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I'm confused about this right now, and hoping someone can give me some insight! :)

I haven't had sex in awhile, and well... I want to! I'm wondering if me thinking about sex a lot, plus masturbating is a bad thing for Law of Attraction. I don't always zone in on the fact that I'm not having any, but it's sort of just known that I'm not having sex.

How would I put it out there that I want to have sex and being positive at the same time?

I am finding that me thinking about sex is more confirming that I'm not having any right now. Not sure how to rephrase my mantras, or even my thoughts around it.

Thanks for any help! :)

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Hire an escourt..go to a strip club..the law of attraction has brought u sex..you r being resistant to receiving.

OK here you go.

Try some Abraham Hicks on it, as in writing a rampage of appreciation about sex, what do you like about it etc.  Write about how it feels physically, emotionally.  Get excited about it.  Definitely try some processes from the Ask and it is given book on it, yes.  


there ARE hypnoisis tracks for sexual magnetism and attracting more men/women etc. you know and subliminal tracks too. Look at affirmations too, what are you telling yourself?

Cos it can be self-perpetuating.

It can also need detaching.

If you get SO oh I HAVE to have sex, you can push it away.

Yes I KNOW that is sexually frustrating.

But it's good to have an attitude of knowing or at least believing you ARE gonna get laid and it IS gonna feel great.

Rather than I need it NOW cos that can push it away, like you might even GET the opportunity and then erm the one with the equipment can't perform or you won't have a venue or they won't be able to make it or whatever.

BECAUSE you are SO desperate for sex.  And it can be hard (excuse the pun!) NOT to be.

But you have to try.

Get into the vibrational place of sex.

Yep, that's probably the frankest I've ever written on here, but hey, if it helps some horny person even a little bit then it is worth it.

Speaking of Abraham Hicks again, they DO speak a fair bit about sex I would look up some videos on youtube like Abraham Hicks on sex see what you find that way and it might help. It starts vibrationally. 

And yes this might sound nuts and YES take inspired actions but also ask the Universe to bring you a lover/s to handle your sex life.  And TRUST. 

This is very true, appreciating sex will certainly bring more of it to you. It's a bit like the post I found on here last year called 'money flows to where it's appreciated' and sex is the same. It flows to people who appreciate it and feel positive about it. A lot of the time we have early childhood conditioning saying that it's dirty, rude, shameful and should be kept hidden, and that isn't a recipe for bringing it to us. Appreciating it, and yourself certainly is. :)

If you can manage to believe you are having sex with someone, you will get it. is it difficult to imagine you are having sex with a female (assuming you are a straight man)?

Jacob....i have this guy I adore..I mean I fantasize about having sex with him...its like i feel him in my body when I get into it...does this mean he will have sex with me if we are on the same vibration (I know he is very attracted to me),,,,

When you say "he will have sex" with you, then it is not gonna happen because you are not treating having sex with this man as a present fact or act.

Try to imagine the feeling of having sex with this man, and then stay happy. It will happen.

I think I get it,,,,he send me a text that he misses me...(we have no relationship yet) its more a flirt at the moment...BUT you say I have to feel it happening NOW....? I am very happy and have been for a while...I just operated my hip so it has to heal before the sex can come..LOL.-----when I imagine him and I together its so real....I have never felt this strong about something in my head before...its like the thaught/feeling takes over me in the physical world...

when I say NOW, it doesn't mean you need to think about sex every second. You already initiated the thought, then don't over-think, just let it go and feel satisfied.

I have let it go for a time now and he is starting to çall me more and more....I feel its coming soon;;))

I believe it works the opposite way!

But it's all about belief...

More M will equal a guy showing up to do the job for you!

this sounds even cheesier....can 2 people have sex without the physical part...I feel in my mind he is with me even if he is not....

I agree with you for the most part, especially about the messages that are prevalent in the porn industry (9/10 they're things you absolutely don't want in your mind). But....try to manifest relationship sex? The OP didn't say anything about wanting to be in a relationship, and I don't see the problem with casual sex. And you say masturbation typically does repel sex, but I honestly don't feel like that is the case for everybody...or even most people. There is no way to know that. Although I agree you want to create the right mental picture when doing it.


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