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Hey there!
Wish you could help me please...

All this year, i've been trying to manifest money. I've been facing different thinking habits, that I didn't noticed before.

First, late payments
Right now I have a problem with some late payments from a client. This company owes me about $4,000 usd (it's about 13,000 units of my local currency value).

I don't know how I'm I attracting this problem. Some months ago, they we're fixing it, but now they are getting late with payments again. And it makes me feel fear of having more problems or even losing that money. If that happens, i'll feel really bad with myself, for feeling myself kinda "victim" of the company's abuse or bad administration.

I have taken actions in this circumstance, talking directy with the CEO,suspending my work 'til getting paid, but i still have this fear that the company may not consider me.

Anyway, i keep trying to focus in abundance and gratitud, but this fear bothers me

Second, checking bank account constantly
I have the habit of taking control of my budgets.
I have an finances app in my phone wich sets budgets for every kind of expense, I also like to save money in a sepparate bank account, etc.

But I don't know if this is bad for my visualization purpose,
Because it constantly makes me think of the "actual" and "inmediate" quantity of money in my account (wich is less than my goal), so it's hard to believe or pretend that I have more.

In this case, would it be better to visualize the money I want, in a different bank or account I use less?
Or even decrease the habit of budget control?


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“I've been trying to manifest money.”

Your work is to manifest alignment regardless of the conditions. And then you allow the money.

But if you’re trying to manifest money, you can get sidetracked and forget about unconditional alignment, and then you offer resistance to the abundance you want.

“I have a problem with some late payments from a client.”
“I don't know how I'm I attracting this problem.”

Look at your first sentence. That’s the story you tell about that client, so that is what you attract.

The fear is guidance from your emotional guidance system that you are thinking thoughts Source is not. You are focused on the lack of abundance than the presence of it. And that’s alright. But your work is not with money, it’s with soothing yourself and feeling relief to help get you back into alignment with who you really are.

Thank you so much, Brian.

Can you please, give some tips, on how to avoid focusing in manifestation, and instead, generate the unconditional alignment? Some times it turns hard to me

First, meditation. Meditating in the morning for fifteen minutes can help you get into alignment, and makes it easier to be unconditional throughout the day.

Why do you want the manifestation? Why do you want money? What emotions do you want to feel?

For example, “I want to feel supported. I want to feel taken care of. I want to feel loved. I want to feel accepted. I want to feel secure. I want to have fun. I want to feel abundant. I want to feel freedom. I want to feel ease and flow.”

At the the core of everything is your relationship with yourself. You want to focus more on being nicer to yourself. Don’t be so quick to judge yourself for what you perceive and a mistake. For all you know it’s just what you needed to help propel you into more clarity of what you want. Compliment yourself more. Write more lists of positive aspects about yourself and your life. Tell yourself you’re handsome when you walk by a mirror. Look at how beautiful your eyes are. When you walk by roses, literally stop for five to ten seconds and take a whiff. Smell ‘em. Take your time to enjoy more of the things in your life right now. That puts you into the now allowing state to be receptive to the money and everything else you want.

Your reply is not only helpful, but is also really inspring. Lot of thanks to you Brian, thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. Blessings for you

Hi Daniel ~ 

First of all, I want to remind you that you are someone who has the prosperity to set and meet budgets, and check accounts (which you have) electronically.  You have clients that value and respect your efforts.  These are blessings!  Notice them first -- than allow yourself to build on them. 

You've noticed that having a client that pays late doesn't feel in alignment with your current manifestation desires -- but you are giving this client a great deal of attention.  What you focus on creates more of the same -- time to break free of this pattern...  What do like about this client?  Did they ever pay on time?  Are their late payments a temporary thing, or it is constant?  If temporary, then negotiate an honoring "work suspension" until their cash flow issues resolve themselves.  If permanent, focus on attracting clients that can pay you in a timely way, and let go of those who cannot.  You deserve to be compensated for your offering! 

As you shift focus from "lack" into the places where prosperity flows more easily, this concern will naturally fall right out of your life.  About checking the bank account -- when you do, do you send a little love and gratitude to whatever you find there, and allow it to wax / wane, knowing that it's supporting you well?  If so, check away.  Notice how your current prosperity blesses you -- and even if you have to write off the $4K energetically (even actually), know that this gift will return to you ten-fold, when you allow yourself to notice the prospective clients around you that can actually pay you on time.   Call for timely-paying clients, and watch them show up for you!

Wishing you continued blessings!

- terri

Author of "Blessed-n-Lucky: Become a King or Queen of Manifestation"

All of these behaviours stem from a fear of scarcity and of not having enough.  They are all a product of the fears, and until you release these fears, you will always have the outcomes of them. Once you start releasing the fears, you will start releasing the products of them.  So start by affirming I RELEASE ALL FEAR and make it your main mantra.  Then add thoughts such as I ALWAYS HAVE ENOUGH, I AM VERY WELL OFF and so on. 


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