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I clearly believe in the power of LOA and also i believe that i deserve all the good in the world and in every sphere of my life ..now what would happen if
1.I feel that it should all come naturally to me and i shouldnt have to work for it
2.If someone has hurt me my heart and mind says they need to understand that first,feel remorse ,only then will i feel good and maybe be able to manifest what i want bcoz it would then mean that both of us are on the same page and maybe energetically alligned to the same cause..

Could these be the reasons my LOA isnt working

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Any suggestions?

You cant control other people. You have to control your own thoughts and feelings irregardless of what anyone else is doing. If you need an apology before you can feel good, you give up your own power. You need to focus on you not them. You can feel good no matter what. It's just a matter of focus.

Your LOA IS working, but you're trying to create from where you already ARE rather than from where you want to BE. Creating from where you ARE perpetuates where you ARE. Creating from where you WANT TO BE, creates change.

Your only WORK is to get yourself into the perspective of where you want to BE.

How? By dropping where you ARE. Drop your self-image. It is not who you are. It is the perpetuator of the life you do not want. Then, either create a NEW self-image, or live without one - that is, be who you really are - consciousness: the observer.

How do you create a new self-image? By going into your imagination and BEING the self that you want to be. Thrive in your imaginings and then when you step back into your life, see it from the viewpoint of the creator - see life as a painter sees his paintings, as an architect sees her structures. Know that the weeds you miscreated from your old perspective will uproot themselves as the fruits of your new perspective begin to bud.

When you KNOW that you create your life experience you stop blaming, complaining, criticising, judging and doubting.

Couldn't agree more! You gotta get outside the program in order to rearrange the content! Super ... Consciousness indeed! ;)
How does one do that..if something is important for me that i am using LOA for it,how can i make it less important,as in consider it to be not a big deal...are there any techniques for this..also i have noticed for the first 2-3 days folowing LOA is sort of ok,but if you have to keep at it for a particular thing it starts gwtting frustating,because you want LOA TO WORK FOR YOU FAST ENOUGH..how does one still keep their morale and focus..

 Just in case: LOA is not a technique, but an universal law. This law is ruling all the time, it does not matter if you know about it or not, or believe it or not. We can not "apply" or "follow" it, because it (the Law) is, and always will be ruling. I'll dare to say that, instead of "using LOA" we  are BEING ISED by it.  

 So, as Consciousness  says:

 "Your LOA IS working, but you're trying to create from where you already ARE rather than from where you want to BE. Creating from where you ARE perpetuates where you ARE. Creating from where you WANT TO BE, creates change."


Exactly Daniel!

Hi Aanchal! 

Consciousness wrote:

"Your only WORK is to get yourself into the perspective of where you want to BE.

How? By dropping where you ARE. Drop your self-image. It is not who you are. It is the perpetuator of the life you do not want."

..But really, how to do this? Well, maybe you need to,  'get out of your own way', as Abraham Hicks would suggest,(and Einstein too as Daniel points out!),  but better than that, it might be worth while to Break The Habit of Being Yourself completely! See what Joe Dispenza has to say about this, it may resonate with you!

I like 'Break the habit of being yourself' - perfect, Cosmic.

Without God, you can do nothing. In other words, outside of your imagination, you have no free will. You only have control over your moods, and your moods are forks in the road of your destiny.

Is your mood - right now - taking you down a path of perpetuation, or creation?

If you notice your mood is unpleasant, then know this - you are creating more to feel unpleasant about. That should be enough to change your perspective, and then let Consciousness do its work - while you get out of its way and enjoy the scenery currently around you - the shadow of yesterday's moods.

The LOA is your builder. Your imagination is your architect. If you want to change what is being built, speak to your architect in imagination, and speak in her language - of emotionalised imagery - and she will pass it on to the builders.

Also, you must TRUST your architect and builders, and leave them alone to get on with their work, or your interference will spill coffee all over the blueprints they are working from.

In reply to a private message asking how one does this...


It seems very complicated, doesn’t it? But when you ‘get it’ you realise it was very simple all along.


I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know, but I’ll try and put it in a different way…


You want to create your own reality, right? You want to use the power of faith and imagination to change how your life is playing out.


BUT you are trying to CREATE from where you are now – that is, from a place of doubt in what you want to do (create). If you doubt you can create, you cannot create. Doubt just perpetuates the status quo (keeps the same plates spinning – the same events, people and circumstances in our lives).


Some say we are always creating with the Law of Attraction, but most are not. Most of us are just perpetuating what already is. We are not adding new plates to the poles, we are just spinning the old plates. This is great when we have everything we want in life, but to create something new you must go to the drawing board (imagination) and have faith in your builders (the Law of Attraction).


Imagination is the place where you go to think, create little scenarios, talk to yourself, judge others, and daydream. But what we have all forgotten is that our imagination is really the ‘board room’ of our subconscious mind. When we think, image, daydream, criticise, etc, we are giving instructions to our subconscious mind.


THIS is what you must believe. You must believe that you are talking – not to yourself, but to the creator of your life, when you dwell in imagination.


When you believe this, you have moved your perspective from that of someone who doubts they can create, to someone who knows they can create.


You will know that you believe it when you start being very careful about what you think about. And you will dedicate time every morning and evening to enjoy stepping into the board room and meeting with your subconscious mind as you imagine yourself living the life you want – KNOWING that you have just created or updated the blueprint of your future.


Obviously, you already know that how you FEEL is the language of your subconscious mind, and your feelings translate your thoughts so that your mind can understand them and take them on board. Thoughts that are felt become beliefs.


You are the captain of your own great ocean liner, not a cork in the ocean. But in order to sail your ship, you must believe you have a ship, and you must trust your crew to get on with the job once you have told them where you want to go.


  1. Stop thinking like someone who is not responsible for everything that happens to them, and start thinking like a powerful creator – believe in your own innate power to create. (This is man’s highest achievement, for it changes him from man to master).

  2. Live by your new perspective, every minute. Everything that happens around you is under your control. Do not see the world as being ‘real’ but as a shadow of your yesterday’s thoughts. Let go of your self-image and dwell in the True reality – your imagination.

  3. Visualise to create new experiences, as often as feels good – and ENJOY these meetings with your subconscious mind, because thought + feeling = command (good or bad).

  4. Be careful of your moods, for they are paving the path to your future, every waking minute of every day.

  5. You have no free will outside of your imagination, other than how you feel, so choose to feel good. Just knowing this should be enough to motivate a good vibe. There is nothing else you need to do because there is nothing else you CAN do. Relax in this knowledge.

  6. Again, do not judge what is around you, just know it is past creation, or perpetuation, and that your new perspective will create a new future. Enjoy the weeds and the flowers.

  7. Just get on with your life, and expect change (Faith). You don’t need to do anything because anything you need to do will be done through inspiration through you. You are a vessel for consciousness. Chill.

  8. And remember, YOU get what you wish for OTHERS. There are no others.


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