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Hello All! I am so glad to have found & been approved to join this forum.  I have been going through a few very difficult years & been searching for answers which have lead me on my awakening, spiritual path.  In doing so, I stumbled upon the teachings of Neville Goddard aka The Mad Mystic and am now searching for others who follow his teachings. 

Please respond if you've had experiences following his teachings.

Many thanks & I feel blessed to be here!!


Tennessee, USA

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Hi Clare444,

How are you?

I have followed Neville's teachings like feeling it real, seeing the end result and repeating it before sleep aka visualization.

I manifested those situations,people and circumstances.



Have you manifested specific people or circumstances? Like an estranged friend contacting you?

I manifested meeting someone. Yes!

I also manifested pictures, texts and change in behavior.



I wonder how free will works into this equation. I mean, I know Neville himself married his second wife through imagining it. But I was just wondering.

Let's say there is someone who will do anything to be with me. But I do not want to be with that person. If the person employ's Neville's teachings, will he be able to get together with me?

No he won't be able to get together with you because you're not interested and you have free will.  Although he might shift to a parallel reality where another version of you is interested.  Assuming another you is interested.

Hi Ndacloud,

I don't fully understand your answer about parallel realities. Would you please explain?

Some of us believe we shift through parallel realities billions of times per second like Bashar teaches. You're constantly shifting through parallel realities all the time, you just usually don't realize it because the realities are so similar. But it is the shifting which gives us the illusion of movement and time. Take one step and you've shifted through billions of parallel realities to make that happen. Because as the experts say - time is an illusion, we're just measuring the shifts. Each reality is a still frame and we're shifting from one frame to another. Some parallel realities are similar to this one and some are completely different, so it might be possible that you like this person in one of these parallel realities and not in this one.  You don't really attract your desires with LOA, you shift to a parallel reality where it exists in your experience.  

Ok, could you share a video where I may learn more about this? Bashar has several videos, I don't know where to start.

Do you believe in this concept? Have you heard of Bentinho Massaro?

Yeah I believe in the concept, so does Bentinho Massaro - I have seen a few of his videos.  Oddly I couldn't find any parallel reality videos of Bashar, he must have taken some of his videos off youtube.  Now he only has a few videos on his channel.  Shifting realities is something you do automatically anyway so it's not something you have to think about.  To shift consciously you just focus on what you desire as if you already have it.  Here's a video where Bashar talks about shifting realities and one of Bentinho massaro's videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAfbm46s6Y8


I'm not able to reply to the last post so replying to this one.

Just watched Bashar's video, and another one that played after it. I am quite confused but also very interested. Thanks for sharing!

So, you were able to manifest desires/wanted outcomes by using his techniques?


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