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Why would one believe “beliefs” believable?
A Good morning. We are extremely pleased that you are here. It is good to come together
for the purpose of co-creating, do you agree? You are knowing what you are wanting? Are you
enjoying the expansion of your desire? Feels good to have a newly hatched desire, doesn't
it…when hope is still alive?

What about those desires that you’ve hatched awhile ago, that have not yet come to
fruition or manifestation? Still feel frisky about those? That’s the real test, isn’t it?
When we say, do you know what you want, and you say yes, and then we say, and do
you like having desire pulsing within you? And most people only say or mean yes to that when
the desire that is pulsing has either shown evidence of manifestation, or has already manifested,
or they are hopeful, it feels close by.

But when you have a desire and a doubt about its achievement, then you don’t like that
desire so much. And that’s the thing we want to help you get over. We want all desires to feel
fresh and frisky to you because all desires are possible, and we want to be so bold as to say, all
desires are not only possible, they’re possible to be accomplished in a very short period of
time—provided you become a Vibrational Match to them.

When you have a desire, something that you want, and you are pessimistic about it,
you’re not a Vibrational Match to it, and you could hold it off indefinitely. When you want
something and you don’t believe that you can achieve it, you hold it off indefinitely. Your
Vibration, that you run around in all day, those thoughts you think and those feelings you have;

anything, it doesn’t go away; it becomes more. Attention to it causes a gravitation of forces and
components and circumstances and events to accommodate it.

Law of Attraction amasses all?
So, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not use as our criteria for
giving our attention to something the reality of it. “It’s real, therefore I should contemplate it. It
happened, therefore I should make a monument about it.” We would ask, how does it feel when
you give your attention to it? And if the answer is, it feels wonderful, then our encouragement
would be, then give it your attention. But if it doesn’t feel good when you think about it, your
Guidance is saying to you, “you are thinking a thought, which you certainly have the right to do.
You are looking at something, contemplating it, therefore activating the Vibration of it, but the
negative emotion that you feel is your indicator that this Vibration that is active within you, in
your human physical body, is not the same as the Vibration that the Source part of you is

So, when you ask for something, not only does the Nonphysical part of you give
attention to it, the Nonphysical part of you, that Source, Soul, Eternal part of you, becomes it.
That is such an important understanding. We’ve written a book with the best title in the world
that says, Ask and it is Given, and that’s what that’s talking about: When life causes you to ask,
not only is it given, the larger part of you becomes it.

So now we want to turn your attention for just a little bit back to this concept, this
powerful Law of Attraction, and think about: So, you’ve been living life out here, just like you
knew you would, on the leading edge where the contrast is extreme; where it is more specifically
focused; where it will evoke from you more specific requests, because you are leading edge
creators in a leading edge time/space reality, meaning the time and the space cause you to focus.
You’re not thinking about a last lifetime, or what it was like before you were born. You
are focused into this time and this space. And there is a continuity about this time and this space.
Because as you stand on the platform that you call “my now reality”, it gives you a framework
with which to intend or to desire or to specify improvement.

And so, as life causes you to ask, the Source Energy part of you embraces that asking.
Now, the bigger part of you; the Nonphysical part of you; the Eternal part of you stands in that
Vibrational countenance, and—best part ever—Law of Attraction responds to that vibration.
Now, what that means to you... (Oh, it is so important for you to know that.) What that means to
you is that that larger part of you, from which you can never sever yourself... In other words,
sometimes you think, “Oh, I was dead and now I’m alive.” Not true. You are alive and alive and
alive, and alive. And as you understand your relationship to that greater Source and resource of
life, now picture that part of you, in that Vibrational realm, having expanded because of all that
you’ve been living and asking for, picture Law of Attraction’s response to that magnificent
expanded, expanding, expansive Vibrational Being that you are...

So here is this Vortex. We want to find a way to demonstrate it. We want you to feel the
power of this Vortex, this Vortex of Attraction. And hear these words: All cooperative
components are being drawn to the fulfilling of that request. All cooperative components
meaning, Law of Attraction says that which is like unto itself is drawn, like radio signals. You
can’t set your radio dial on 630 AM and hear what’s being broadcast on 98.7FM. The
frequencies have to match up.

So, all components to these requests…think about what you’ve requested: Abundance
and Well-Being and clarity and wellness. In other words, think about what life has caused you to
define, and think about this expanded version (just like the version of you that existed before you
came forth into this physical body), this version of that which will manifest in physical form for
you is manifesting and taking shape in this Vibrational Reality.

Now, if you can wrap your thoughts around that, and try just a little bit to accept the
reality of this Vibrational Reality, you are most of the way to the creation of all of the things that
you want. If you have a hard time accepting that, if you say, “Oh, this is just mumbo jumbo from
whoever Abraham is (Fun!), trying to give us something for our money as we’ve spent it,” we
want you to understand that this is a Vibrational Reality, and all things that you know as reality
started there. It’s big. It’s bold. It’s magnificent, and Law of Attraction is calling, to this Vortex,
all cooperative components.

So let’s say, you don’t have enough money. You’ve been asking for money. (And as
we’ve been watching you over time and getting a sense of your Vibration, we’ve got to tell you,
you’ve put a veritable fortune in your Vibrational Escrow. You’ve been asking with intensity for
some time now.) So, here is this Vortex attracting to its center all cooperative components. So,
everything necessary for the fulfillment of this thing, whatever it is that you’re asking for, has
been lined up. If it’s a business that you’re asking for, the location is being scouted, the people
who will assist you, the financing, all things necessary for this business have been summoned by
this powerful point of attraction... When you ask, it is given. That’s what that means. It is given.
And we want to say to you, from our point of view (and our point of view matters), we can see it
clearly, it is done. It is done. It is done. It is done. Your clarity is there. Your improved bodily
conditions are there. Your relationships that you want are there. Your financial abundance is
there. All that life has caused you to ask for, it’s there.

But when we talk about the cooperative components, now we have to talk about you.
And we have to ask the question: are you a cooperative component of your own desire? “Where
is it? It’s taking too long. Where is it? It’s taking too long. Where is it? It’s taking too long. I
don’t have enough. I don’t have enough. I don’t have enough. (Fun!) I don’t have enough. I’ve
never had enough. I've never had enough. I've never had enough. I don’t know anybody who has
enough. (Fun!) I don’t know anybody who has enough.”

Are you a cooperative component? Are you a cooperative component to what you are
asking for, or are you like so many people, stuck in Step One?

