you want him back so much. You were the one that was with him, and knows why, not them. Sure, they may have good intentions when it comes to you, but not all of them think like you, and they may have negative thoughts and opinions which will bring you down even more. And they may even put pressure on your shoulders by reminding you that you should contact him, and ask him what he wants to do with you, that it has been a long time since the break-up, bla, bla, bla. Been there, done that! My friends also said that I should just be realistic and move on, because he wants nothing to do with me any more, that there aren't great chances with him now, and so on. But I know deep down in my heart that this is not over for good, that we still have a chance, so I prefer keeping this for myself, and tell my friends about him only when we are together again and happier than ever. I've been feeling better since I stopped talking to my friends about him.

And you shouldn't wait for something from him or for him. By waiting, you just send the Universe a frequency of lack and desperation, and this isn't good for you. Letting go means trusting the Universe that what you want is on its way to you, and when you truly have faith in the Universe, you will no longer feel like waiting, because you'll know he's already yours, you'll have nothing to worry about, and he'll appear in your physical reality as well :)

I thank you as well for your kind words and appreciation ^^ And thank you, here it is night indeed (it's like 1 AM here), so thank you ^^ Have a wonderful day, and happy manifesting! ^^

And does anyone think it would be a good idea if I tried to contact him first? Or should I just let it come? Should I just let the Universe do its thing and make him contact me when the time is right? In my opinion, it is better if I let him come to me first, if I let things unfold naturally, but my grandma keeps annoying me to try to reach out to him first and try something with him, but I think this would send him and the Universe the wrong vibration, the wrong frequency, the frequency of lack of trust in the Universe and of desperation, and I think this (me contacting him first) would really ruin my chances with him. Any thoughts on this? Thank you in advance ^^

Hi Ana!

i don’t think you should contact, it shows you don’t trust the universe. 

Unless you have inspired action to do so, which would entail you feel 100% confident in reaching out, without expecting anything in return (even a response) 

ive learned !!


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