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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my success story. Months ago, I was jobless. I started scripting things like I got hired on the spot etc. But the first job I got accepted wasn’t really what I’m interested in. So I wrote again writing that I actually got hired at the job I really loved and got offered a good pay. Which what exactly happened 3 days after! My friend who’s working there suddenly offered to ask an update regarding my application and then I got a call from the company saying I was down for my final interview. On the day of my final interview, I was literally hired in the spot! Funny how the universe moves things for you.

Have a good to to everyone who reads this!

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Great story!  Here are some words - d caption too - that can give you even more strength & clarity:


Much love***

What a great and inspiring story. When you script for anything, remember to leave no stone unturned. So if you want a job or relationship for instance, make sure that you include that it's AVAILABLE NOW. You wouldn't want to manifest your ideal job or partner, and then find them taken. It may make for a good song by Alanis Morissette but not for everyday reality.

Something I get asked from time to time is how much detail do you include when you are scripting? Do you generalise or do you go into specifics? The answer is a balance of both. Give the Universe some guidelines, but also leave things open for it to surprise you.

So for instance, how much money do you want to earn? State a minimum amount rather than an actual amount. How old do you want a partner to be? Give an age 'bracket' rather than a specific age. How far away do you want your job to be? Say that it's a quick and easy commute rather than an actual distance. What does your partner look like? State some generalised specifics (clean teeth, good skin, tall or short in height, build type, long hair etc) rather than trying to create a copy of a person you like.

If you can do this, you give the Universe some creative leeway. You may be looking to manifest something good when it can give you something great instead.

First of all, congrats to Sigwa on the job! Second, nice Alanis Morissette reference, Sir Neil. I like the idea of scripting, but I don't think I'm very familiar with it. You gave some good general examples. Do you mind sharing a few more specifics? It sounds like a fun technique to use.

Yes of course.  The most important thing is to write it in the present tense, as if it's happening now, because your mind and the Universe take things literally.  If you write as something in the future, that's where it will stay, just out of your reach.

Use your imagination, and let it go free.  Don't get restricted by what you think or have been told is possible, write as if there are no restrictions.  Just start, and write the first things which come into your mind, and then take things from there.  I find it easier to type using something like iPad notes, because that is more physically comfortable for me. Other people prefer to write, some using the smooth feeling of graphite pencil.  You do what feels most comfortable to you.

Use the language of your own mental commentary, and what feels right to you.  The reason being, that as you read through your script, it will sink into your deeper mind, so write in the language which feels like you are speaking to your own subconscience.  

Once you have written everything down, read through it a number of times, for a number of days, so that it does indeed sink in.  This will help to create the excited feeling in you which draws the manifestation in.  People make such a big deal about feeling good, but it doesn't always come straight away, and sometimes you can try too hard to 'make' yourself feel good, which doesn't feel natural.  Instead, seek to build up the feeling point within you over a period of time.  It doesn't have to take that long either, and you will usually see signs and references to what you have scripted within a few days.  When these arise, and seem to be guiding you somewhere, follow them as they will take you there.

Don't if you can, involve another named person in your script, because you can't impinge upon another's free will.  They might want to be part of your created scene, but then again they might not.  Leave it open for the Universe to decide the 'who' of your story.  Instead, use generic words like my girlfriend, my boyfriend, the interviewer etc.

Something else you could do is to write your script as quite literally that, a scripted conversation between you and someone else, in which your think gets manifested.  This is usually pretty handy for things like job interviews, in which you script the interview going well, you saying the right things etc, and then getting the job.  It could also work well for a first date.

This is great, thank you!


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