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I never used to comment, but I am beyond HAPPY in alignment that I cannot contain myself anymore.

I know I am closer then ever to what I desire...but I really want to open up the discussion to those on the same journey.


If getting your ex back is more important than feeling good about yourself, then you're doing it ALL wrong! After reading Leila's post, everything FINALLYYYY sunk in for me. I promise I have been pretty low about this too.  but NOW.....

I AM FREE of the negativity! I am flying SOOOO high, I'm literally totally, utterly obsessed with myself! (in a good way). I KNOW my success story is already written, and can't wait to post when it's delivered in reality ;) 

I just hope those of you feeling down can really see what "self love" means. It's NOT meditations and affirmations. It's believing that you deserve THE BEST. YOU ARE THE BEST. and when you feeeeeel that. REALLY feel it, then you are able to attract it from your person (and everyone else)! Remember your person should be only a PART of your life, NOT YOUR LIFE. by feeling anything less then amazing about yourself, you are sending 'lack' vibes. that love is OVER THERE. and if its OVER THERE, you'll never have it. ITS HERE. ITS IN YOU! Live it now, and we should all have a success story by the end of the week LOL <3 <3 <3 

lots of love to everyone! I know this because I have been a manifesting QUEEN MACHINE. To the point where its almost instantly that people and things are appearing right after I release it. Just felt like I needed to send this out! I am currently injured, and couldn't go into work today, but still on cloud 9. I'm IN LOVE AGAIN (with myself) and my life! 

xoxooxoxo :) 

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Thank you, Meowmeow! :)

This is what I think, too: that if I contact him first, I'll show the Universe that I don't trust him, I'd just try to force things, to make things work by myself, when this really isn't my job here. Yes, for the moment, my emotional state is not really ready for contacting him first, since I would be disappointed if he doesn't reply or if he replies in a distant manner. In fact, some articles about LOA that I've read even advice you not to contact him first, because, if you do it well, if you apply the LOA correctly, then no calls or text messages are needed from you, since things will just fall in place for you and he'll contact you first in the end. They also say that you can contact him first only if you're emotionally ready for another kind of reply (or no reply) than the one you'd want to see. And the whole point here is that good things come when you don't expect them to come or when you least expect them to come :)

Girls and guys we are all in this together - I can't wait to hear all your successful stories!

I was in a similar situation before both my ex's re-appeared. And they did when I was no longer desperate for them. I have said this many times and I will say it again. We all exist as individuals. We did before the guy came in to our life, and will even after he leaves. He is not essential to us like air, water and food is. Nobody is indispensable. Please remember this fact. 

I have asked for a partner, and God has answered. I will know who he is, and I don't care if it is the first guy, second guy or even someone new. Because God/the Universe knows best. Just focus on the essence of who you want, rather than a specific person.

I AGREE COMPLETELY! My primary focus is ME, my life and everything that's in it. I appreciate all the greatness I have to offer and know exactly what I deserve in a relationship. The universe will deliver :) 

In the US, being in a relationship is rammed down your throat on a daily basis, if you watch TV, listen to the radio, just talking to people. "Are you dating anyone now?" "I hope you find the right person soon" Those ridiculous dating site ads, where 60% of their couples get married within 6 months - I wonder how many are still married after 2 years.I even heard a Unity Church minister say that our goal in life is to find the right person to be in a relationship with. I actually felt the emotions in that room drop - she was saying that if you aren't in a relationship, you aren't complete. What bull. Until you are complete in yourself, you won't be able to be able to complement another person in a relationship. Then, find the right relationship if you wish, but not because it's what you HAVE to do to be a whole person - it just doesn't work that way.

Thank you for the awesome reminder Meowmeow!
All week I had been trying to remember something and this helped a lot!


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