You know what Step One is? Step One is where the contrast causes you to ask. Step One
is where you know what you don’t want, and so you are Vibrationally requesting the
improvement (or the exact opposite of what you don’t want) which is what you do want... Step
One is where you’re asking for what you want. Step Two is: Source, the larger part of you,
becomes the Vibrational equivalent of what you’ve asked for. That’s that Vortex that we’re
talking about. But Step Three is what this gathering is all about. Step Three is: you’ve got to find
some way, somehow, to be a cooperative component. You’ve got to figure out how to get in that
Vortex yourself because everything you want, all the clues, all the paths, all the evidence, all of
the suggestions, all of the great ideas, all of the rendezvous points—they’re all in that Vortex.
And you’ve got to get in there. And you know what it feels like when you are in there? It feels
really good. It feels interesting. It feels fascinating. It feels exhilarating. It feels exciting. You feel
passion. You feel love and appreciation and enthusiasm. When you are consistently hanging
around in those vibrations, you’re in the Vortex. And when you hold that vibration for just a little
bit of time, what happens is, you begin to see the evidence of it.

Haven’t you ever walked side by side with someone you know, maybe a friend, maybe
a family member, and what you see from life looks so different from what they see from life?
When you get in the Vortex, you begin seeing life through the eyes of Source because you and
that which is Source are one Vibration.

Before you came forth into this physical body, you were offering one powerful potent
Stream of Vibration, and it was a Vibration of knowing: Knowing of your wellness; knowing of
your value; knowing your worthiness; knowing of the potential and possibilities. But once you
get here, you start acting like so many others. You doubt and you worry and you find fault, and
you compare. You compare yourself with everybody, so you’re either blaming yourself or
blaming them. In other words, you use so many screwy things as your reason to not be a
Vibrational Match to who you are. And, little by little, without meaning to, you train yourself
into worrisome thoughts, into disappointed thoughts, into unworthy thoughts.

So, you hang around chronically in a Vibration that’s very different from what you’re
asking for, and then you wonder: why doesn’t good stuff happen to me? Or, why don’t I have
control over what happens to me? And we say, you do have control over what happens to you
when you gain control of how you feel. And the only way you will ever be able to gain control of
how you feel is when you gain control of the thoughts you think.

Step One: Ask, and Step Three: Allow.
So, here’s a trick. It’s not a trick so much as a tool, but it’s tricky. Here’s something that
will really help you. Step One is an important component of life. You said, “I’ll go forth into
contrast because the contrast will help my desire to expand.” And, as an Eternal Being, that
matters a lot, because if life doesn’t inspire from you something more—then you can’t expand.
And if there were no expansion, there could be no Eternalness.

So, the very contrast that you think you don’t want is the very stuff that puts the
Eternalness in Eternity. In other words, without contrast, there would be no expansion.
So the trick is to understand that everything that you’ve asked for is, and that once
you’ve asked, you don’t need to stay in Step One any more. As we visit with so many of our
friends, you demonstrate through your questions, and it’s just fine, we appreciate every word you
speak and every Vibration you offer, but it is evident that often you hold yourself in a holding
pattern of Step One: asking, asking, asking, asking, asking, asking, asking.

And the thing that we want you to hear in a way more vivid than you’ve ever heard it
before is that Step One is asking, and if you keep asking, you hold yourself consistently out of
the Vibration of Step Three, which is allowing. In other words, somehow, you’ve got to close
that gap where you’re not asking. In other words, for example… Let’s say that you have some
physical diagnosis and it is not pleasing to you, in fact, it’s scary…troubling to you. So, you keep
poking around asking: “Where’d it come from? What is it? How’d I get it? How can I get rid of
it? What’s wrong with me? What went wrong? What did I eat? What bugs are floating around? Is
it in my genes? Is it hereditary? Did I do something wrong in a past life? Is there something
wrong with the water? Maybe it’s something I ate. Maybe my mate has it and he breathed it on
my pillow. (Fun!) Where’d it come from?” In other words, asking, asking, asking, asking.

Now, the good news is, every time you ask, you launch a powerful rocket of desire—and
the Source within you immediately finds the solution. But the thing that we want you to
understand is, the Vibration of the question and the Vibration of the solution are two very

different Vibrations. They’re on opposite ends of the stick. So, if you keep saying, “Where’s my
money? How long is it going to take? Why isn’t it here? What have I done wrong?” if you hold
yourself in the awareness of the lack of what you want, then you never let yourself be a
Vibrational Match to what you’re asking for—and it cannot come.

You’ve got to figure out how to get in the Vortex. You’ve got to figure out how to get
into your Vibrational Reality. And you do that by talking about what you want and why you want
it and how fun it will be to have it and how nice it is when it comes and what evidence you’ve
seen that sort of matches it, and why you like the idea of it, and who you know that’s living
something like it... Little by little, you train yourself into a Vibration that’s closer and closer to
what you are wanting. And you can tell that you are closing the gap, you can tell that you are
improving the Vibrational cadence of your Being, because your mood improves and improves
and improves and improves, until, subject after subject, you train your Vibration to be more like
what’s going on in your Vibrational Reality. And what happens when you get in the vicinity of
that, and you start hanging around there, then things start manifesting—just like they always

Law of Attraction says, it must be. Things begin to manifest. And people will say to
you, “What’s going on with you? How is it, it seems that you barely asked for that, and now I see
it in your garage, or in your bed. (Fun!) Now I see the things that you’ve been asking for coming
to you. How is it that it happens to you?” And you say, “I figured out how to get in the Vortex. I
figured out how to get over there.” And they say, “What?” “Well, I figured out how to become a
Vibrational Match to what I’m asking for.” “What?” “Well, I discovered that when I was focused
upon the absence of what I wanted, I felt awful. And I just got tired of feeling bad. So I started
pretending that it had already happened, even before it happened.” “Oh, so you’re delusional.”
(Fun!) “Yeah, at first. At first, it sorta seemed like that. Because I was happy with no reason to
be. I was happy with no evidence. I was happy at the prospect of it coming. And then, I, sort of,
just got hooked on happy. Happy started feeling so good it didn’t really matter that the stuff I
thought I needed to be happy wasn’t there yet, because I was happy. And then, surprise of all
surprises, everything I wanted flowed to me.”

