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I am having a great weekend and doing a workshop on the Sedona Method.  It has been around for a while.  The idea is to become aware of your emotions and release the negative ones, so you are free to be in the feelings of  courage, awareness and peace.  It is awesome.  has anyone else done it?

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Jim, How do you go about releasing the negative emotions? For example, if you have anger....what do you do other than say smash dishes? LOL!
But seriously, if you are having some anger and are trying to work on forgiveness and letting go, how would the Sedona method be applied? Thanks in advance for your brilliant response :) XOX Cheryl
i think he means be in the emotion ie, anger but change or shift your reactions to it. then watch as the situation changes in your favor.
So like Eckhart teaches, to just be with the emotion. Do not fight it. Just experience it, how it feels. For example,
acknowledge the pain or frustration in a situation and not DO anything. Just BE.

Thanks Kyle! :) Lets be friends!!! LOL Cheryl
I believe so Uske. THey say you can drive in the car and scream your head off if you have to ~ if you cant do this at home.

Feel better!!!! :)
I've been working with the bare basics of it in my life right now. What I have put into practice is quite awesome & very powerful.
So are you at Hale Dwoskin's Workshop?
Just got back! It was awesome. The instructor was David Ellzey. He was a mime and he is writing a book with Chopra and Canfield called Stepping Stones to Success.
Ok, Sedona Method 101.
1. Find something that is catching your attention
2. What feeling is there?
3. Welcome and feel the feeling.
4. Could you let it go?
5. Would you let it go?
6 Are you willing to let it go now?
7 Do you feel calmer of quieter about the feeling?
8 Is there still any of the feeling remaining?
9. If so, repeat process until released and have more peace of mind
Don;t fight it, just let it go. Releaseeeeeeeeeee, you can do it.
Good luck
What do you do if you feel you cannot let it go, the bad feeling. Just wait it out and let it run it's course? For example I'm upset today about something that happened at work, I'm not trying to force myself to feel "happy" and I'm just let the feelings flow out. And with each hour it lessons, but I still feel it.... I ask myself, do you WANT to let it go? And I feel that I don't.
There are a lot of techniques. Hmm, I had to pay all this money and you want me to tell you for free?? Just kidding.
Yes, you could say, are you willing to let it go just for now? Then ask later.
Another technique is ask if you are willing to let go of resistance and take it from there.
Another is put it in perspective. Do you have plans to keep this feeling for another hour? Day? 10 years? This technique works.
Good luck
When you ask "do you want to let it go?" you DON'T have to say "yes." So just keep saying "no!" and even do the method on the feeling that you don't want to let it go!!!!

Be patient with yourself. It's not bad to feel the way you do, at all.
I did it a good number of years ago. It was very good -- and I find that it complements many of the other things I do...now and then I'm reminded.

It's all about NOT RESISTING any feelings and ALLOWING them in order to let their energy pass...

I've been on this kick for a long time. It works.


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