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Someone please help. I am going crazy, and am starting to lose it.

Alright, to make a long story short, I have been having an issue where I've been experiencing women manifesting from my past. There's a "misfire" during the attraction/escalation process, I end up being single again, and this process repeats. This has happened non-stop for about 3 years, and I am really starting to lose it. I don't know how much more I can take, and it needs to stop. I have spent countless hours day and night all these years doing research, and this continues to happen. I have literally tried everything I can think of, and I don't know what else to do. On top of all this, I haven't had any close friends to talk to all these years, only acquaintances. I am starting to lose hope.

I was on this forum a month ago and decided to take a break, but also decided to come back since I feel like I am out of options. I have been to two therapists already, and they don't know what the problem is, because this is a paranormal experience. I feel like I'm going to have to talk to someone face to face that has studied some form of spirituality for years that can break this cycle that is repeating. I'm getting ready to contact a local Rabbi in my area since I feel like that may be a stepping stone until I can get to someone in the United States that is very experienced with the law of attraction. I've already signed up with an Abraham Hicks Workshop in Chicago, but that's not until August.

The previous person on this forum had a very long talk with me for over a month, and told me to change my emotions and thoughts to get this to stop. I have already tried this and it's not working. I have tried shutting the spiritual door on this whole thing, and then it opens back up, because the emotions are way too strong. They kick in, a thought follows, and then BAM, a ghost/doppelganger spawns in front of me, and the process repeats. These women spawning in order over the years are happening in a time travel format. I just had another experience the other day, and I think this was the worst of the worst. This "ghost" that appeared was a woman that sent me an e-mail, and her photograph looked identical to a woman I knew 12 years ago, but appeared to look different in person. When I felt the "in love process" take place with butterflies followed by a tight knot in my stomach over 2 days, I cried on my bed for hours.

Whenever I pray to the creator for an answer, he only answers in riddles. He never gives me a clear cut and dry answer to get this whole process to stop. One of the last two clues he gave me over the past two months is when I saw the words "THINK" on a bus that appeared in front of me when I asked him how to stop this whole mess, and then another clue he said was "If you go through life believing you need a woman, this will forever be your chains and shackles". I'm getting to the point I will even spend money on plane tickets to another country to someone in the world that can help me with this. One way or another, I have to make this stop. I am determined, and do not want to give up. It's 3AM right now, and I'm trying to fall back asleep. Thank you.

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Great one, thank you for sharing*****

here are some words from that truly great author:

Let s get clear on something: most people are occupied with getting what they want because they believe that the attainment of those outer things (which may include the acquisition of material wealth, relationships, career goals, etc.) will lead them to the love, fulfillment, and happiness that they seek. And, on one level, it does yet on a more fundamental level, it does not. One s true being which is the true source of one s happiness and what everyone seeks,  without even knowing it is not something which can be gained or attracted since it is the essence of one s beingness. It is never lost, so how can there be talk of attracting it? Thus, the whole Law of Attraction becomes moot when you realize the truth of your own being: there is no need to try and attract anything because the wonder of your own aliveness draws everything to you nay, you realize that you are the creative center of your own life and your joy and fullness overflow into wonder.

here you can read the full article if you want, it's awesome!!!:


"It's your mentality that is causing the misfires."

Looks like I found the magic key I've been spending years searching for.

“Everything in this universe has law and order. We have one moon, one sun, two genders, etc. I understand what you mean by believing anything is possible, but you have to understand whatever we do has to be in harmony with the natural world.”

Whilst this is somewhat true, its important to look at the statement in greater depth. So whilst we have one moon, one sun, etc these are all things that support us and our well being. So if for example, you take the law of gravity right – I mean we all know that well. Yet there are many places where the law of gravity doesn’t exist. I spoke about this yesterday as it got me really thinking as the program showed on TV that there is a hill in Italy for example, where children play and they showed footage where they were in the middle of the hill (not at the top or bottom) and they threw a tennis ball. Now according to gravity it should roll down the hill – but it didn’t it rolled up the hill. Likewise it showed kids playing and they were rolling up the hill without effort at all. It looked amazing. The program also detailed there were many places with such similar circumstances where the gravitational pull just doesn’t work as it should.

“When I manifest women based on women from the past, do you know what the universe is giving me? Memories, and that's all it is. Notice how the recent woman in the photographs is the same person, and my infatuation with her disappeared on the sole fact that she did not resemble the same memory in the 2nd picture. Guess what? The tattoo on her left arm was a temporary one, and a woman can always grow her hair back. If I had not been so obsessed about this, there wouldn't have been a misfire, because it was the same exact woman the whole time. I know what the universe is trying to show me, and the answer is obviously clear this is nothing but idolatry and obsession.”

Okay so manifestation means “how something shows up”. So you didn’t manifest this you created it. There is subtle but distinct difference here. Likewise its not a misfire, per se. To keep labelling it as such is disempowering to you. Really. Recognise that you created this whole thing and then you can create something different. To label it as a misfire is judging what you have created as not being sufficient or enough.