People will say, “Abraham, I want to be over there.” And we’ll say, go on ahead. And
they’ll say, “I can’t, I’m stuck over here.” And we’ll say, well, why do you want to be over
there? And they’ll say, “’Cause it’s so miserable over here.” And we’ll say, “Well, tell us about
what’s over there.” “I don’t know; I’ve never been over there; I’m over here. I’d like to tell you
about over here, though.” (Fun!) Well, we really don’t want to hear about over here; we’d like to
talk about over there. “Well, over here is more vivid. Over here is my reality. I would like to tell
you about my reality. It sucks. (Fun!) I do not like my reality.” And we say, well then, tell us
about where you’re going. “I…I don’t know. I can’t tell you about what I haven’t seen.” We say,
try a little bit. You say, “Well, I’ll…I’ll try later. But first, let me tell you that I don’t like being
over here.”

You hear it on the recordings. You’ll probably hear it today.
“I don’t like being over here. I don’t think it’s fair that I’m over here. I’ve never liked
being over here. Have I told you how long I’ve been over here? Did I tell you about the other
people that are over here with me? They don’t like it either. We have an online chat group.
(Fun!) We’re over here and we don’t like being over here.” And we say, you’ve got to let go of
over here. But that’s an interesting thing. You can’t not be where you are, can you? In other
words, what’s happening in your bank account; what’s happening in your body; what’s
happening in your relationships, we understand, it’s real and it’s vivid in your experience—and

it’s hard not to notice it. But what you can do, you can make peace with where you are. And the
way we, if we were standing in your physical shoes, the way we would make peace with where
we are, we would begin looking for the positive aspects of where we are. In other words, we
would try just a little bit to make peace with where we are. And here is the Law-based reason for
that: If what-is is so vivid that you’re talking about it and thinking about it, and therefore
activating a Vibration of it, then Law of Attraction can only bring you things that match that.
So, you watch what’s happening: Most people offer most of their Vibration in response
to what they’re observing around them. And so, if they’re observing a body that doesn’t feel
good, or they’re observing a financial condition that is scary or not pleasing them, then they’re
observing it, so they’re offering a Vibration. And as they offer a Vibration, it’s different than the
Vibration that’s in their Vibrational Reality. So, they feel the discord of it; they hold themselves
there longer; Law of Attraction gives them more of what they don’t want, which they observe—
and on and on it goes.

So, you have to find some way of beginning to bridge it. And most people try too hard
to make too big of a jump. You can’t jump Vibrations. You can’t go from a chronic habit of
thought of disappointment into hopeful expectation; the frequencies are too far apart. Law of
Attraction just won’t help you make that bridge. But you can feel a little less bound, and a little
less bound, and a little less bound.

Law of Attraction responds to everyone’s choices?
So this Law of Attraction workshop (everything is about Law of Attraction), we are
putting emphasis upon the Art of Allowing, the art of figuring out “how to allow me, in my
physical form, how can I allow myself to be a Vibrational Match to what life has caused me to
become?” That’s what it’s all about: closing the gap, closing the gap, managing the gap, blessing
the emotion that lets me know my Vibrational relationship between me and Me. And when you
think about it, this isn’t different than any guidance system, is it?

Jerry and Esther have several different kinds in different vehicles, but the navigational
systems are all based on the same premise. The satellites in the sky and the systems in the
vehicles pinpoint where they are. And they program their desired destination, and then the
system gives them the route and tells them how they’re doing along the route. And when they get
off the route, the system squawks: Please return to the highlighted route. When possible, make a
legal u-turn. In other words, lots of constant information. They can’t get off the “highlighted
route” very far at all before all kinds of bells and whistles go off and the screen starts doing
different things. In other words, the guidance system is working, and it is based upon two
factors: where you are in relationship to where you said you want to go. And that’s what your
Emotional Guidance System is based upon. Where you are in relationship to where you said you
want to go.

So, it just comes down to one thing and one thing only. If you would set an intention
Nothing is more important than that I feel good. Today, no matter where I’m going, and no
matter what I’m doing, and no matter who I’m doing it with, it is my dominant intention to look
for things that feel good when I see them.

If that were the only intention that you held, you would be keenly alert to your
Guidance System, and you would be moving toward, or in, your Vortex—consistently. That
Vortex is calling you in a powerful way because it is the most powerful point of attraction that

you have. It existed before you were born, and you’ve added to it ever since. The Well-Being of
that Vortex is calling you and calling you and calling you and calling you. It’s your life purpose.
It’s your feeling of fulfillment. It’s who you are. It’s what you’re about.

And when you allow yourself, by letting go of those oars… We tease you, you go to the
edge of the river and you get in your boat and you deliberately, human beings that you are, point
it upstream and paddle really, really hard. (Fun!) And we say, why not turn and go with the
flow? And you say, “Oh, that’s just lazy.” And we say, but the Stream is very powerful and very
determined, and there are so many resources in it. Why use your energy to buck the current?
Why not let the current carry you in the direction of that which you-really-are?
And that’s really the point that we’re wanting to make with you. If you will chill out; if
you will care more about how you feel than any other thing; if you will tend to your emotions
first and then let the Stream carry you so that your action then… Oh, how much fun it is to apply
your action when you’re moving with the flow! Because when you’re moving with the flow and
you apply action—every action is meaningful. Every action gets big results... You begin to feel
invincible. You begin to feel capable. You begin to feel accomplished. You begin to feel
successful. When you go with the flow and apply your action, it’s blissful. But when your action
is all about bucking the current, it’s not blissful. Doesn’t get you the results you want. You feel
frustrated because you’re not getting the results you want.

So, you hear our message. Art of Allowing, in a nutshell, is: chill! Life has caused you to
create your Vortex. Your Vibrational Reality is vivid and real and compelling, and the Law of
Attraction is amassing the components.
Hear this. Law of Attraction—we’re really on something here. Law of Attraction is
amassing the components. Law of Attraction is the engine; it’s the energy; it’s the current. Law of
Attraction is amassing the components. You pick the components out, but Law of Attraction is
amassing the components. (We love this.)
Now hear this: Law of Attraction is amassing the components. Did you hear it? Law of
Attraction is amassing the components, and now you have asked, you have put the components
there—now you must be simply one of the components that Law of Attraction will bring. (You
get it?)
That’s why we say, chill. Chill. Just chill and let yourself be. Stop paddling upstream.
Let go of the oars, and let Law of Attraction bring you, along with everything else, into the
culmination. (Can you do that?)

