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So...What About Law of Attraction And The Current "Global Economic Crisis"???

Would Love to have your thoughts and feelings about the current so called "Global Economic Crisis!

My feeling is that "Shift Happens"!!!

That we are going through a shift in the human created illusion of economics...and that we are shifting to what I feel is a "golden era" of a true knowing and experiencing of Abundance...

Hmmmm....Food for thought...me thinks!

Bob :>)

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Hi Bob... how great to 'see' you ;-)

It will come as no surprise that I'm in alignment with your thoughts about this shift!
The ride may be bumpy in direct proportion to the resistance held... yet man... WHAT A RIDE!!!!

LOA really is a natural self-sorter of these things...and I LOVE the direction we're headed...downstream flowwwwwwwwwwwww

what economic crisis? if u don't see it or pay attention to it it won't exist for you
Actually, Abe was asked...

Your proposal to alleviate the current worldwide financial crisis?

The answer...

"Chill out and go to work!...Focus upon the things that are important to you and figure out how to satisfy the details of your life! And, stop looking for someone else to solve it. And, figure out how to bring yourself into balance."

(You can see the entire video response to that question at Abraham-Hicks.com)

I Love It!...it really resonates with me!

Bob :>)
I think it's possible, but also the global economic crisis was created because several people, especially those in the stock market felt that funds were limited. They felt they were spending imaginary money (which has its own legal and ethical implications) and eventually that type of thinking crashed down on them.

I could only imagine what it must feel like at the NYSE. I watch MSNBC a little bit too much for my own good, and I am always struck by how the fever or mania surrounding the area affects everyone from the reporters, to those running around frantically at the NYSE, and politicians.

Their the ones who hear the end of days financial prophecy of sorts and react to it, as well.

I do think that with certain political shifts and movements we are moving towards a more compassionate era, but I don't think that the global economic crisis is a product of that movement.

Faulty economic theories, the belief that funds are restricted to a few, and lack of regulation, allowed these people to allow their thoughts control their behaviors and commit some of the more disastrous results. (Personally from a political perspective I don't know what I want congress to do with the auto industry in the US, though I wish no harm to anyone.)

I think the bigger challenge here is how this is affecting us. If we can move past this and see this merely as hysteria and feel confident that we are financially secure, I think we as a global community can overcome this with grace and speed.
I don't have much time to give thought to the macro-economy, I'm too busy experiencing my own deliberately-created economic boom. These are good times.
The economic crisis doesn't affect me. I don't worry about it at all. People will still buy things no matter how the economy goes.
I agree. This is a new era indeed. We are all going to adjust to
the life changing current events.
I have learned to let go of what I can't change, it is what it is.

I actually think it is sort of exciting to see what will happen, what
is my role and where our journey will lead.

I believe tomorrow is a brand new day with brand new adventures.
I believe we attracted the economic crisis. When everything was going wrong in the economic crisis, media started paying loads of attention to it, which made people scared of it, think about it, and that made the media write about it more, which then made people withdrawl their money from banks..

It's all perfectly in sinc with LOA I think. But that's just my thoughts on it :)
Personally, I beliee that collectively we were in a state of fear over the last 8 years or so. We were fearful because of 9-11, and then we were fearful because our federal Administration thought that was the best way to evoke a response from the nation. That collective fear and anxiety had to, from a Law of Attraction perspective, been at least partly responsible for the economic downturn. However, I try to spend more of my time not worrying about how we got to this point. I try to spend more of time focusing on how to move forward.

I stumbled across a fantastic article that talks about the Law of Attraction and the Economic Crisis. The article focuses on how we can maintain a positive attitude and still attract what we want despite our current physical reality.

By the way, I wanted to provide the actual name of the article I cited below. It's the "The Law of Attraction and the Economic Crisis: Maintaining a Positive Attitude by Focusing on Positive Aspects." If you are unable to click on the link, just google law of attraction economy, and it's one of the first articles that comes up (it's how I found it).

I'm going to see if I can contact the author to let her know about this group!! She seems to write quite a bit on this topic.

Here is the article link
I really don't think we should ignore the reality of what is happening to many of us.
I work with people almost everyday who are in the process of losing a home, a job or business.
(in fact I am in the last category) I have no income! I am technically able to continue business
but the people out there have stopped buying to a large degree and I have a business loan
that needs money to keep me from bottoming out. Bankruptcy seems to be an option, but
makes me cry to think about it---I have ALWAYS had good credit. It is killing my pride to
think that after a lifetime of work, I may have to do this.

I have spent over 8 years being positive, thinking the best, praising my sales, my staff and being
oh so thankful for all good things. I am VERY thankful that I have food and shelter and a loving family.
I am thankful for the lessons I have learned through this, I am thankful for the business success I
enjoyed and, God willing, will enjoy again. . . unless, because my industry has so drastically been
affected, my path changes and, if so, I will be thankful
for my new direction.

I will be thankful in all things.

My quest at the moment is not ignoring what is in MY face but find my/our way
through this valley, embrace and urge on the positive changes that will
eventually help me and others reach the top of the mountain.

I bet many who are here at PI want acknowledgment and help and encouragement in this "event"--not a brush off.

Truly, this is an exciting event for those who have hope--I was just caught with "my pants down"
(i.e. business loan and little savings)
I STILL have LOTS of hope for the future. I just get down from time to time--postponing the call
to the lawyer--waiting, believing, hoping for rescue.

I have dial-up at home and cannot watch the u-tube video that Marcy posted so I don't know
what wisdom and advice may be contained there.

I am looking for ideas. Is there something we can do together to more quickly expedite
the NEW economy and one that is more positive and rewarding.

New Dawn


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