“You know what this all is? It is selfishness. First off, we cannot manifest an original person we once knew long ago to come back to us, and we can only manifest people that have similar resemblances. How do I know this? It is law and order. Second, it is very selfish to attract a person to play as a puppet to serve a desire of another person from long ago. Like you said, time loops/travel don't exist in the natural world.”

Okay well to some degree this may be true for you. To take your second point though you need to look wider. If a person wishes to play as a puppet to serve the desire of another person – then is it really selfish? Not really at all. In fact, its creating harmony and joy and fulfilling the desires of two people. That’s something to be celebrated. Would it work for everyone – No of course not, but it may work for some, and if it does – then good for them.

“The universe/creator is allowing all these misfires, because he's showing me that I am too hung up on memories, and too hung up on the past. All these law of attraction teachings state we get what we ask for, and I'm just going to say this....”

No – you are CREATOR. The Creator would never judge anything you create. It wants you to be in absolute joy. It wouldn’t use the label “misfire” because it has joy in that you create”. You are in essence part of the creators creation. He’s showing you that you are too hung up on memories – maybe so. The law of attraction teachings state we get what we ask for – well you are misguided here. We get what we vibrate at. We magnetise that to us. When you reread the books you will understand this concept more. We are constantly producing signals to the universe through our spoken thoughts, our unspoken thoughts and emotions – the sad thing is that most of the time these are on different things and opposites and so this creates a confusing signal to the universe.

“There is a reason why this is happening. When I get these women from the past to manifest, I'm putting my entire heart into it, so there should be NO reason all of them have ended up in misfires with no connection. This is more than vibrations, or some crazy theory about X, Y, and Z. This is a life lesson. If I walk into a restaurant to order a hamburger that's no longer on the menu and the waiter brings back a photograph instead of the actual burger, then I know something is wrong.”

You created these women for a reason. You say you are putting your entire heart into it – that may be so. However they are not MISFIRES. Its really not about theories or “just crazy” vibrations. Its about the signals you are sending ot the universe 24/7.



You have a great way of explaining and clearing stuff.

I would just like to add something which in my opinion might help him understand you better.


Like Graysen said, there is no one other than us creating or manifesting our life.

Even when we don’t think/ believe/ recognize that it is us , it is still just us. The reason we cannot identify it is because these patterns are in the subconscious mind. They are hard to notice and much harder to accept. 

If one of my close friends had the same problem as you,I would say that you have conditioned yourself to expect drama and complications in relationships. I was one such person although my friends would think I am positive and rational . I have had amazing friendships but as soon as I converted it into a romantic relationship things would go crazy. I asked myself where it all came from. I had to dig into my past memories . My only memories regarding romance were sad romantic drama movies and sad love songs that I spent countless hours entertaining myself with as a child and teenager. I don’t recall having thoughts of harmonious healthy relationships . I have completely stopped listening to these songs or watching such movies. It was difficult. I also catch myself when I automatically drift into imagining fights or drama . I try to consciously think thoughts of harmonious relationships and redefine romance as something positive,uplifting,fulfilling, blissful and easy. It felt soooo boring and fake at first to even imagine a healthy relationship . But I can tell I am making progress. 

I am not 100% sure if this is the case with you, but if it resonates with you then you got something to think about . 

I can tell that you are making a lot of progress in a short time with all the intense questioning .

All the best !

Nailed it.

The creator (voice in my head) said he was ALLOWING these creations of flaky women, because my emotions and thoughts were too hung up on the past. The answer here has already been given, I just didn't have the mental strength to pull it off. You can't just tell a person to change their beliefs like a light switch. The Abe book even states that changing your beliefs requires focus and practice. It's like telling an alcoholic to quit obsessively drinking in a few months when he has done it for 15 years. Him quitting in a few months (or days) is not impossible, it's just based on how strong his beliefs are that he can pull it off. Stephanie even pointed out that it was resistance that was causing all of this.

So if my thoughts and emotions were way too hung up on women of the past, what do you think the universe is going to put in front of me? You have to have strong emotions and thoughts to prevent repeated manifestations from appearing. It's like these two guys I knew who kept attracting one night stands, and this was because it was their mentality, meaning their thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, etc.

You are going to the Abe workshop in August right - a lot of the info will become easier for you to understand after this. At the moment your mind is  closed off. You can’t see a lot of the info above for some reason or understand it at present.

Which is why I'm going through a hard copy of the book again, and I'm going to highlight any text that looks important.

As for the Abe workshop, one of the reasons why I signed up for it was to get a hold of the writers of the book.

No because that’s going to reinforce your conclusions. How about instead you read the basic text three times before highlighting anything - but after you have read you start the processes before you reread and highlight anything. You make a lot of conclusions and then seek to validate them and then you get tied up because you miss a lot of information in your quest to validate things. Remember I told you that you could read that book a hundred times and learn something new - but you have to actually do the processes for the info to make sense. You read the book once you said and never did any of the processes so none of the information became knowledge or experience at all. It’s great you are going to an Abe workshop but if you really want to get benefit having tried the processes first will give you experience that you can clarify and ask questions about so you get most value for your money.


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