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I have so much to tell you all! I haven’t been on this forum in a little while but since New Year I’ve had the most amazing things have happen to me.


Okay so first things first, at New Year I made a vision board with the below things on it:

Trip to Rome

Trip to Stonehenge.

The be an author

To be an Amazon Best Seller.

New York times best seller

Trip to Venice

Trip to New York

And to fall in love :)


As of today I have/ going to:


Trip to Rome- Visiting in April

Stonehenge:  Visiting end of the year

And yesterday my book was book was number 7 on Amazon best sellers in my books category!! Yay


But that’s not all!!!!


I couldn’t decide if I should write book 2 or write something else.  Two nights ago I saw a video on YouTube and it said you should ask the universe for a sign. The video said you should ask the universe a simple yes or no question, and that you should ask for the universe to show you something…. Something you wouldn’t normally see.


My question was: Should I write book 2?

What I wanted to see: an Owl.


So that night I had completely forgot about it and was scrolling the internet when I saw a name… Mr Owl.  I couldn’t decide if I should take this as a yes… I mean I wasn’t expecting an actual Owl but maybe a picture of one?  So I tried again. This time I asked to see a Ladybird.

I told a friend at work about it and she said “It’s not the time of year for Ladybirds.”


That night I turned on the TV and what was the first thing I saw….

 Ladybird cakes… I had to take a picture because I thought no one would believe me!! I've put the picture on a word document below.


It’s so amazing and its only February. I've attached a file below with the pictures on it.... if  you can, have a look at them!!


I just wanted to share it with everyone and to let everyone know that if you ask the universe listens

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Hi Sophia Ann!

Congratulations!!!! YAY!

I would love to hear more about your book!

Thank you!

The book is a young adult novel about fallen Angels :) ....I'm so happy that it's doing well and I totally believe it's because the law of attraction!



How wonderful!!! I believe it too! I am so excited for you!

Thank you! :) I've been trying the law of attraction for years but it's just clicking this time. And really working to


Thanks so much for sharing this ... this is  a wonderful synchronicity.. for I have been working it a while too.. and manifested many wonderful things deliberately.. but this feels like a huge breakthrough year for me as well..and now I see it is happening for you too!

Here's to more!!!!!

It's great that all of these things are starting to happen in your life now. Can I ask; have you made some changes to your thoughts and feelings of late? How have you been feeling about yourself and life? (This is probably what is 'aiding' this process).

Well… I’ve been thinking about it and there have really only been two things that I’ve changed.

One is my vision board. I’d made vision boards before but I wasn’t sure what the next step was, so I just kind of put it away and  it sat in my draw gathering dust. This time I hung it on my mirror so I see it every day when I get ready, because it was  up everyone that saw it asks me about it and what it is so I talk about it more. The more I talk about it the more excited I get. Before I wouldn’t tell anyone, I really think that made a HUGE difference.

Another thing is that I’ve relaxed a little bit and just enjoyed myself. I mean, I’m 100% happy all the time but I’m enjoying my days and laughing as much as possible :) I don’t try and control everything, which was a huge problem with me before.  I’m just going with the flow.  So you right… it really is my change in attitude :)


I meant NOT 100% happy all the time :)

Congratulations Sophia! 

Wonderful things are happening to me as well!

My goals for this year are:
-Take a foreign language course
-Get a raise
-Get my dream job

-Move in a studio apartment 
-Fall in love

The first 3 have already occurred :) I'm sure the remaining will come true as well- like you, I'm going with the knowing that it will happen and it makes me more laid back :) 

PS: Oh and I love the ladybird cakes! I've just asked the Universe to give me a sign about something- I'll keep you posted! 


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