Well, we’ve sort of warmed you up to it and you sorta kinda want to right now. But so
often what happens with so many of you is, you say, “Well then, how do I get my rewards? How
do I justify my experience? I find people like me better if I’m struggling; if I’m working hard;
earning my keep. (Fun!) Don’t want to make this look too easy, they’ll stop liking me.”
And we say, oh, you really have no choice. Give it up. Give it up. Your work happened.
You were born; contrast brings the work from you because contrast makes you focus. Contrast
makes you ask. Source takes care of everything else. Now, your work is to contour the vibration
of your Being to make yourself a willing compliant component of the amassing of Law of
Attraction. (It cannot be said more clearly.)

If you can hear that, then you’re off and running, and there is nothing in this world, or
beyond that, you are not capable of creating. If this time/space reality has the wherewithal to
inspire within you a desire, this time/space reality has the wherewithal to deliver to you the
components and all necessary things, the arrangement and alignment of circumstances and
events and everything necessary for the full manifestation, actualization, of anything and

everything that you want. There is nothing that can be denied, and there is no one who can deny
you. It has always been and it will always be.
So, if there is something missing from your experience, it’s not really missing—it’s
over there in your Vibrational Reality. You’ve just got to figure out how to get there. And did
you hear what we just said? You don’t have to figure out how to get there; you just have to figure
out how to stop doing that thing you’re doing that’s not letting you get there. And here’s a clue:
Every time you’re doing that thing you do that is keeping you from going, you feel negative
emotion—every time. So when you feel negative emotion, stop it. Oh wait, that doesn’t work
because when you say “I’m not going to do that; I’m not going to do that thing I’m not going to
do,” you’re doing that thing you’re not going to do. So you just have to try to find something that
feels a little better.
On this Emotional Scale, on the end where all of your empowerment is, it feels like
love and appreciation and joy and enthusiasm and passion and friskiness. In other words, that’s
where total alignment is. That’s a closing of the gap. On the other end of the scale where despair
is, where fear is, where disappointment is, where guilt is, on the other end of the scale is your
perception of lack of empowerment. In other words, complete power and freedom—and lack of
power and freedom.
But rather than focusing upon the specifics of these emotions (we find that it is so
helpful if—instead of calling it the emotion of revenge, or the emotion of anger, or the emotion
of hope, or the emotion of joy), we would encourage you to reach for the emotion of relief
because the emotion of relief is a relative thing. When you reach for the emotion of relief, you’re
reaching as far as you can reach from where you are. And when you feel relief, you’ve made the
move. And when you’ve made the move, you’re now standing in a new Vibrational point of

And that’s so important to talk about, because when you stand in a new Vibrational
point of attraction, now, everything in your world is going to shift. When you move just a little
bit, when you move from ornery to a little less ornery, you have different Vibrational
characteristics and different people will rendezvous with you.
Do you know that when you hang out in a certain Vibration along the Scale, everything
in your life is reflected by that Vibration? The people you rendezvous with in traffic, how the
people treat you in hotels, the lines you stand in when you’re buying merchandise, even the way
your physical body functions. Do you know that everything that comes to you, the way your life
unfolds on a day-to-day moment-to-moment basis, every relationship you have with every single
person is all about where you are along this Emotional Scale?

So, if we were standing in your physical shoes and we were feeling despair, we’d want
relief—and we would find it in revenge. And if we were in revenge, we’d want relief—and we
would find it in anger. And if we were consistently angry, we’d want relief—and we would find
it in less anger. And if we were consistently sorta kinda ornery, we’d want relief—and we would
find it in frustration... And if we were consistently frustrated and overwhelmed, we would reach
for relief—and we would find it in hope. And if we were consistently hanging around hopeful,
we would reach for relief—and we would find it in belief. And if we were hanging around
believing that things could happen, we would reach for relief—and we would find it in knowing.
And if we were hanging around consistently in the Vibration of knowing, we would reach for
relief—and we would find it in more knowing; we would find it in ecstasy; we would find it in
chronic knowing Well-Being... There is no limit to the amount of relief that you can find.

We’re not kidding you. Every day, from our expanded view of the resources of all of
this magnificent Universe, of which you are a very big part, we consistently find even better feeling
thoughts. The Source within you is expanding because of the life that you are living as
you are living the contrast, which means, you are constantly becoming more... You’ve got to
keep up with you. That’s why you can’t compare the life that you’re living with the life that
anybody else is living, because it’s irrelevant. Have you ever met happy people that, as you
looked at the way they were living, you thought “you had no business being happy”? “You
shouldn’t be happy, look at your wife. (Fun!) You shouldn’t be happy, look at where you live. In
other words, you don’t even have running water into this village; what are you doing being
happy? Let me show you how you’re supposed to live. Look at your religion. How could you be
happy in your religion? Your religion is bogus. You need running water, a different wife, and a
different religion in order to be happy—and I have the book that shows you how to accomplish
all of the…” (Fun!)

You cannot do that with another people; with another nation; with another neighbor.
You cannot know, because they have their own Vibrational Relationship. Their life has caused
them to be whatever it has caused them to be. And the way they feel is about them keeping up to
speed with their gap.

Which brings us to the last thing that we want to say before we open this to the
magnificence of your questions, and that is (this is the most important component of
understanding the Art of Allowing; we’ll be brief and loving): Mind your own business! And
nothing is your business unless you’re feeling emotion about it. And if you’re feeling emotion
about it, that means you’ve made it your business.

For example: Let’s say you have a friend or a relative or a child or a parent who is
suffering something, and you’ve been focused upon it. Do you know that you cannot observe
anything without putting your improved version of it in your Vibrational Reality? So now,
you’ve put your failing son in your Vibrational Reality. You know what you don’t want; you
know what you do want. So the new and improved version of this person is now in your
Vibrational Reality. You have become something more and something different because of this

Now your obligation is to give your undivided attention to the new version. And when
you do, you’ll feel wonderful and you’ll be an uplifter for that person. But if you, instead, say,
“Hey, I created a new and improved version of you and you’re not living up to it. You need to
change, and you need to change fast because when I look at you, I feel bad. (Fun!) And since you
live with me, I have to keep looking at you. So either get out or improve, because I don’t like
feeling bad.”

And we say, now you’re not minding your own business. Your business is over here.
Your business is in your Vibrational Reality. They were an inspiration to what you made your
business... When you say to anyone, “You need to change some condition of what you’re living
so that I can feel better,” that’s a very conditional love that will hold you in bondage forever—
because you can’t make them change.

