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Consider the following, this really happened yesterday:

My friend declared to the universe that before the day is done, he will hear the name of the person he will marry. 

I had no idea about this as he didn't tell me. Later that day, we were getting dinner. Conversationally, I just happened to mention to him that I had seen his ex Nicki Dean (changed her real name for anonymity) at Starbucks last week. He immediately started smiling. When I asked him why, he told me about his question to the universe and was convinced it was a sign and that he was going to marry her. 

I'm not convinced. Is this really a sign or is it a coincidence? Maybe because he still likes her, he was hoping it would be her, and the LOA answered it by making someone (me) say his name. Practically, they have been broken up for a year. I think it could be wishful thinking on his behalf, but I'm feeling pretty skeptical these days about most stuff, so I thought I would ask you.

What are your thoughts? 

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If they’re open to any person I doubt they would get excited for a name they never heard of before but they will meet.

If they were thinking about that person, and then you said their name, they attracted the name because they were focused on it, not because it means they will be together or not. Law of Attraction gives you manifestations people call signs, believing they lead to something else, something more, when that can be the full manifestation. He thinks her name, he attracts her name. Manifestation complete. That doesn’t necessary have anything to do with a relationship.

But if they feel better thinking that, that’s okay, too. It’s just important to feel good without any instance on a specific outcome to allow the best that you want and deserve.

That's what I thought. He should move on from her now. But this "sign" has turned him into a believer. I just hope he doesn't stay fixed on her and that prevents someone actually better from entering his life.

They are perfectly on their path.  Even if they do focus on them and it doesn’t work out, that was still their path of least resistance to allow the relationship they want. Everything is working out for them.

But how? What if someone else is interested in him but he says no to going out with her because he is waiting for his ex? 

I told my friend what you said. He said that he was not focusing on his ex at that time, and he is totally convinced its a sign from God as he had prayed in the church on that day too and asked God for an answer. 

that's the whole point of law of attraction and manifestation! He believes now more than ever which will in turn attract the outcome he desires... but your doubt will instill doubt in him, that's not a kind thing to do.

I'm not being unkind, I just want to protect him from disappointment. But I won't do it anymore, I'll let him believe what he wants to

We program our minds to look for certain things. Anything can be a sign to someone that's desperate or wants to find something. True signs - which are almost unmistakable, also appear and are easier to discern if one is calm, neutral, peaceful. When one is a negative state of craving, missing needing, lusting after, any normal thing can be misinterpreted as a sign. 

I really never understood why people are into "signs" from the universe. It's indicative of a lack of faith, a lack of a trust, a lack of security, needing to feel safe. And coming from that place, you hardly attract any of those things. People in such states are not only easily manipulable and can be naive. It's important to be discerning of intuition vs egoic delusion.

Furthermore (while i'm at it on this topic), there is no set future. So what sign would the universe give when there are a million possibilities? There is no sign, but that which your friend creates for himself. 

Very valid points Astro, I totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing your perspective.
I'm not bothered. I wasted a lot of time with signs back when I was trying to get my ex back. He did eventually come back but I wish I hadn’t been so desperate back then. I wish the same for my friend and I’m afraid he will end up disappointed if this sign is just a coincidence. It’s genuine concern for my friend, hope that clears it. Please share your perspective.
My x and I dated and broke up four times, with one engagement break up before we married! I asked the spirits in 1996ish(I am a psychic) when if ever would we marry and heard, 2002. It was so far in the future I deemed the info irrelevent to my present! We eloped Feb 8 2002 after living in seperate states for 3 years 7 states apart.
That’s interesting, perhaps this sign was legitimately a sign then. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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