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I'm confused about this right now, and hoping someone can give me some insight! :)

I haven't had sex in awhile, and well... I want to! I'm wondering if me thinking about sex a lot, plus masturbating is a bad thing for Law of Attraction. I don't always zone in on the fact that I'm not having any, but it's sort of just known that I'm not having sex.

How would I put it out there that I want to have sex and being positive at the same time?

I am finding that me thinking about sex is more confirming that I'm not having any right now. Not sure how to rephrase my mantras, or even my thoughts around it.

Thanks for any help! :)

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If you only want the release that comes with a sexual encounter, with no strings, that’s unbelievably easy to get. If you’re on any kind of a dating site, just mention in your profile that that’s what you want, and the guys will probably come in droves.

Are you absolutely sure that’s all you want though? You should make sure that your desire for sex isn’t covering up something deeper, like a desire for love, companionship, or closeness.
Oh, I should have mentioned that in the beginning post!

I do want a relationship and love and everything that comes with it. I want it all.

What I'm worried about is how I keep thinking of how I'm not having sex (not intentional, it just comes with desire, masturbation, etc.) and that is making me not have any. Are they totally related? How do I keep doing what I'm doing, yet put out positive affirmations and thoughts. It seems like it just wouldn't work, and the only thing I can really do is stop masturbating and thinking about sex all together.
I admit I still wonder why you seem to be separating sex from a relationship if you say you want them both. You’re not having sex because (I assume) you’ve chosen not to have sex without a relationship. It’s not not happening for you simply because you’re pleasing yourself. Doesn’t pleasing yourself feel good? If so, that’s all that matters; just enjoy it.
I guess I'm separating them, because I feel like the sex part is the only thing I need to work on. I am very conscious of my LOA thoughts regarding a relationship. I have changed a lot of things in my mind and my life to reflect that I want a relationship. I feel like it will happen when the time is right, so I will just continue doing what I'm doing... but with the sex part of it, I didn't know if that was putting a stop to me attracting sex/relationship/love. I have since realized (reading this thread) that I just have to switch my thoughts up a little bit and it will all be good!! Just think about sharing sex with a partner and that it feels good.

Thank you!
Rather than thinking of the lack of sex and that the lack of sex is leading to masturbation, think of the enjoyment of sex and masturbation. You're doing this because you enjoy the pleasure aspects, and while you are in that state think about how awesome it would be to share it with another, how you just can't wait, etc... Don't think that either are bad or wrong, because they really aren't.
Thanks! This helped me a lot :)
there are 2 kinds of sex, IMO.

Sports sex and long-term committed relationships sex

Both are beautiful and I bet God is glad they are both available to us.
I have one. (An observation about LOA and sex/masturbation.) I think the only way masturbating can be harmful via the use of LOA is if you are thinking about things that are not necessarily positive for you during it in order to have an orgasm. In other words, the things that get you there are things that are not cool for having a happy existence and so iIt conflicts. So do you continue with those thoughts to achieve that O or do you retrain your mind to think of what it is that you truly wish for yourself and hope to get that "healthier" O?
Good thinking. It makes sense.
I can really relate to this, and actually went without sex for a long time. I wasn't necessarily devastated, but the desire was there. I still remember , while thinking of the LOA, asking really specifically for what I wanted, in details about the sex part.

I have exactly what I asked for now, and that's something else I realized one day.

I remember over the years while I wasn't having sex wondering why... I'm good looking blah blah etc and wondering why.
Then one day I just asked, and I'm not sure I had simply asked the universe before. I didn't have any special feelings or anything, I just asked sincerely and pretty clearly and kind of forgot about it, unintentionally, until one day I remembered asking that and realizing I have exactly what I asked for.

And even with the masturbation thing, I wondered if that sort of pushed it away energetically etc.and other speculations, and all I know is I asked and it was given.
Thanks. Sound like I have nothing to worry about! As long as I "ask" and keep my positive thinking flowing, I should be good to go.
If you are having a sex 'drought' always look at how you are feeling about yourself. If you are lacking it, maybe you are blocking it by feeling bad and believing that you aren't as attractive as you were. The people who get 'it' are the ones who feel good about themselves, and feel that they are attractive, and then it comes. In Britain we call these people 'fit and they know its' (but seek to be one without the big headed ness). They give out the 'I am gorgeous' vibration, and then attract the people who also believe that, and want to find out more.


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