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Someone please help. I am going crazy, and am starting to lose it.

Alright, to make a long story short, I have been having an issue where I've been experiencing women manifesting from my past. There's a "misfire" during the attraction/escalation process, I end up being single again, and this process repeats. This has happened non-stop for about 3 years, and I am really starting to lose it. I don't know how much more I can take, and it needs to stop. I have spent countless hours day and night all these years doing research, and this continues to happen. I have literally tried everything I can think of, and I don't know what else to do. On top of all this, I haven't had any close friends to talk to all these years, only acquaintances. I am starting to lose hope.

I was on this forum a month ago and decided to take a break, but also decided to come back since I feel like I am out of options. I have been to two therapists already, and they don't know what the problem is, because this is a paranormal experience. I feel like I'm going to have to talk to someone face to face that has studied some form of spirituality for years that can break this cycle that is repeating. I'm getting ready to contact a local Rabbi in my area since I feel like that may be a stepping stone until I can get to someone in the United States that is very experienced with the law of attraction. I've already signed up with an Abraham Hicks Workshop in Chicago, but that's not until August.

The previous person on this forum had a very long talk with me for over a month, and told me to change my emotions and thoughts to get this to stop. I have already tried this and it's not working. I have tried shutting the spiritual door on this whole thing, and then it opens back up, because the emotions are way too strong. They kick in, a thought follows, and then BAM, a ghost/doppelganger spawns in front of me, and the process repeats. These women spawning in order over the years are happening in a time travel format. I just had another experience the other day, and I think this was the worst of the worst. This "ghost" that appeared was a woman that sent me an e-mail, and her photograph looked identical to a woman I knew 12 years ago, but appeared to look different in person. When I felt the "in love process" take place with butterflies followed by a tight knot in my stomach over 2 days, I cried on my bed for hours.

Whenever I pray to the creator for an answer, he only answers in riddles. He never gives me a clear cut and dry answer to get this whole process to stop. One of the last two clues he gave me over the past two months is when I saw the words "THINK" on a bus that appeared in front of me when I asked him how to stop this whole mess, and then another clue he said was "If you go through life believing you need a woman, this will forever be your chains and shackles". I'm getting to the point I will even spend money on plane tickets to another country to someone in the world that can help me with this. One way or another, I have to make this stop. I am determined, and do not want to give up. It's 3AM right now, and I'm trying to fall back asleep. Thank you.

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"No – you are CREATOR. The Creator would never judge anything you create. It wants you to be in absolute joy. It wouldn’t use the label “misfire” because it has joy in that you create”. You are in essence part of the creators creation. He’s showing you that you are too hung up on memories – maybe so. The law of attraction teachings state we get what we ask for – well you are misguided here. We get what we vibrate at. We magnetise that to us. When you reread the books you will understand this concept more. We are constantly producing signals to the universe through our spoken thoughts, our unspoken thoughts and emotions – the sad thing is that most of the time these are on different things and opposites and so this creates a confusing signal to the universe."


Do you remember a while back where you broke me out of that delusional world I was in temporarily? When I tried closing the door on the next woman I had a memory of, I had a vision of the door slowly opening back up. I tried to close it, but my emotions were fighting it, and no matter how hard I pushed the door closed, it was forcing its way back open. I then had a vision of a hand that appeared out of a dark portal, and he placed it over my heart. The creator (voice in my head) said he was allowing the manifestation, because I was still too hung up on memories from the past. A box on the conveyor belt appeared that looked just like the girl, and she appeared the next day.

See? If you have strong emotions and thoughts about something, it's going to manifest even if you don't want it to appear. One way to counter this is to change your thoughts and emotions, but that may not be easy to do.

"You created these women for a reason. You say you are putting your entire heart into it – that may be so. However they are not MISFIRES. Its really not about theories or “just crazy” vibrations. Its about the signals you are sending ot the universe 24/7."

Exactly, the SIGNALS that were emitting from my head were deep rooted emotions and thoughts related to the past. Again, "misfire" is just a term I'm using for attraction/escalation failure. I'm trying to explain this as clear as I can. All these women flaking were creations that mirrored events of the past due to deep rooted negative emotions and thoughts.

