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Every day, I have been seeing skull signs, and they are appearing like crazy! On people's t-shirts, hats, posters, commercials, my phone, the internet, etc. One morning I woke up and it was the very first thing I saw when I turned on Google, and then the same thing happened another morning. I was also playing a video game, and 3 skeletons hung themselves.

It sounds to me like the universe is saying that my old self has been killed off and is no more. This is a very very good sign.

I even had this vision the other day multiple times:

The universe always sends me visions related to video games as well. It looks like some sort of transformation is taking place, because not too long ago, my LOA therapist said she felt some new vibration emitting from me. I wonder what this all means.

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So I'm thinking what I am going to do at this point is insert this girl into the main character of the script, and then see what happens. As long as I'm clear to the universe, the script should go through fine. I'm paying very close attention to the way people are acting in order for me to tell what direction the script is going. The only time I've ever seen a script fail is when my vibrations are on fear/anxiety, so it's about trusting in the universe. Interestingly, she missed her alarm today when I scripted that we were going to merge together romantically.

Intense anger engulfed my body the more I thought about the blonde girl and the new co-worker. Thoughts of rejection and hypocrisy filled my mind the more I thought about the heart signs that were given. I just got done watching a music video, and I feel that there is hope. Meditation is not the only way to raise vibrations, and there are other ways. Seeing how all these women at my job looked depressed when my fear/anger pushed them away this year, I can now clearly see they are not the bad guy here. We are God in human form with the power to manipulate time and space, reaching beyond limits we thought were impossible. Not only that, but we are eternal, meaning any form of death does not end us, but only our physical bodies.

I'm going to safely say that religion and ignorance are the #1 cause for deaths and wars in this world. Man has corrupted this world with books full of lies, deceit, and hatred. This will lead man astray and into the abyss of madness, a prison in his own mind. Religion causes people to do things against their emotions, against their free will, pushing against the unwanted, and then wars start. What happened with Adolf Hitler was a prime example of this. There is no good or evil in this universe. It only exists in the mind.

I went into work today, and everyone was really quiet, not really talkative. The girl was really friendly, and she shared some mints with me. This Saturday coming up, I'm going to go ahead and script again, and this story needs to be finished. As long as I'm vibrating on the scenes and I'm at the top of the emotional scale, this will work. My previous spiritualist said to be playful with the universe, so this means to try everything. If my goal is to get married and find someone, then I have to pursue this desire until it is fulfilled. I shall have no fear for whoever wants to show me love, and I will show my gratitude in return.

It's all starting to make sense now. As a kid growing up, I used to be heavily into fiction that contained a lot of depressing scenes. These scenes also heavily focused on people falling out of love, and this went into my subconscious which explains why I've been getting flaked for years. The blockage is coming from fear/hatred of humanity, so it was clearly more than one pattern of thought that caused this. When the universe is undoing all this garbage, other thoughts and memories are being accessed. How fast this is all done is totally based on beliefs.

Beliefs can be changed within a non-second. The power to manipulate time, space, people, and objects? I fully accept this power.

Holy shit, I just wrote an insane final scene to the first episode of this script. The accuracy of this story will be based on the vibrations I'm sending out, so I just have to trust the universe here. One thing I've noticed is that anytime I script something, it typically goes through about 99% of the time, so I have to stop doubting the universe when I write these scenes. This will be a great final ending to this script, but there's more to come in Episode II. Now, we just kick back, and let the universe move everyone around.

"The women of this planet are trying to contact you."

- Inner Self

Makes sense. I can use this power to date hundreds of women.

Very very sneaky piece of shit entity. It was cancelling out my seduction with women all those years, and then using gender roles, money, and other bullshit as a cover up. It was also an imposter pretending to be God. Let the transformations begin.

"Attraction can be created, even when there's no spark"

- Inner Self

This one is actually pretty neat. I can pull any woman into seduction mode by putting her into my script. It worked on my therapist, friends, co-workers, etc. If something in my script is not working, then it means my focus is off, and the vibration doesn't have a strong enough signal.

Now, as for maintaining the seduction, this will require focus and practice. I can't be thinking thoughts such as "She has a boyfriend", "she just wants to be friends", etc. Those thoughts will cancel out the seduction, and this script will help override those thoughts.

Another thing I need to keep in mind, is that every time I write in my diary, I have to be careful with what words I use, because I've noticed they have very strong creation energy. It's actually the strongest I've seen so far as far as a process goes.

More and more memories are beginning to return. I had another vision today of a dark knight entering a village, and then murdering every woman that lived there. Women were never the enemy, and they were always my allies. Beliefs were used as a dark plot to twist things around, and to cause chaos. This led to that internet war that happened years ago.

"We all have our dark side."

- My psychic

"There is no burning lake of fire. This is a lie created by humans."

- Inner Self

Yep, this is a spirit talking to me, probably several of this planet. These memories are a collection of thoughts that caused the seduction cancelling in 2004 along with the internet war that took place.

I remember you! We met back in 2004 when all this mess started. Your days are numbered.

"He's been weakened. He's almost gone."

- My psychic


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