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Every day, I have been seeing skull signs, and they are appearing like crazy! On people's t-shirts, hats, posters, commercials, my phone, the internet, etc. One morning I woke up and it was the very first thing I saw when I turned on Google, and then the same thing happened another morning. I was also playing a video game, and 3 skeletons hung themselves.

It sounds to me like the universe is saying that my old self has been killed off and is no more. This is a very very good sign.

I even had this vision the other day multiple times:

The universe always sends me visions related to video games as well. It looks like some sort of transformation is taking place, because not too long ago, my LOA therapist said she felt some new vibration emitting from me. I wonder what this all means.

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Alright, it looks like the ship sailed with the blonde girl. Today I had visions of Jennifer that were pretty clear, plus I keep smelling perfume. I saw a box today at work that said "Future", so this could be a sign from the universe that I can fast forward to where Jennifer is. I just need to go into the script and watch the universe rotate the planets. She's very very close based on the signs I've seen so far. I really hope to God this anxiety doesn't kick in like before. I wonder if I can script this to go away.

Oh well, here we go.

Alright, I typed the paragraph, and we're all set to go.

Universe, lend me your power. Take me to the final showdown!

So after doing a little more research online, I found out that what is causing this is anxiety and fear. Some dating guides online stated that studies showed that women were not attracted to men that lacked confidence, and this ties up with Abe's emotional scale. Because fear is at the bottom of the scale, the law of attraction responds, and the connection dies. Instead of affirmations, I'm going to try scripting confidence into my mind. Since joy, happiness, and love is at the top of the emotional scale, I'm thinking these along with gratitude should be the most powerful. An advanced spiritualist on here said gratitude was one of the most powerful emotions.

After going into meditation, I was able to find out what the blockades are, and here's what I was able to pull....

- fear
- humiliation
- doubt
- anger
- rejection
- selfishness (no interest)

Use Joy/Appreciation/Empowerment/Freedom/Love

So in order to get rid of all this, I need to figure out a way I can override all this. Abe says the subconscious doesn't have anything to do with attraction, so whatever this is, it's looks like a practiced vibration that's been going on. I found the origin of all this, and it was hatred towards God and creation.....nothing but anti-feminist propaganda circulating my mind. The cause of this is what happened to me as a child, so someone had to take the blame. So now, what I have to do is script something that will override all this. Even if I script that women approach first or merge or whatever, I would still have to keep my cool during the interactions. The Friend Zone seems to take place when too much fear ends up pushing the creation away.

If this happens with the main girl in the script, I will be in deep water. Got to think of something....

I just went into meditation for 30 minutes releasing all fear and blockages, and I noticed my vibrations increased. This could be the ticket out of this.

I recently had a dream of a blonde woman with glasses that looked to be 40 that came up to me. She said she was going to help me, and take care of everything before Jennifer appeared. The name "Cassie" was given, and then this same name appeared on a commercial the following morning. She looked very intelligent, like someone that had a Ph'D and higher. Could this be the next mentor!? That name rings a bell. That was the same name of a childhood girlfriend back in grade school, and she was also blonde. This is LOA at work again.

Yes!! I'm reading another Abe book, and he says that meditation for 15 minutes a day is one of the fastest ways to help change a belief in your mind. It says that doing it for 15 minutes every day will release all fears, hatred, and other forms of resistance. It also says that things may not change right away, but more focus will take place when the negative vibration begins to occur. So I've put a card on my bed to remind myself, and now, the waiting game begins again.

I just had a vision where I pulled a gun out and shot a blonde woman several times. This symbolizes the end of the relationship of the previous blonde girl.

I was at work today, and a mature woman in her 40's stopped me. She asked what kind of shirt I had on today, and I showed her. We talked for a bit, and she was really nice. Had beautiful blue eyes, and she gave me part of her cookie. I came home and nearly broke down crying. There's a new vibration emitting from me....

"The sadness you are experiencing is a new vibration. You are starting to realize that relationships are not all sex based."

- Inner Self

So this may be one of the missing puzzle pieces that I was trying to find all these years. Relationships are based on the connection you have with the woman.

"The woman you are about to create into your experience is only a copy of the woman you were in love with in your past. She is not the original one you once knew."

- Inner Self

So this Jennifer copy that's about to appear isn't the real one I knew 15 years ago. This actually makes me feel sad knowing it's not the original one, but the purpose of the copy was to fill in that gap that was there. This is really depressing now. Whatever is about to happen, hopefully things turn out right. I'm holding back my tears, and I'm about to fucking lose it.

So I figured out what's causing the anxiety. It's a pattern of negative thoughts that enter my mind, and they always trigger the moment the woman shows any intimacy or seduction. Here are the thoughts I've identified that appear, and cause the creation to change form.

1. She has a boyfriend or a guy.

2. She just wants to be friends.

3. I'm afraid of rejection.

4. Other people are watching.

5. I'm angry at this situation.

6. I don't take interest in women.

So these are thoughts I've picked up right away that always trigger. What I need to do is put commands into the script that counter these. A belief can be changed in a nano-second, so if this is literally what is causing me to not connect with someone, then we should have the cure. Abe says changing your beliefs requires focus and practice, so I need to practice these positive thoughts.

Note to self. Script all of this to go away.

This is a wonderful video by Abraham that can help, Curing Your Insecurities and Feelings of Unworthiness:



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