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Ok . Help please. Be been single awaiting right guy for a long time. Right guy arrives 6months later he calls it off and say he wants to be alone.
My life feels like it has ended , it affected my business and caused great sadness.
I trying the LOA but not getting anywhere.
I live in a faith based world and truly believe that ‘All things work together for good.’
Can I contact my Boyfriend ?
If things are going to work out anyway? Please help.

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What I've figured out is effort for something is often done with lack of in mind, or fear he will never come back. Thus you perpetuate the lack/fear and HOLD HIM AWAY FROM YOU LONGER!

Distract yourself! Seriously. Relax and go do something else that enriches your life, be it watching cartoon movies, or whathave you.

True true!!!!

Thanks . This girl is struggling . What if he was attracted before he got to know the real me? Surely he would be less attracted the second time?

Don't contact him! I repeat, DO. NOT. CONTACT. You expressed that you feel like your life is ending and that this breakup is affecting your professional life as well - you're not on the vibrational level you need to be in order to attract him back and contacting him will do nothing but push him away in your given state. I have successfully attracted my boyfriend back to me MULTIPLE times and have attracted other exes back in the past, and even men who said they'd never be with me (just for fun, and to see if it would work and it did). Trust me, do not contact him! 

Right now, YOU are your only priority. FOCUS ON YOU! Your ex was attracted to you for a reason, so you already have the advantage of having successfully attracted him to you at some point in your life, and you can get there again. But it's YOU who attracted your ex! Your HAPPY and VIBRANT and LIFE-LOVING, FUN SELF! I cut contact with my ex for months and focused on myself and when I finally saw him he was enraged because I seemed so happy without him and he was shocked that I could just throw our relationship away and he begged for me back! But there's NOOO WAY this would have happened had I not reclaimed my life and my own happiness.

YOU are the only source of your happiness. No other person in this world will ever be able to define your happiness or "make you happy." You could have a successful marriage, a handful of loving and caring friends, healthy and supportive parents and a beautiful life overall, but until you are happy with yourself, you will never truly be happy. Your happiness cannot lie in the hands of this temporary world - it must come from within, from your eternal inner being. 

Meditation helped me a lot. It cleared my head and allowed me to think rationally about what happened during the relationship and what I wanted to work on. In my mind, my boyfriend and I were just taking space to be better partners to one another, and actually, that's exactly what happened! We have both become much healthier, kinder and more loving towards one another, although we still do have a ways to go. I read a LOT of self-help books, spent time with myself, spent time in nature, only filled myself up with positive experiences.

Take a step back and assess your life! Are you truly happy with things? With your routine? What you do, day in and day out? If you're not, wonderful! This is the opportunity to change it. Remember that EVERY SINGLE DAY you wake up with the POWER to choose happiness! Life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, and you can choose to do that too! I used to love writing and then realized that I had stopped doing it when I started dating my boyfriend - I put my life on hold for him! No wonder things fell apart - I stopped living for myself! Reclaiming myself has been so liberating and has not only attracted him back but HOARDS of men. When you fill yourself up with love and joy and true happiness, it will overflow and that energy will naturally attract like energy.

I did eventually contact my boyfriend first but we lived close to one another and I had an emergency and he was the only one available - he helped me out and I genuinely didn't expect anything else, at that point, I was so happy on my own, it didn't even matter anymore! But he asked me to dinner and confessed his love for me :) It will happen when you least expect it! But you have to trust the universe, trust the timing, trust that your manifestation is coming! And you just have to stop resisting :) 

I hope that helps!


Great Leila!!
Hi Leila,
Really appreciate your message . Unfortunately I read it after I visited . I feel awful he said he never liked me and doesn’t have anymore feelings . I have already done one month of not contacting and that didn’nt help. He still sleeps with my scarf . I’m sure he cares .
Last point . I’ve been trying fun . Just booked trip. What if he was attracted before he got to know the real me? Surely he would be less attracted the second time?


SELF LOVE is the answer to everything and every problem.

Remember the crux of LOA teaching-

" Our external world is a mere reflection of our internal world" 

So, to live a rich and fulfilling external life you need to have a rich and fulfilled internal mind. Right? Am I making sense?

Everyone is an extension of us and are mirroring our deeper beliefs back to us, this is according to Neville Goddard. Read him if you have not or listen to his lectures on youtube for better clarity.

Coming back to your question, start meditating on self love and enhanced sense of self worth, because you are in need of more self love and self worth. Anytime we place more importance on any other person or thing even at the cost of our happiness and peace of mind, we are temporary reducing self love and self worth. 

Think about it this way, the purpose of life is to live a rich and satisfying life filled with fulfilling our desires successfully, because that brings happiness along with more self confidence, right? So, whenever we waver from happiness and peace of mind our power diminishes..... Getting back to that happy and peaceful frame of mind gets your power up and others can sense the same! 

Always remember, happiness attracts more happiness, Self love attracts more love from everywhere!

1. PRACTICE SELF LOVE - meditation and affirmations, I will suggest - AGNES VIVRALLE on youtube for meditation

2. PRACTICE GRATITUDE- Magic practice suggest daily 10 item  list, bump it up and initially make a list of 50 things.

Give it  shot, focus on a rich and satisfying internal frame of mind and then watch your external life re-shape itself!

Much love!

Wise jagriti!!!!!

Don't contact your boyfriend now. Use this period of no contact to focus on yourself. Start doing this things that you might have stopped doing or take up a new hobby. Spend time in the nature. Practise gratitude, meditate and visualise. Then let go. Dont worry whether it will happen or not. Keep faith in the Universe and simply believe that whatever you have asked from the Universe is being manifested. Keep faith in Universe and believethat it will come to you at the right time. 

Always be happy. Keep your thoughts positive and say your affirmations. Appreciate all the things you have. Find happiness and love from within you, the rest would follow. Always keep your vibrations high and watch videos by Agnes Vivarelli or Leeor Alexandra.

Keep smiling

Thanks . I’ve tried the non contact , tried to be happy and I do appreciate there are lots of great things .
I see you point . But I’m a happy person just would love another opportunity with
The same man.


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