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Hello everyone,

So my boyfriend has been dealing with extreme tooth aches and pains for the past two months. It started off with a tooth that had a crack due to an improper filling and they kept worrying it until he finally had to get a root canal and a crown. Now he's still experiencing sensitivity even though he shouldn't be.

I would like to learn how to send him healing energy or help with making things a little easier for him. We're doing all we can with finding good dentists and taking good care, following through with procedure. But we would really like to supplement the process with some good feelings. I'd love to hear any thoughts or experiences you might have. 

Thank you so much!

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One day I had been watching this christian preacher's videos on Youtube because he talked about healing the body by commanding the problem to leave.  I can't remember his name, but he said he has walked in divine health for like 20 years and he said we can all do the same.  When a sickness or something starts to come on, he says he tells it to leave and it does.  He said that if you're in pain you can keep telling it to leave and keep reaching for a feeling of relief.  Don't focus upon the pain or problem, focus on relief from it. 

That day I burned my finger on a hot pan while cooking.  If you've ever burned yourself before you know that the pain sticks around for quite a while, unless you put your hand in water.  I didn't put my hand in water.  Instead I did was he said - I kept telling the pain to leave and I kept focusing on relief from the pain.  At first there wasn't much relief, but as I continued to do it the pain got less and less and it went away completely within a minute or two.  It blew my mind.  20 minutes or so later the pain tried to come back, but again I told it that it can not stay, it has to go. And I again focused on relief and it went away again.  That time it didn't come back. 

Within a couple of days or so I started feeling like I was coming down with the flu.  I noticed the glands in my neck where sore and swollen and I was warm to the touch like a fever was setting in.  And I believe I had a headache or soar throat - I can't remember which.  I kept saying "nope, I'm not going to get sick.  I am fine, I am fine".  I imagined I was fine and imagined feeling that.  I did that for a moment and went back to what I was doing on the computer and forgot about it.  When I remembered it an hour or so later, I checked in with myself and noticed that the glads in my throat were now fine - they were no longer sore and swollen and I no longer had a fever and headache.  I felt completely normal. 

I think the mind creates the body.  My advice is to tell the pain to leave and imagine it gone.  Imagine feeling fine, feeling relief.  Don't focus on the problem, focus on relief from the problem.  The pain might go away suddenly, or it might go away gradually.  You might noticed that while the pain originally felt like a 9, now it feels like a 7.  And then you might get it down to a 4, and so on, until it's gone completely. 

The best way you can help him is to educate him as to how he can overlook the pain. We can not affect other people through LOA. We each make our own choices and we are responsible only for ourselves. Let him know about LOA and see if he can accept it.

Thank you, Ndacloud. It helps to hear an example so that way I know what to focus on and what to expect from the process. :)

I'm so glad that your pain reduced! And burns sting quite a bit. It's a wonderful example of what can happen if the mind is in the right place. Thank you for sharing the story. I loved hearing it. 

Thanks, Rogare. I will definitely talk to him about it and introduce the idea. I think he would be relatively open to it, and it is definitely worth a shot. :)


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