Your obligation, your responsibility, your path to freedom and joy and upliftment—and
your path to assisting others in improving—is to give your undivided attention to your version of
them in your Vibrational Escrow. And when you do, not only will you feel wonderful (they
helped you create it and you are now in sync with Source’s version of it. In other words, you are
seeing them through the eyes of Source and you’re feeling wonderful), not only will you feel
wonderful, but now, you will be offering one single Vibrational beam, not split Energy, one

single powerful Vibrational beam that, any time they get anywhere near the vicinity of it, you
will help them to feel it more.
Haven’t you ever had someone in your life who saw your value, who knew you could
do it, even when you didn’t? And didn’t it feel good just to be in their presence? Don’t you just
feel good knowing? Don’t you believe in yourself a little more when someone that you admire
believes in you? But we’ve got to say, they learned something ‘cause they can’t believe in who
you’re becoming if they are looking at who you are.
A woman said to us one day, when we gave her this important piece of information,
“But my son, won’t he feel I am forsaking him if I’m not there with him complaining with him?”
And we say, no one will feel forsaken when you’ve put them in your Vibrational Reality and you
are giving your undivided attention to the success and value of that which they are.


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Thoughts are difficult for her to articulate.
Hotseater: Hello. I think I’m a little over-caffeinated, so I just kinda wanna…

Abe: Any excuse will do.

Hotseater:  I just would like to take the opportunity to ask some questions sort of about the nature
of the Universe or really even just this world.

Abe:  The nice thing is, once you understand what’s happening in the world—you understand
the Universe. Just as once you understand what’s happening within you—you understand the
world, because the basics of the Law are the same... So, once you let your life experience and the
way things respond to your Vibration; once you start offering thought on purpose and you get to
see the correlating response, then you not only understand how to create your reality around
you, you understand what everybody else is doing. And then, everything in the Universe begins to
make sense... That’s why we’re so smart. We only needed to know one Law. (Fun!) Because it
applies consistently across the board. And there are no exceptions to it. Just as we had a hard
time getting you to come to the chair. In other words, you were looking all around you. You
were looking behind you to see who we were pointing at. A sort of reluctance that you’ve been

Hotseater:  I have a hard time articulating my thoughts sometimes.

Abe: But… (and we want to hear your thoughts because there are some really good ones
because we are hearing them, and they are good), but the reason you’re having a hard time
speaking them out, is because that reluctance, you have sort of some layers of stuff going on.
What kind of thoughts foster a feeling of uncertainty? Or a feeling of confusion? What sort of
thoughts? Contradictory thoughts. Contradictory to who-you-are. But specifically, what kind of
thoughts do you think you’ve been pondering that sort of hold you in this place?

Hotseater: In this particular, like what’s happening right now?

Abe: Yes, yes. That feeling of tongue-tied. That feeling that “I know this is an opportunity for
me to express, but I’m having a hard time.” And it doesn’t help that we won’t shut up, either
(Fun!), but…

Hotseater: I’m sure I feel stupid and unworthy.

Abe:  We think you do feel that way, and there has never been a more ridiculous presentation.
In other words, we want to say to you that when we select you, Esther is not picking you out. In
fact, it is annoying to Esther, after the fact, when someone in the chair (she listens back to the
recording or even hears it as it is happening) says, “Thank you Abraham, for answering me
again,” because then it looks like favorites are being chosen from around the room. And Esther
has no sense because it is not what you’re wearing or who you are that causes us to choose you.
It’s the Vibration of your Being. And so, there are two components that make you light up in this
room. One is the power of your desire, and other is the clarity of your allowing. So, someone
could have a rather lightweight, you might say, not very intense desire, a desire, even a curiosity
desire, but they could have absolutely no resistance to it—so they would light up. Someone can
have a very strong desire and a very strong resistance, and they light up and then they don’t light
up all at once. In other words, we don’t see them.

If your desire is strong but your resistance is strong—we don’t see you at all. When
your desire is strong as yours is, and your opinion of yourself is strong and sort of counter to it,
there is a muting of it. And so, you were spiking and then disappearing, and spiking and then
disappearing, and then spiking and disappearing. You were spiking all over the place all through
our beginning. It wasn’t until we were opening and looking that you began diminishing.
We could feel that you are putting a bushel over your own light in your attitude of not
appreciating yourself. But we want to say to you, you could not be in that chair if you were not
lighting up. And this is good reason for you, from this point forward, to say, there are thousands
of people who come to these seminars, and only a small percentage of them ever get in the chair.
We’re not kidding you, and some of those really stingy buggers get in the chair over and over
and over again. (Fun!) They get tuned in and then they expect to be in the chair, and so they keep
being in the chair. And Esther will say, “Why does Abraham keep calling on those same
Connected people over and over and over again?” And we want to say to you, take that with you
when you leave this. “I am worthy. I could not be here in this environment if I were not. And it’s
time for me to let go of that.” Yes.

Hotseater: Okay.

Abe: Unfortunately, we’ve used all your time and now we can… (Fun!)

Hotseater:  That’s cool... No, I’m just kidding. I do have a question and it’s…it’s…I’m going to
sort of tell you a story, and it’s…it’s something…

Abe: Now look at her. Isn’t she brighter? Can’t you just feel it? In other words, you got tuned
in. Now, before you tell us this story, is it going to brighten you up or dim you down? Just think
about it before you speak it. We know, we know it’s a good story and you tell it often. But new
criteria now about the stories you tell. So, what is the best possible use of this very narrow
window of talking with Infinite Intelligence? (Fun!)

Watching painful newscasts makes her feel pain.
Hotseater: It’s hard for me to read the newspaper or watch local news because, often people that
make those kinds of things see that as an opportunity to tell us terrible stories. Specifically, I’m
going to tell one specific one about… Several years ago…

Abe: Or not, or not! But why would they do that? Why would the news want to direct you to
troublesome uncomfortable stories? What do they believe about you that makes that work for
them? In other words, does the news guide the Vibration of the planet, or does the Vibration of
the planet guide the news?

If the news were accurate to the vibration of the planet, every day you’d turn on your
television and there’d be a little zzzt go across the screen. And you’d say, “What was that?” And
you’d say, “That was all the bad news that’s happening all over the world, in comparison with
the good news.” (Fun!) Proportionately, just the fact that your sun came up today, is worth
everything else all put together. In other words, your planet is spinning in its orbit in perfect
proximity with other planets. In other words, Well-Being is huge!

