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Hello Lovelies,

I have been looking into scripting lately and absolutely love the idea. I have read and watched videos where they say that taking pen to paper is the most effective way however I feel I am able to write better when I type. When I write things down I tend to focus more on the actual task of writing and lose focus and emotion on what I am writing.

My question is: Is writing your scrips by hand vital to manifestation or can one type them out?

Any successful scripters on here that could offer some advice/tips?

Much love, thank you!

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I have been scripting for over 2 years.
On my opinion writing down helps whether it’s a word doc, a paper or a note app on ypur phone. I write everywhere.

I have seen many things materialize that I wrote. A job, a promotion, collaboration etc

Even if you get in flow and write without emotions — do it. You wpuld never know when and what type of emotion you were using to wrote that down.

About the question— if anyone can type that for you? Typing yourself would do a trick on your brain to believe and feel that might not happen when others will type for you. But there are all kind of possibilities — the good thinkg to donwpjld be try it out.

Love and Light

Thank you for your reply SGB, it would definitely be me typing, I was just worried that writing by hand was the only effective method. Thank you for letting me know that any form of writing it down is great!

Much love!

I don't do scripting per se but I have my own method for releasing resistance and I type out everything! My hand cramps from handwriting and it's laborious. I love typing.

My opine is the reason that "experts" try to make you do things a certain way is because they are essentially trying to sell you something. I don't mean financially, necessarily...I mean every guru needs a shtick...if you want followers (and everyone who posts videos does), you need to give your viewers something. You need to deliver something proprietary, create a 'system'. (It's funny when you hear various LOA experts saying stuff about the other LOA experts and their systems. At least it's funny to me!).

But the expert or guru or whoever is simply telling you about "them", what works, or has worked, for them. If it doesn't resonate, then it's not for you. Your emotional guidance system works perfectly. In this case, you felt instinctive resistance to the idea that you needed to do things their way...because it wasn't how you wanted to do it.

Always make sure that what you want is more important to you than anything else...including the possibility that the guru might be right and since you are typing you'll never ever get what you want and you should have handwritten everything. The first is alignment, the second is fear.

You always know what you want, it's in your genuine feelings of what you desire. Everything else should be such a great distance second in priority, that they are functionally irrelevant. Don't ever abdicate your own authority! (I read that years ago and it has never stopped resonating). :)

I have heard this discussed and so can share the thoughts.  With putting a pen to paper, Abe actually says that the process of writing it out is a physical manifestation action because you are actually thinking of the energy and then labelling it and in doing that you are clearer vibrationally.  However, like you I'm a typist, so typing is faster for me and I asked them this and they said that if I felt better typing - to type.  Their idea was more about dropping resistance.  They said that sometimes with typing a lot of junk comes out because we have free rain but they were actually in favour of it, providing it felt good was their prequiste.  If it didn't feel good - then write it out by hand.  Someone challenged them on if writing didn't feel good what should be done, and they processed that person asking them lots of questions and it was interesting to see that they had somehow tied up writing with a lot of themes (stress, exams etc).  So Abe gave them games to play with writing, but he had them write the "wouldn't it be nice" game for a few days.  3 days into that workshop that person reported that she felt better when she took a pen to paper now and didn't have the anxiety.  So its interesting to look at why you may dislike writing.  For me I like the speed and legibility of typing, but when I write, my writing goes everywhere and looks a mess. 

Thank you for this Graysen!

I am the same in my preference with typing, my brain works faster than my physical hand can write so when I type I can keep my visualization, energy and typing in sync and it feels great.

I am quite relieved to know that there is no set method of scripting as it's a tool of manifestation that really excites me to try.

Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge, much appreciated.

No probs, I often think that if you enjoy doing something, then that alone raises your vibes so if typing is your thing - then type away. 

It doesn't matter if you are handwriting them, or typing them.  All that matters is that you are feeling comfortable when you are scripting, and feeling good ABOUT what you write.  I sometimes find it better to write things on iPad notes, because the rhythm of touch-screen typing, is more comfortable and allows me to get more words out.  I find that my imagination flows with it.


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