"Whilst this is somewhat true, its important to look at the statement in greater depth. So whilst we have one moon, one sun, etc these are all things that support us and our well being. So if for example, you take the law of gravity right – I mean we all know that well. Yet there are many places where the law of gravity doesn’t exist. I spoke about this yesterday as it got me really thinking as the program showed on TV that there is a hill in Italy for example, where children play and they showed footage where they were in the middle of the hill (not at the top or bottom) and they threw a tennis ball. Now according to gravity it should roll down the hill – but it didn’t it rolled up the hill. Likewise it showed kids playing and they were rolling up the hill without effort at all. It looked amazing. The program also detailed there were many places with such similar circumstances where the gravitational pull just doesn’t work as it should."

There is a difference between manipulating universal law, and changing universal law. Yes, I know about some places on planet earth where gravity is different compared to other places, because this is based on some sort of geographical explanation. Even though we can go to places like this, or make air machines to allow us to fly in the air, gravity still exists as an element in this universe. I cannot make all gravity cease to exist unless I have created some delusional mentality where this is a belief.

"Okay so manifestation means “how something shows up”. So you didn’t manifest this you created it. There is subtle but distinct difference here. Likewise its not a misfire, per se. To keep labelling it as such is disempowering to you. Really. Recognise that you created this whole thing and then you can create something different. To label it as a misfire is judging what you have created as not being sufficient or enough."

"Misfire" is just a term I'm using where attraction builds up during an encounter with a woman, but then quickly dies within some time frame when she appears. I asked the creator why this kept happening, and he said it was my mentality that has been causing this for the past 3 years. If you remember a while back, I posted an article in my other thread where a woman stated that positive thoughts alone were not enough to change a person's core beliefs. Actually, here it is! I've posted the URL below, and I'm even going to bold what she said, because it clearly explains what is going on here:


"Programming your thoughts to attract experiences into your life does not work on its own. It is because thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg of your attraction power. Much more important ingredients in this mix are your feelings, your beliefs and values (deep-rooted thought patterns), and your behavior. Thoughts don’t operate in a vacuum, that’s why changing them alone only brings marginally better experiences, and only while we are fully committed to controlling our thoughts day by day.

So if you look to change your life by just repeating positive affirmations every day, it won’t work. Not until your whole ‘iceberg’ changes its composition. Trying to influence your thoughts while you are feeling completely opposite – is like building a house without foundations. It will stand for a while, even look good from the outside, but will crumble down at the first opportunity.

Let me give you an example: you tell yourself every day in front of the mirror how beautiful, interesting, smart and attractive you are. You feel good for at that moment, but then you go out to a party and nobody notices you, nobody approaches you, nobody responds. This is because deep down you don’t really believe all those things you are trying to think about yourself. You feel completely the opposite, and no amount of positive thoughts will change that until you address the problem on a deeper level."

So what she is saying is that if a person has deep rooted negative thoughts and emotions about something, then thinking positive will not work until the CORE is fixed, which is the person's belief. Her article literally hit the nail on the head, and it has literally all the proof of what has been happening for the past several years. I'm even going to note down pieces of evidence here to claim this further.

Evidence #1: When I was involved in that crazy cult 12 years ago, women were trying to establish a connection with me, and I wasn't allowing it to happen. This put me in a state of suicidal tendencies at one point in my life, and I even developed autism, bi-polar, retardation, and a ton of other mental illnesses. I was a walking vegeteble for years, and if any person wants to know what hell feels like, that was it. I looked at people as objects, couldn't read body language, had a split personality, and the list goes on. When I began to "backtrack" back to my normal self following the spiritual energy, Yahowah cured all my mental illnesses.

Evidence #2: Every single woman I encountered was not only a memory of someone from the past, but the woman also brought situations that mirrored the past. History completely repeated itself. The women either had the same names, same looks, and not only that, but there were "misfires" associated with these women. This is heavy evidence to the author about what she means by "deep rooted" patterns in a person's belief.

Evidence #3: Every woman I have encountered over the past 3 years has showed signs that the situation is getting better instead of worse. When this girl brought me a gift along with a drink at the coffee shop, these are very strong signs this whole thing has pretty much blown over.

So to sum this whole thing up as to why these infatuations/connections die after I encounter a woman, this has to do with deep rooted negative beliefs that have sat in my head over the years. Going through all these women was "un-programming" that had to be done in order to change my core beliefs. In other words, the damage that cult did was so severe to my mind that my mind went on auto pilot where it was creating situations where the girl would flake out. The creator even said he was repairing my mentality so the auto pilot issue of creating situations where women would flake would completely go away.