So, what is it about the newscasters? Who are they tapping in to? They’re tapping into
the worrisome fearful. They’re counting on a large number of people being down there on that
Vibrational part of the Scale where they are worried about things that they need to be guarded
from, or guided against.

And so, what part of you are they playing to? If they were playing to the part of you that
is us, they wouldn’t say hardly anything that they usually say. In other words, those presentations
do not attract our attention at all. So the question is, if you are drawn to it, what’s going on in
your Vibration? What makes that a match for you?

Hotseater: Just want to get this out. Okay, so… It’s really awful. For example, an infant, an 8-
month old infant…

Abe: Now you’re going to go there, aren’t you? (Fun!)

Hotseater: Come on, please, please, I have to know.

Abe: Why? Why would you torture us and make us go there? Why do you want to go there?

Hotseater: Because I need to know about the nature of pain for people that don’t have the
opportunity to… At least I can’t understand, if they don’t have the Consciousness, and they have
no control over their surroundings, and they’re born to really bad situations, not even just human
infants but…

Abe: But before you go further, you’ve got to understand that this Nonphysical vantage point
from which you made the decision to come forth, do you think you are not knowing the
environment into which you would be born? In other words, do you think everyone chose a
feathered nest? No one chose a feathered nest.

Those of you who are feathering nests are annoying those Energies coming forth. No
one chose a feathered nest. Some of these Energies come forth and they are born into these
beautiful houses in these beautiful neighborhoods, with everything all decided for them. And
they say, “Hey, what’s going on? I thought this was an environment of diversity. I thought there
would be contrast here for me to sharpen my teeth on and put lots into my Vibrational Escrow.”
Now we know, you’re talking about one extreme and we are sort of playing with you
about another. But we want to get your attention. None of you come forth into an environment
without knowing what the environment is. And none of you come forth expecting or wanting
someone to have cleaned everything up. Not one of you said, “I’ll come forth, but first, get
everything all smoothed out and then I’ll just come forth and look around.” Every one of you
said, “I’ll come forth, and from this I will put things in my Vibrational Reality.”
And when you think about it, think about the magnificent people that you have met or
that you have heard about, and then listen (from their point of success), listen to the stories that
they so often tell about their beginnings. And realize that in those beginnings (that you now
would say, “I would not choose for myself or anyone”) from those beginnings, they put things
into their Vibrational Reality that, if they had not been put into Vibrational Reality, this person
could not now be living the magnificence of what they lived.

Now we’re going to give you the answer to your question, and you’re going to feel it
fully here without going into the gory details of the question that you are pointed upon. So hear
this. You’re really going to like this:

So, do you follow us as we say that you are Source Energy, even while you are here?
[Yes.] And do you follow that this life experience is causing you to know what you don’t want,
and causing you to send out Rockets of Desire that are going into your Vibrational Reality, and
that the Source within you is maintaining and becoming the Vibrational equivalent of each and
every desire that you are setting forth? That makes some sense to you. We know it’s conceptual,
that it’s sometimes hard to get your thoughts around, but you follow the scenario of all of that.

So, here you’re standing. And let’s say, you’ve been living contrast, which caused you
to put a lot of wonderful things into your Vibrational Reality. Now hear this. That was true on
the day you were born. On the day you were born, there were all kinds of wonderful potentials in
your Vibrational Reality that were not currently being manifested, that were set into motion even
before you actually got here in your physical body—all kinds of magnificent things waiting for
you to Vibrationally catch up with. And now, we’re telling the story that you’re adding to it,
adding to it, adding to it. So, it is a common thing for everyone to have a Vibrational Reality, or
a potential, that’s far more exhilarating and magnificent than what they are currently living.
Everything that becomes manifested was Vibration first. So, that’s just the basis of
where we’re going next. We can feel that you get all of that. So now, let’s say you’re standing
here having lived contrast. But you’re still aware of the contrast as you stand here. So now, as
you look at that contrast, like the contrast you were talking about. You say, “Why in the world
would anyone put up with that? Something’s gone wrong in the heavens. Something’s gone
wrong with the creator of all of this. Why would they set it up this way?”

When you’re standing in your now reality, in the absence of what you want, this
contrast looks bleak and unwanted. It’s why we start with that question every seminar: “Are you
enjoying the contrast of your time and place?” People say yes, but most don’t mean it. (Fun!) But
if you could, by virtue of the thoughts you’re thinking; by virtue of the mantras you’re offering;
the affirmations you’re offering; the processes that you’re offering, if you could get over there
into your Vibrational Reality, into that Vortex, even before the manifestations have occurred,

when you get over there Vibrationally and you look back at that contrast—every bit of it looks
sweet. Every bit of it, you say, “Oh boy, bless that, bless that, bless that bad experience, bless
that one, bless that one.” Because that equals this, and this is good, you see.
So the whole key to all of this is, you’ve got to jump over into this Vortex, Vibrationally.

You’ve got to take the emotional journey first. The physical journey will follow once you take the
emotional journey.

So the answer to your question is, once you have reemerged back into Nonphysical, we
promise you, not one of you will hold one regret for anything that you lived, and not one
judgment against anyone else who lived anything, either. Without the variety there could not be
choices, and without the choices there could not be expansion, and without having chosen and
expanded, there could not be the exaltation of all of that... It’s just, every bit of it, no matter how
bleak it looks to you from where you stand, every bit of it worth it, every bit of it worth it, every
bit of it worth it, every bit of it worth it.
Now that is the ultimate of making peace with where you are, you see. So we know,
there are a lot of people who would think that you’re a crazy person when you’re witnessing
something awful, and you’re trying to find the positive aspects in it. And we say, you have no
choice. You can’t control what others are doing, and if looking at what they’re doing makes you
feel sick, then you’re using what they’re doing as your excuse to rip yourself apart from whoyou-
are. And then you’re just wallowing in disconnection, using that as the excuse.
You could do something different. You could accept that as part of a valuable contrast,
and tune yourself to what’s over here. And before you know it, the contrast that you live, even
the contrast that you have access to, is a whole other set of contrasts, you see.
We don’t like bad things to happen to people, and we don’t like to see people in pain.
But we would never eradicate unwanted things from this planet because you can’t start trying to
control the components of the palate. Free will exists.

