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Hello PIers,


I have been playing with my scripting lately and i bumped into an exercise which i call The Observer/Allower exercise (i thank Donna for this name).


I do my best to write as detached as i can; released from any resistance and prejudices. But this is where the question begins. I have so less understanding what a detached observer is, and if i do write and observe my life the way i choose to live it in the eyes of "The Observer Me" is this what you call detachment and can i even observe and write from this point of view? 


The Allower part of writing is not at all difficult because i am the one who is writing it, i need not to access anything but my mind and my emotions in its present state. I simply write, "i open myself to, i allow myself to,  i welcome, i acknowledge, i open the door to, " and so on. 


For the past few days, i have successes in my scripting, both big and small manifestations. So, yes i am somehow trying to figure out because i intend to go deeper with this exercise. And yes, i could let go of trying to figure out and would let go of figuring it out. I love it!


Anybody out there who are expert in Observer Scripting?



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Let me just say, you don't "use" the observer, you ARE the Observer.... It is just that your "true self" is obscured by the story you are in (beliefs, fears, doubts....)


Movie script analogy... and actor in a movie believing he or she is the character, trying to write the script from the characters perspective.... Got to be the script writer... the creator.

would it be useful to write in third person, to awake a detatchment of the character?


It is a state of being, not a writing style. You "feel" it.... If you think you can be flowing writing in third person, better, no resistance....

Thank you

Ok, thanks for that straight answer that I AM the Observer. Your movie script analogy...God to be the scriptwriter..the creator, resonates with me. 




Hi, i am an Observer Scripter just like you. I've been written all my life about three times. The last time i did i was writting it from present to past, sometimes i got lost into small details, sometimes i found my self afraid of writing things about the way i really see my parents, for example. Things i think about reallity and people. I have discovered that the life i am supposed to live is completely wrong. And cowardly i haven't changed it just because every body is doing the same. I need people aware of the same things i am to endorse my views and to enrich them with views of reality from another being.
Can some elaborate on this technique? It sounds really interesting! Please send me the link, or youtube. Thanks!

Hi Diotima,


The creative process is called scripting. I am only exercising my own version of scripting that resonates with me which i am the writer-director and at the same time the actor of the play. But i simply call it Observer/Allower exercise in which i write my life in an outside perspective of me and how i intend it to be. The allower which is me, is the one who allows the direction of the observer.  


I don't know any link or youtube clip about this aside from what BelgianWaffle shared.



Hello BelgianWaffle,


Thank you so much for the link. Its a big help.



Has this worked for any of you yet?

Hi Shannon,


I appreciate your very practical steps in finding the "observer".


Let's say i do may breathing exercise before, during and after my scripting, what is happening there? What is taking place? If i write a feeling rather than a thought or an imagination, is it coming from the "observer"? During the relaxation and this breathing exercises, instead of a wild thought that would come in; and they do come in once in a while, it is more than an inner urge, an inner flow. If i write this feeling into words, is the Observer the one writing? Or is the Observer allowed to write and do movements at all since meditation is non-movement and non-thought? Or perhaps, i just did not noticed it, i can be as active as i can and still know how to breathe through the day and write it as i observe it. 


Is the Observer allowed to influence my life, or it is only an observer? 


Thanks Shannon :D




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