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“Does feeling satisfied where you are, mean you shouldn’t leave your relationship, job or home?”

When you feel satisfied, you will be inspired to move on from what doesn’t serve you anymore. It’s not resigning to what you don’t want. It’s releasing resistance, which allows what you do want. Content doesn’t mean compromise. You don’t have to give up things you want. You get it all. If you don’t compromise your satisfaction, you don’t have to compromise your desire.

You can leave if you need to take care of yourself, but if you’re leaving because you think the circumstance was the cause of your dissatisfaction, and you stay in anger, disappointment, boredom and/or feeling overwhelmed after you left, you will attract more of it. You can’t walk away from your point of attraction; you pack it up and bring it with you. Wherever you go, you will create a similar experience.

Think of it as if you are farting and don’t like the smell, so you try to get away by moving to the next room—but(t) you’re still farting. You can’t get away from it. It will keep smelling wherever you go, until you stop farting where you are. Emitting dissatisfaction is why something in your life stinks.

“If you feel satisfied, why would your life improve?”

This is what confuses people. They think, “If I feel good where I am, why would things change? Why would I want them to? Feeling better sends the wrong message. I need to feel bad, to justify to myself and the universe, why I want something better.”

People try to move away from what they don’t want, to get what they do want. But with attraction, running from, is actually running towards. People think they’re running in a straight line away from what they don’t want. When in reality, they’re running in a circle towards more of the same. It seems like forward movement, but when done enough times, you come to realize, you’re just going around in circles.

Satisfaction summons the best from where you are and/or from something else. You have impulses of where to go and what to do, so you may move on, because you know where you are has served its purpose of creating a basis for further expansion. At the same time, if an experience caused your desires to expand, and you want more from a relationship, home or work environment, that very person or experience that was the catalyst, can also be the fulfillment. If it has the ability to cause you to want more, it can also have the ability to deliver the goods. It’s just a matter of you lining up with what life has caused you to become.

You’re not moving away from dissatisfaction, you’re moving towards more satisfaction. Those are two different things. Whether that means stay or go, you’re open to more opportunities for fun. You’re not motivated by seeking relief from pain. You’re inspired to more playfulness.

“I’ve reached the point, where I’m going to give up being in a relationship and accept being single.”

Good. Give up the struggle. That’s what you want to do with everything. You’re not giving up the relationship, you’re giving up putting your life on hold. You’re giving up waiting for things to change before you allow yourself to feel you already have the life you want.

You’re not meant to be single, you’re meant to be satisfied. And satisfaction only has to do with you having a desire, and moving towards it. With unconditional satisfaction, you don’t care if you’re in a relationship. And with no resistance, you allow it. You can also practice thoughts to where being in a relationship feels normal, and when it happens, you’re not surprised.

It’s not about accepting where you are so you stay that way. Acceptance embraces a higher frequency. And being in that state, is what gives you access to your desire.

Satisfaction is the password to gain access to your universal account.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you like it. Acceptance means you stop actively disliking it, and using that as your reason to be miserable. You don’t have to like something, to see it has value. And when you see the value in something unwanted, you allow more of what you want.

What you want does not exist in a lower frequency. So resistance to where you are, is resistance to where you want to be. If you’re not open to what you have, then you’re not open to what can come. Whatever manifests, will feel like how you feel right now. Satisfaction now = satisfaction later. Dissatisfaction now, leads to dissatisfaction later. Your emotions clearly tell you what to expect of how things will play out.

“I struggle to find something I enjoy about where I am.”

The reason is, Law of Attraction will not let you find something you enjoy. You don’t have access to really satisfying thoughts, when you’ve practiced feeling really dissatisfied. Enjoyment is basically classified, at least on that one subject, and you don’t have clearance. That’s why you focus on feeling better in general, or on any topic you’re not dissatisfied with, (which could be meditation, listening to music, playing with your pets or friends, or going to the gym) and when you feel better, you now have easier access to thoughts of your surrounding satisfaction.

“My friend was unhappy at her job and left, and after a few months, got a new one she loves. How did her dissatisfaction lead to getting the job she wanted?”

