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Every day, I have been seeing skull signs, and they are appearing like crazy! On people's t-shirts, hats, posters, commercials, my phone, the internet, etc. One morning I woke up and it was the very first thing I saw when I turned on Google, and then the same thing happened another morning. I was also playing a video game, and 3 skeletons hung themselves.

It sounds to me like the universe is saying that my old self has been killed off and is no more. This is a very very good sign.

I even had this vision the other day multiple times:

The universe always sends me visions related to video games as well. It looks like some sort of transformation is taking place, because not too long ago, my LOA therapist said she felt some new vibration emitting from me. I wonder what this all means.

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Very interesting. I scripted a co-worker to show interest in just one sentence, and she was hovering around me for the night on and off. I had trouble approaching, because I wasn't feeling a spark.

Scripting is working wonders. I think I'm going to pull away from the main story for now, and try shifting dimensions around. The main points of the story are taking too long, and it has already gotten boring, so it's time to change things up.

"You have to eliminate the negative beliefs that are causing resistance for women coming to you. Example is thoughts of a boyfriend or another man, just friends, living conditions, and so forth."

- Inner Self


The blonde girl has been written out of my book for hopping to another asshole at my job. I had a vision of me shooting her several times, and then I picked up an item from her corpse. The item was a photo of her smiling with her family.

"Whatever you create, you can destroy."

- Inner Self

Put another one of my co-workers into the script, and she had her hands all over me after work. She told me she was a witch, and I asked if she had a black pot and a black cat. She replied No.

So with the power of scripting, I can truly manipulate time and space. If I can just hold the seduction, I can sleep with whatever woman I desire. The law of seduction is a real law, but the law of attraction overrides it. The laws of the universe are at our hands.

"What you are doing now is not any different than what you were doing 15 years ago. It's a trained vibration you have to break. You trained your vibration to go into rage during seduction, and rage is right beside jealousy and fear."

"Seduction went through with the girl on Craigslist and your therapist. Onlys thought of the unwanted are keeping you from your desire for women."

"You are not cursed."

- Inner Self

So before and during seduction, I have to train my thoughts of what I want instead of what I don't want. I have to focus on the love aspects along with the connection with the woman. This trained vibration is just a habit that was formed, and by looking at what thoughts are causing that vibration, we can clearly tell what's going on here. Thinking all women have boyfriends or some guy is ridiculous. As far as the friend thing, that's just self doubt in general. There's more than one thought that's causing it, and I wonder if it would be easier to just focus on what is wanted during the process.

Whatever this entity was that entered my mind back in 2004 was something that wanted to see me fail. Abe doesn't believe in imposters or evil spirits, so the answer to this question is that it was a character I created out of hatred of humanity. Graysen even pointed out that his words did not match the god in the Hebrew Torah, and sounded more like fiction. Very interestingly, I started taking a look into the dark side from the Star Wars series. Yoda says fear is the path to the dark side which leads to hate and suffering. The ones who train in the dark forces also train to hate themselves. It's not too late to turn things around.

Another thing I want to mention. I don't want to spend my entire life trying to figure this out. I would like to use law of attraction to accomplish other things in life, because this woman thing has been going on for too long. This has to end!

I'm hoping another advanced spiritualist comes into my life soon to guide me. There's a way to change your beliefs in a nanosecond which includes the subconscious, but it requires some kind of focus. The question is....how?

There is a reason why the player books in the beginning didn't work, and it's because they didn't agree with my soul. Even those women that wanted FWB with me, I backed off again and again. The plan from the beginning was to find that one special person, not this sleeping around shit. I'm going to have to go back to that script and finish this story, because I came so far. If a woman knows I'm seeking a true connection, then there would be no reason for rejection.

So I just checked my diary from 2004, and it says Jennifer actually had brown hair and blue eyes. It looks like my memory is hazy with my conscious, which is normal in the human brain. But if I recall correctly, she looked a lot like the girl in this photo....

And then there's these, but they don't look as accurate....

The first one looks a lot like her, but her eyes are green, not blue.

Abe says that contrast helps us determine what we don't want so we know what we do want. Because I turned down sex to women that wanted FWB, this is a red flag that that's not working. However, this doesn't seem to be the case, because we know the real thing that's been going on is unwanted thoughts leading to the seduction cancelling. With the power of scripting and virtual reality, I can literally try 99999999 different things here. If I come off as someone seeking a connection, this might just be a way to get rid of those unwanted feelings. It's worth a shot.

So I'm reading a new law of attraction book, and this author seems pretty neat, but he focuses way too much on Bible verses. He says the mind is actually powerful enough to do anything through imagination, and I highlighted these, because they stood out. Whenever I type these stories into my script, they feel as real as if they are happening.

I entered this into my script. I feel like I'm entering cheat codes. Bye bye anxiety.

"Because he has the power to shift the universe using his mind, all women now approach him and ask for his phone number."

"Falling in love is a beautiful experience, falling out of love is a beautiful experience. It is based on contrast. How you feel."

- Inner Self

So I just entered a new scene for January 2020, and we'll see what happens. Yeah, the story really got screwed up the moment the blonde girl got deleted, because she was a key character in the last scene of Chapter 1. That could explain why my friend and I were walking around the night club, and the main girl didn't show up. That scene has been completely wiped out, and I'm going to try something else. I may have to put in my story that another advanced spiritualist comes and can tell me about focusing my thoughts. When a woman is seducing me, I will be able to stay in seduction as long as I am focused on what is wanted instead of what is unwanted. One last thing, the woman I am manifesting is only a copy of the one I knew back in 2004, so I have to be absolutely sure this is what I want, because it's not the real her.

"To find the woman of your dreams, you will have to be clear to the universe this is what you want. If your heart and mind is just on sex, then this is what you will attract."

"To get to know a woman, focus on the connection with her."

- Inner Self

This is getting deep. I'm feeling some sort of energy where I'm returning to the self I once was, not this false persona I developed.


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