What we are here about is teaching you how to tune to the best of life, you see. And if
there isn’t the worst of life, how do you even know what the best of life is? And if there isn’t the
worst of life, how do you even create the best of life? You can’t without that comparative
experience. That’s the framework of the time/space reality. That’s what it gives you. It gives you
the dimension in which to guide, you see. And so, God—that which man calls God—expands
from that platform.

Good time for segment of lunch.

i take that back about the ... indicating missing text. i think maybe it does


Earth, as a playground or a proving ground?

Hotseater:  If our task is to decide what we want, then attract it to us, does that mean that we are in
sort of a proving ground for the next…?

Abe: Well, we wouldn’t use any of those words. It’s not a “task”; it’s an option. It’s an idea.
It’s a basis of a process. But again, no one has assigned it to you, so no one’s giving you a grade
about how well you’ve done. You cannot “prove” yourself to it.

But what you’re getting at here, and this is as far as we will go with this idea that you’re
upon—life causes you to expand and if you don’t keep up with it, you don’t feel good. So the only
“task” is keeping up with what life has caused you to become. You’re a little bit like a two-headed monster, and it’s just so much more pleasant with both heads are moving in the same direction. (Fun!)

Hotseater: Yes.

Abe: Jerry and Esther have been walking around the property making dozens, dozens, dozens
of dozens of dozens of decisions on the house that is being built. And they laughed several times
as the electrician, or the lighting person, or the contractor would ask them a question, and Esther
would say yes and Jerry would say no in the same moment or…or… And then they said, “We’re
a little like a two-headed monster.” In other words, they both want to be in on every decision;
they’re just not exactly in the same place on every decision. It’s their goal to be.

Their intention is, and they say it to each other: “Nothing is more important than our
harmony, and I don’t care about anything as much as I care about our harmony. So if you want
it and I don’t, or I want it and you don’t, we don’t move forward on anything like that. We find
something that we are both in agreement about.” And we say, that’s the way you are with your
Inner Being. In other words, being in alignment with You is what matters most of all.

Hotseater:  More than anything else. So this is actually more of a playground for us, more than a
really learning environment?

Abe: Well, you can call it a “proving ground” if you want, and there’s nothing wrong with
that. It certainly is fun to not know and then know. It certainly is fun to be without something
(and really feel the power of not having it so that you want it) and then find the Vibrational
attitude that allows it to come. And that feeling of relief is your indicator that now you’re letting
yourself flow to it. It is just so delicious. It is more wonderful to be a Deliberate Creator than a
creator by default. It is so much more satisfying to consciously acknowledge that you want
something that you have not, and then deliberately tune your Vibration until you feel better, and
then watch the evidence of it respond to that. Even if you are in despair and now your new
intention is to find the feeling of revenge, when you find it, there is a feeling of satisfaction
because you consciously found relief. You see what we’re getting at? It’s the taking control back
of your life experience that matters most.

There is an undertone of your questions here that makes us really want to give this to
you in a way that you can really hear it: You are free. You are so free, you can choose bondage,
but you are choosing it, every bit of it. There’s no one else who’s assigned it to you.
So you could say, the “proving” or the testing that you’re doing is life and the system of
becoming. It is inevitable that you must expand. Whether you let yourself keep up with it or not
is your option. When you let yourself keep up with your expansion, you have a joyful, joyful life.
But when you don’t let yourself keep up with your expansion, you don’t feel so good.
What goes wrong is when people say, “Somebody outside of me is calling all those
shots.” And that’s why people think that God has forsaken them, because nobody outside of you
is calling the shots. You are, you see.

But it doesn’t mean that there is not that which you call God. It means that that which
you call God is not seeing you as unworthy or in need of being tested. That which you call God
knows your value, knows your worthiness, expects good things for you, and, in fact, stands over
there as the full culmination of everything that you’ve asked for, applauding you and calling you

toward it, and celebrating with you when you move in the direction of it and achieve it.
Celebrating when you move in the direction of it, not even demanding that you achieve it.

Hotseater: Very good, very good.

Doesn’t her expansion have a greater purpose?
Hotseater:  Thank you for letting me be here. I hear so much about you talking of expansion. And
my question is, what is the purpose of expansion?

Abe: Well, we want to back up from the word purpose and say instead, it’s the inevitable
result of life. It’s not only the inevitable result of life, Eternity depends on it. The purpose of
expansion is the same thing as the purpose of Eternalness. Without expansion, we would all
cease to be.

We would give another word to “purpose”. The purpose of life is joy. The result of it is
expansion. The purpose of contrast is expansion. But the purpose of expansion is riding that
joyful river. It all exists for the joyful expansion.

We say to our friends, there is a triad of intentions that you held when you made the
decision to come: Freedom and growth and joy. And our physical friends say, “oh, growth,
growth, growth, yes. Growth, growth, there’s a very strong purpose in growth.”

And we say, yes growth, but freedom and growth and joy: The basis is freedom. The
objective is joy. The result is expansion. But we really can’t separate one from the other because
without expansion there can’t be joy. And without joy there can’t be expansion. And without
freedom there couldn’t be any of it.

Hotseater: So is that the reason that my Nonphysical Being didn’t totally come with me to this
existence here?

Abe: The reason your Nonphysical Being didn’t totally come is because that’s like saying…

Hotseater: There would be no contrast.

Abe:  Oh, the contrast would be there, but that’s like saying, “the electricity moves through
the walls and I plug my toaster in; why doesn’t the electricity come and be a toaster?” Because
the source is the source of that which is the extension... There is no separation between what is
Nonphysical and physical; it’s just that Nonphysical is the resource.

Here’s how it works: So, Nonphysical Energy exists before you are born into this body.
It’s this Eternal thing. Why is it Eternal? It’s Eternal because some of you come forth, explore
further, ask for more. When you ask for more, by Law of Attraction more is summoned. So
Source is resourced. Source is refueled. In other words, you see how it’s a cycle, how it all fits

If you weren’t here asking, Source wouldn’t keep expanding. And if Source didn’t keep
expanding, then Source wouldn’t be there to flow the Energy to you. In other words, you can’t
separate what’s Nonphysical from what’s physical. We’re all in this together... We can feel your
intensity of wanting to know what’s it all for.

Hotseater: Yes.

Abe: What’s it all for? You want there to be a reason, a reason for joy. And we say, why does
there need to be a reason for joy?

Hotseater:  It feels good.

