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Consider the following, this really happened yesterday:

My friend declared to the universe that before the day is done, he will hear the name of the person he will marry. 

I had no idea about this as he didn't tell me. Later that day, we were getting dinner. Conversationally, I just happened to mention to him that I had seen his ex Nicki Dean (changed her real name for anonymity) at Starbucks last week. He immediately started smiling. When I asked him why, he told me about his question to the universe and was convinced it was a sign and that he was going to marry her. 

I'm not convinced. Is this really a sign or is it a coincidence? Maybe because he still likes her, he was hoping it would be her, and the LOA answered it by making someone (me) say his name. Practically, they have been broken up for a year. I think it could be wishful thinking on his behalf, but I'm feeling pretty skeptical these days about most stuff, so I thought I would ask you.

What are your thoughts? 

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For me, I know I personally believe that people should do whatever empowers themselves and they find comfort in.  So if this is a way your friend is coping and he needs "signs" at this point in time as long as he isn't doing any harm to himself or others - I'd really suggest leaving him to it. 

Now I'd also say that rather than think you wasted time, simply recognise it was a period in which signs were useful to you.  Nothing is ever wasted in this universe ever.  We know science has proven that energy can never be destroyed, it simply changes form.  The energy you invested then hasn't disappeared or vanished, it simply changed form.  Now some say there are no such things as coincidences. 

My x and I dated and broke up four times, with one engagement break up before we married! I asked the spirits in 1996ish(I am a psychic) when if ever would we marry and heard, 2002. It was so far in the future I deemed the info irrelevent to my present! We eloped Feb 8 2002 after living in seperate states for 3 years 7 states apart.
That’s interesting, perhaps this sign was legitimately a sign then. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I had a sign not too long ago, one that REALLY tested my gratitude level. 

I was pulled over by a policeman asking if a car that was in the handicapped spot was mine, and I am EXTREMELY grateful for saying that it was not and that he let me go because of it. At first I thought it was for jaywalking. But it was not. My Gratitude level was at its EXTREME PEAK--because I did not go to jail. And I EXTREMELY care about my freedom.

This I believe is a sign because it was in the form of a test of how grateful I was supposed to be, and if I passed, and held on to my gratitude, then my manifestation would show.

That's an interesting experience, I'm glad you held on to the gratitude.


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