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Hello All! I am so glad to have found & been approved to join this forum.  I have been going through a few very difficult years & been searching for answers which have lead me on my awakening, spiritual path.  In doing so, I stumbled upon the teachings of Neville Goddard aka The Mad Mystic and am now searching for others who follow his teachings. 

Please respond if you've had experiences following his teachings.

Many thanks & I feel blessed to be here!!


Tennessee, USA

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Yes. I applied his teachings but everything is the same.

IMO, his techniques are the same techniques that others talk about too. The only thing is Neville's teachings are simpler and do not give us so many options that can confuse.

I found Neville  after finding The Secret, Abe Hicks, and LOA blogs so I find Neville's teaching too simple that it almost scared me not to practice other techniques like affirmations. I am a big fan of affirmations too.

But I am sure, anybody who had found Neville before any other New Age teachers, they will gravitate towards Neville more and find others more complicated.

My honest opinion!

Neville is legit :) Checking in

Hi Astro,

I'm curious about your experience. Copying and pasting below:

Have you manifested specific people or circumstances? Like an estranged friend contacting you?

I wonder how free will works into this equation. I mean, I know Neville himself married his second wife through imagining it. But I was just wondering.

Let's say there is someone who will do anything to be with me. But I do not want to be with that person. If the person employ's Neville's teachings, will he be able to get together with me?

To the first question: Yes. No.

To the last question: No - free will definitely plays a part. It's about Allowing not forcing. You can't make anyone do anything. 

Hi Astro, your response makes sense. Thank you!

There is a couple of things I don't get about Neville Goddard.  One is that he says God is imagination.  How can that be?  I see imagination as the creative power that God gave us, but how could God be imagination?  Second is that he says the people in the bible are not real people like you and I, they are states that we all go into - that we experience.  He says they are not historical people.  Yet the bible goes on and on about how this person beget this person, and that person beget this person and on and on for many generations.  I'm not sure if it uses the word beget, it might say so and so is the father of so and so, and so and so is the father of .....  Anyway, why would the bible keep such records if they were not real people?

I totally get your reasons to question his fundamental ideas that was the foundation of his teachings.   This is the very reason why I sought out this forum & started the discussion....I question these very things.  But, I was so drawn to the instructional videos of using our imagination to create/shift our realities. 

So, I will say that I first found the Abraham Hicks teachings to start my spiritual journey but, never came across any videos based on those concepts.  But, after listening to Goddard's teachings & success stories he'd use in his lectures regarding getting into states using imagination before sleep, I wandered Abraham's point on the subject.  I searched YouTube for Abe Hicks Imagination & was surprised at how many teachings has Esther emphasizing how imagination is practicing visual affirmations.  Interesting....look them up.

That is one thing I like about Gaddard is the examples he gives of using the imagination to create, although I can't seem to fall asleep if I do it right before sleep.  Abraham seems to focus more on feelings and reaching for a higher feeling thought.  I have read a few of Abraham's books and I liked them, but I don't like watching Abraham videos - she seems to ramble on and on and never seems to answer the questions to my satisfaction. 

I guess Imagining something over and over would be like affirming it visually. I'm currently living with my dad and I sleep on the couch in the living room.  Sometimes when I go to lay down at night, my dad is asleep in the recliner - he didn't get to bed.  The dog sleeps with him, but since my dad is still in the living room the dog is taking up part of the couch.  Instead of waking my dad up so he can go to bed, I've been imagining him waking up and going to bed.  I see myself shaking him in my mind to wake him up and then I imagine him getting up and going to bed and the dog following him.  Then I imagine them asleep in his bed and me alone in the living room.  Seems like I only have to imagine that one time and a couple minutes later he wakes up and goes to bed. It's awesome, I don't even have to wake him up, I just imagine him waking up and he does.  I don't know why that seems to work so fast while other things you have to keep imagining over and over and over.  

I have never heard Goddard refered to as "Mad Mystic"?

Yes....I saw one article where a friend during his time had called him the "Mad Mystic on 48th St"


I am Neville Follower. Seeking for another Neville Follower who can understand my saying rather than pulling in unwanted state. I am willing to communicate on voice call on zoom. I am a young pretty woman / girl ..whatever :) Ping me if you resonate with me. 


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