Graysen, I'm a little confused about this article:


It says this:

"We have not been finding the attachment in lay people who receive ThetaHealing but only in the practitioners. If you want to learn ThetaHealing practitioner techniques, read below BUT be sure instead of calling on Creator that you instead call on God, Universal Chi or some other benevolent force to assist you."

How is "Creator" different from "God" or "Universal Chi?" When I call upon the creator, I'm referring to the creator of the universe, also known as "the most high" and "higher power".

Also, I don't know anything about this ThetaHealing. My teachings came from a teacher that studies the Hebrew Torah.

The reason I forwarded you that link was to simply show you one known example of contacting an entity with name ‘Creator’ that is different from God. You see we are all part of Creator or Source and there are many ways of making contact with it. However real Creator will never judge you or belittle you or say you are wrong as you have indicated. Theta Healing uses a term Creator which they teach is God or the source but as that link shares that person didn’t experience God. Theta Healing isn’t the only modality that uses the term - there are hundreds. So it’s just ax example to illustrate. So it’s more to illustrate to check in with the information you are given. God will never judge you or say you are wrong - God is 100% love - always has been and always will be.

I'm going to have to disagree with this, because it's based on the person's mentality as to what the "source" is that they are praying to. For example, I used to use the word "Father" in the past, but I don't use it anymore, because it sounds too Christian/Messianic. "God" sounds way too generic, because there are millions of gods that exist. If I recall correctly, my Torah teacher doesn't even use "Creator". He uses "Yahowah" and "the most high." The word "Creator" is coming from my mom that started using it first, and then it just rubbed off on me. The Secret series even says it doesn't matter what religion or faith you are, and what matters is that you have some sort of belief (AKA: belief system).

"God will never judge you or say you are wrong."

About a year and a half ago when I had another negative experience. He told me

"The reason why this is happening to you is because of what you did."

Even though it is judgement, there is truth behind it. The Secret's Hero book teaches that karma can return to bite us back if we do horrible things to people. Now I know things like "horrible" is just a human perception, but if we're doing something to someone else and we have emotions that make us feel that way, then it means we're not supposed to be doing it.

So how come you think there are millions of Gods and only one creator out of interest? In essence we are all creators? Anyone who has a child is a creator? There are many hundreds of people who have created connection with a Creator and they aren’t all the same which is what I was illustrating to you. You need to reread both Secret and Hero because you have reached a conclusion here that is incorrect and that is something you do a lot I have noticed in that you read parts - form a conclusion and then try to justify it and miss a lot of other information. You have done the same with nearly every message I post. I even attempted to give you partial responses that were separated and you have done that again.

Like I said, things like "God", "Creator" and "Father" is based on the person's mentality.

What conclusion is incorrect?

You need real life support. You mentioned one time about a Ravi - did you ever go? It may be good to go regularly to see him for support whilst you are going through these. Real support is great and will definitely help!

Who is Ravi?

Sorry autocorrect meant Rabi you mentioned that you had spoken to a Rabi previously 

As of right now, I don't think I need a Rabbi.

I'm going through the Abe book again, and wow, I think I've unlocked the puzzle as to why this has been happening all these years.

The book is saying that it is our vibrations that causes things to manifest before us. This is what the creator meant when he said he was allowing the creations of those women of the past to manifest. They're not really "misfires", they are creations.

So in other words, because my guilt of what happened in the past was so severe, Yahowah was bringing these negative manifestations due to the frequency I was giving off. Even if we have a thought and emotion that is unwanted, the universe STILL has to bring that manifestation. This is why Karma is a serious thing, and not to be played with.

So the reason why I wasn't able to create a situation where I could have a wife all this time is because my emotions were too caught up with women of the past. This is why Yahowah told me to wash my hands and walk away from the whole thing, which I did. Pretty much everything I typed in the paragraphs above was revealed to me by Yahowah before I got to Chapter 6. Chapter 6 just helped cleared things up a little better with the wording, and I'm going to copy and paste some notes I had in my head from the readings.

It is great to hear that you unlocked the puzzle. And it is such a blissful feeling to be unshackled from false limiting beliefs .

Here is another surprise for you- it is not necessary to wait for your desired manifestations.

Change doesn’t always have to be slow. By seeing the truth you have taken your power back, your power to create the life you want! 

Nature abhors vacuum. Now that you are free of your limiting belief affirm the truth repeatedly. In no time your energy will shift and so will your manifestations. 

All the best for your new life! 

P.S. if you resonate well with Abe you might like to try their well being meditation, it’s available on YouTube.


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