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Every day, I have been seeing skull signs, and they are appearing like crazy! On people's t-shirts, hats, posters, commercials, my phone, the internet, etc. One morning I woke up and it was the very first thing I saw when I turned on Google, and then the same thing happened another morning. I was also playing a video game, and 3 skeletons hung themselves.

It sounds to me like the universe is saying that my old self has been killed off and is no more. This is a very very good sign.

I even had this vision the other day multiple times:

The universe always sends me visions related to video games as well. It looks like some sort of transformation is taking place, because not too long ago, my LOA therapist said she felt some new vibration emitting from me. I wonder what this all means.

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So what I've noticed so far....

- My LOA community in real life has stated that they have noticed my vibrations have improved.

- More people are beginning to come up and speak to me.

- Noticed that women are now holding conversations with me other than ghosting.

- The script still seems to be working.

This is all very good and encouraging for you, and shows that you are aligning, and that what you are scripting is starting to manifest. Keen on reading through your script, and giving your deeper mind more and more to work on - the LOA equivalent of adding wood to a fire. 

Yep, it's working.

And yeah, I've noticed the more I read through the script, the more it helps getting it to come true. However, scripting requires emotion for things to actually work. You can't just type in a paragraph and then expect something to pop up. Doesn't exactly work like that.

Totally! In this short but magical video the great coach Amanda Marit shows you exactly how to align yourself to Romantic Love, she talk about generating feelings of love now for yourself to align with your Highest Partner :



True, but at the same time, feelings don't generally come straight away, so you have to build them up over time.  Reading through your script a few times, lets it sink into your subconscience and that has all sorts of effects.  After a few reads, it becomes more believable, and you start thinking of it as your actual reality.  The Universe responds with signs and synchronicities relating to your script, and it becomes more believable still.  As a result, you start to feel your desired reality.

It's the same with affirmations: at first, they probably won't feel very much at all, and you will probably feel like you are just repeating jumbles of words in your mind.  But with gentle persistence, your mind starts to pick up on their meaning, and you start to believe them more.  They become more acceptable to your mind (like new trainers are to your feet) and you start to have fewer doubts, more synchronicities, and more excited feelings.  

That's why I always suggest that you practice an affirmation 1000 times a day for 100 days, so that it has a chance to sink in.  At first, you are probably overriding a negative belief which you have had for decades, and may have held onto very tightly.  It will have produced your reality for a long time too, but by introducing a new one in this way, you are giving your mind chance to accept IT as true instead.

It's the same with your script, which is basically a new mental commentary which you have written up.  You may be experiencing the results of an old script which you have gone over time and again in your mind, and it will have produced negative experiences and feelings for you.  Those will be quite worn in, but by introducing something new in this way, you gradually phase out the old and phase in the new.  Feelings included.


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