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So I manifested something I wanted...but I have no idea how I did it! LOL

So I told the universe that I wanted a boyfriend. I wanted this to manifest before my next birthday in December. Now, here I am on November 26 and I now have the man I ordered. But here's the thing: I don't know what I did right! The thing is, I definitely think there was some desperation in my request to the universe. I reeeaaally wanted that boyfriend. But somehow I ended up getting him. So I'm curious, has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone else manifested what they wanted and then said "Crap! I wish I remembered how I did that!" So the question is: What did I do right? lol. I am certianly not complaining. I'm just curious if anyone else has ever experienced this before too.



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Yes,  I have experienced smth similar ... I will send you later this day a private message what happened :)

I manifested my three best friends in a state of complete, total desperation. I was looking everywhere, trying to find them. Then I found them. I don't know how I did it. I don't know how you did it. The universe is very puzzling. 


So what's your boyfriend like? Is he everything you asked for on your wish list? :D

Thats great ... ive also made a list to manifest my man before my birthday ... which is next week. did you make a list and stress about it all the time? and is he what you asked for :)

I've had the same experience with jobs. I got offered two jobs in a week. I was looking for a part time job everyday, I was somewhat desperate, then suddenly I got 2 calls and two job offers. I'm still trying to figure out what I did. Cause I always read to release and forget the request you put out to the Universe, don't get desperate, etc.
That's great, did you have exactly what you wanted? And if you don't remember it must be that you have asked, then let it go, not thinking about it everyday?

Yes I was boy crazy when I was young & I really wanted a boyfriend, I asked and was given only a short time, so I asked again like prayer someone who would last longer, it lasted a year, then I didn't really ask for another boyfriend, but I really did want someone who would be a partner for life, then 16yrs later am still with the man still<3

I think its the letting go which happens at the end of that desperation, when you just get so desperate, there's always an element of giving up hope/attachment..... or so I think anyway.


I've had this experience too and I think this is what it is.

I agree with you. When we get so desperate, we come to a point where we just let it go and say "I cannot do this anymore", thats the point where our manifestations come true. There is always the concept of letting go. 

Well, looks like we got a triple on this one, cause I agree with Both of you!  It's called getting out of the Universes way.  In our recognition or belief, of our utter inability to handle the situation ie desperation, we truly release it to the Universe/Source etc. and well apparently it works out.  It would almost seem to me that the Universe/Source is saying "Hey, relax  I got this and that and.." well you get the picture.  So, is it dependency or surrender? Breaking down the Ego through dependency on the Source, maybe?

This isn't necessarily all an equation but to get us to see what may be happening sometimes it helps to think in those terms. One visual way to see this is if you view it like your desire is resting on top of two stacks of bricks - one stack is how much you want the thing and the other stack is how much you believe it can happen. The closer the 2 stacks are to being equal, (therefore the more 'level' your desire would appear while resting on the two stacks)  then the easier it is to let your desire into your physical world. They don't have to be exactly level - just not way skewed.


So if what you called desperation was connected to the stack on how much you wanted your desire; and you really, really, really, really wanted a boyfriend but also really, really, really believed it was possible then it would be easier to let into your physical experience. Now, if you really, really, really wanted a boyfriend but didn't really, really, really believe it was possible then acquiring that in the physical world would depend on how much resistance blanketed that act of non-believing. Non-believing itself causes resistance but there can be additional factors that soften it. See below:


(i.e.) 1. "I don't believe this can happen but I also don't care that much if it doesn't happen" = not that much resistance. 2. "I don't believe this can happen but I also know that LOA can provide me with things I don't really believe can logically happen" = some resistance. 3. "I don't believe this can happen and WTF I'm tired of caring = sometimes a release in resistance, depending on where you started from and what this thought feels like to you. 4. "I don't believe this can happen and my life will be miserable because I won't ever have it" = LOTS of resistance.


I went up for a job once that I 1) wanted because it was in the field that I was studying my masters in but also 2) didn't want it because if I got it I might have to pay back my student loan from the establishment where I was presently working. I was excited for the interview, but really didn't care if I got it because of #2. During the course of the interview, I felt it was not going well at all. I had to answer that I had no experience in a few of the key areas they were asking about, the dean of the department did not seem excited about me, the interview lasted only 20 minutes. While I was there, I didn't necessarily feel like I had the job, but I did do some visualizing of me in that area, working. The visualizing felt fairly natural to do. When I left the interview I got myself a starbucks coffee to cheer me up and went home and took a nap thinking I didn't get it. The next day I got a call that I did have it.


This was such a mixed bag of tricks as for how I allowed it into my physical experience I really had to take a close look at what I was resisting and what I was allowing. All in all - there must have been more allowance than resistance, but it wasn't all related to thinking I was awesome and everything I wanted was possible. It seemed to be more related to having a general excitement for it, no need for it, easily letting go of it, yet spending some time visualizing it and having that feel natural.


Some of the neglected concepts around LOA I think are how easy/natural does it feel for you to have the thing you want. I didn't think I was going to get the job based on the behavior exhibited by those in the interview, but the having of it didn't feel unreachable to me. (Only the having of it in light of my perception of my performance on the interview, did.)


I know I've gone way outside of what you asked. But it just sparked a thought.

Very analytic way! It seemed I was reading my thoughts! I tend to analyse my successes in a very precise way too but the fact is they are already realised that's what important. I agree with you, it's all about a natural easiness in acquiring things like you said you had felt when you vizualised yourself working there. By the way, congratulations! ;)

My guess to this is that the feeling point was good enough to attract him in, but sometimes this can be a very unconscious thing. I have had the experience before, in which I am not doing anything in particular (affirming, visualising etc) but I am just 'sort of feeling good about life.' Something positive has happened, I have reacted positively to it, it then attracts something else in, and before I know it, my feeling point has gone up and I have momentum.

I am guessing that this boyfriend has been attracted by a general good feeling point. If you want a new boyfriend, girlfriend, or just friend, it always helps to cultivate a feeling in which you feel good about your life now, and the way it is going. Then you attract something and someone who will 'help' it to expand and improve further.


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