Abe:  Sometimes people say, “I’ve been taught by my philosophy that I’m not supposed to
want. That wanting and spiritual don’t go together.” And we say, and what do they tell you will
be the result of this absence of desire? And they say, “joy”. And we say, isn’t that a desire?

We all exist and we all are supposed to feel good. And we all want to feel good. But we
can’t feel our very best unless we have expanded beyond where we are, and we are moving
toward that expansion. That is the feeling of joy. That’s the feeling of life. That’s what life is.
Such a perfect system, contrast causing you to ask for more, turning in the direction of
it, riding the river, feeling the exhilaration of it, standing in the new place where there’s now
more contrast to cause more expansion. Turning in the direction of it, riding the river of it,
feeling the thrill of it, standing in the new place at the completion of that with a new set of
contrasting experiences to cause a new asking.

Just an Eternal cycle of living and loving, and living and loving, and living and loving,
and living and loving. And we just have to tell you, it feels odd to us when someone says,
“What’s that for?” What could be more than living and loving and living and loving? What could
be more than turning inside-out with appreciation for someone? What could be more than
positively expecting something and then watching the entire Universe dance in orchestrated
rhythm in order to help you accomplish it? What could be more than knowing the power of your
Beingness and the purity of your Beingness? What could be more than knowing the worthiness
of who you are, the invincibility of who you are? What could be better than coming into a new
environment with a new set of things that you get to play with, and figuring them out, and setting
forth your intentions, and playing with others and all of their variety? What could be better?
And when you say, “Why would I do that?” We want to say, because it’s so good.
Because it feels so good. And then when you say, “well, what’s the value of that?” Then we
don’t know where to go with you. (Fun!) ...People will say, “So, I come forth and I explore
contrast, and I become more, and then I let myself be it. Now, tell me again why am I doing
that?” And we say, for the thrill, for the joy, for the fun. And they say, “I know, but why? Why
am I doing it? (Fun!) What’s the real reason?” For the exhilaration, for the fun, for the juicy,
good, delicious experience of it. “I know I hear you, Abraham. I hear you say that, but what’s the
real reason? Do I get marks on some chart? Is there somebody off in some other galaxy that will
appreciate me more? What’s the big dividend? Who’s out there appreciating me doing that?”

And we say, there’s not someone outside of you—it’s all inside of you, the coming together, the

So life causes you to expand, and the fun is catching up with the expansion. And then
life causes you to expand, and then the fun is catching up with the expansion. And when you say,
“But for what? Where’s it all headed?” We say, to more fun, more of the same. And only, only,
only ever do you ask the question of why. (And we are not meaning anything about you because
we hear it from a lot of our physical human friends.) You only ever look for the reason for it
when you’re physically focused and not up to speed with it. When you’re up to speed with it, it’s

like yodeling down the canyon... You’re not asking what’s it all about in those moments of high
exhilaration. You’re just living what it’s all about.

The only time you ever ask what it’s all about is when you’re not quite up to speed with
it. When you’re moving upstream rather than downstream, that’s when you question
what’s the purpose of it?

This contrast that sometimes feels like something that you’d like to do without, that,
from your Broader Perspective you don’t want to do without it (in other words, you ask for it)
when you’re standing over here, vibrationally, all of that feels so worthwhile. But when you’re
standing in the absence of something you want, that’s when you start questioning what that’s all
about, you see.

Hotseater: Okay.

Abe:  We’re not encouraging you to go out looking for strong contrast, in order to live joyful
life experiences. We’re not asking you to stand in strong contrast in order to accommodate
expansion and find joy. We want you to learn to control this gap... What you intended was,
contrast would inspire you, and you would quickly turn then in the direction of the inspiration so
that it would be a little contrast and a lot of river riding, and a little contrast and a lot of river
riding, and a little contrast and a lot of river riding. But you just can’t get around it, that when
you ask for something and put it in your Escrow and then you don’t let yourself go—then you
ask even stronger. And you really put it over there. But if you don’t let yourself go, then the
contrast causes you to ask even stronger. And then when you finally let yourself go, it’s a whale
of a ride, you see.

And frankly, we think that a lot of you like the drama of that. (Fun!) So you hold
yourself apart from who-you-really-are longer. It’s like pulling a rubber band back, back, back,
back, back and then you let it go and you say, whee! That was really fun! And then you pull it
back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back and you say, what’s it all about? Back,
back, back, back, back, why would I choose to do this? back, back, back, back, back, something’s
screwy with Law of Attraction. Back, back, back, I’m sure Abraham doesn't know what they’re
talking about. Wheeeeee!

Will she someday see her transitioned mother?

Hotseater:  I have one more quick question ‘cause I know you have to go. My mother transitioned a
little less than a year ago.

Abe: Wheeee!

Hotseater: Yes. And I have finally gotten myself up into Vibrational alignment with her to where I
can hear her. And I have sent out a rocket of desire to be able to see. Is that possibly going to be?

Abe: To see her?

Hotseater:  Yes, with my physical eyes. I see her in my mind.

Abe: Well what will happen is, it’s a translation of Vibration. Yes, certainly, if it is
something that you want. And remember, and here’s the only thing that’s holding that up.

Hotseater: Okay.

Abe: You’re trying to see her as she is now through your memory of who she once was.

Hotseater: Oh, okay. I understand.

Abe: And that’s in your way because who she is now and who you remember her as, is

Hotseater: Is different.

Abe: So in the same way you’ve trained yourself into a new expectation of how she feels, and
the kind of conversation you will hear, you have to shift your visual. So…

Hotseater:  Her magnificence now?

Abe:  Her magnificence. Her radiance. Her freshness. Her wholeness. Her absence of angst. In
that visual there is no evidence of any weariness or wearing down, or agedness or sickness.

Hotseater: Yeah, I feel her.

San Antonio, TX Workshop Closing.

Abe:  We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. It is delicious to come together with those
like you, who are coming to know who you are. It is exhilarating to take thought beyond that
which it has been before. Dozens of new insights as a result of this collaborative experience.
Be easy about all of this. Life causes your expansion. Let 100% of your effort be toward
getting into the Vortex, getting into that Vibrational state where you can see and hear and know
the path to the fulfillment of all that you are.

There is great love here for you. And, as always, we remain blissfully, joyously

Jerry: Wow. Great getting a hold of you guys again. Thank you. You guys have added so
much to all of our life and our work. We just so much appreciate. Say thank you to Esther one
more time, would you please? See ya down the road.

©Jerry & Esther Hicks
San Antonio, TX – 11/15/08


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