She did something to shift her vibration and feel better during those months, which allowed the new job. However, if she didn’t change her thoughts about work, and her relationship to her boss and/or co-workers, then even though she got the (initially) satisfying job, her conditional emotions will dominate, and she will eventually attract dissatisfaction from the new job as well, so it will feel the same as the other one.

Your happiness and unhappiness doesn’t come from the job; the job comes from your happiness or unhappiness. So when you change how you feel, you allow the job you want (i.e. your current job will improve, or you will get another one).

“I don’t want to be satisfied where I am, because nothing will change. Dissatisfaction creates change. Feeling bad about your weight or work ethic, gives you the necessary fuel to do something about it.”

Dissatisfaction creates the desire for change, but satisfaction is what allows it.

Dissatisfaction can lead to motivation for temporary change, but satisfaction leads to inspiration for sustainable change.

If you use frustration as your primary means of moving forward, then even if you get the results you want, they’ll be tainted. You won’t be happy for very long, and/or won’t be able to keep doing what you did to get there to maintain those results. Then you’ll fall back to your old ways and wonder what’s wrong with you, which will perpetuate your belief in self-judgment.

When satisfaction is your standard, you unlock new forms of expressing yourself, which not only encourages you, but assists you, to reaching new heights.

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Divine Timing Brian! Thank you SO much for this Great Soul****

Great post! Thank you!

This is a great post and actually on the very subject I am stumbling on at the moment. 

In short I have been in a relationship for 4 1/2 years. I love him but I know I am not in love with him. I am not really attracted to him abymore and a lot of our opinions differ. I work with him and it upsets me the thought of losing him but the thought of being satisfied with this and staying with him forever scares me too.. I know its going to sound shallow but amongst the many other things I wish I could change about him, I cannot change his face and at the end of the day, I deserve to be deeply and passionately attracted to someone. 

Recently the universe has shown me someone that I never saw in that light before but now its like he just keeps showing up. The problem is he is a celebrity. I am 26 years old I think its ridiculous of me to have such a fan girl crush but I feel so strongly for him and I do not know what to do 

This is something I have struggled to understand over the years.  Before I have thought " okay, if I get happy with where I am now, the Universe will just bring me more of the same and I won't make any progress. "  But what we need to remember is that where we are now (circumstances, people, job, home, health, relationship status etc) is the result of thoughts we have had in the past.  The result of a past vibration, so to speak.  However, where we want to be will be the result of an improved vibration, which you put out into the Universe, and reap in the near future, and that improved vibration starts in the present moment.  We can create that by being contented with where we are now (with what we have already created) and then that will draw in ever-improving circumstances.

this is a great post!!! commenting so i can archive it

This is a great reminder.  People (including myself at times) have mistaken showing gratitude in the present, for accepting that it is as good as it will get and won't change.  In truth, showing gratitude in the present is as much about not expressing negative words, and focusing your mind on what is good at the moment. When you do this, your point of attraction changes. 

Great post!! I feel you really summed it all up in one statement......"Releasing resistance allows what you do want!"  I've come to believe that we often overthink it.  Right now I'm having a lot of fun with what it is that I'm creating!  For me it's HERE!! Though it may not be in the physical reality yet, it TRULY IS HERE and will manifest any minute! So in the mean time, I'm having lots of fun with writing it out, speaking it out, saying thank you prayers for it, seeing the specifics of it and how I'm going to decorate and Feng Shui it, seeing the positive and warm response I'm going to receive, and I find that every time I do this I have a smile on my face and I feel tingly!  This is because I can literally feel my vibration raise (that's the tingling with excitement), and I feel giddy KNOWING it'll be here any minute.  In the meantime, I'm ENJOYING feeling it as though I've just gotten the call confirming it! I've learned that when we stay in this space, there's nothing we could do to stop the greatness from coming!!  Also......whenever any moment of doubt comes into your mind....pop it back out with an image in your mind of what your dream looks like!  I see myself in the place I want to be and if any contrary or questioning thought comes, I pop it right back out by asking myself "What am I manifesting?"  Then I IMMEDIATELY see my image of myself smiling exactly where I want to be!!  Extremely powerful stuff!! Thanks again for a great post!!


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