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Everyone asks, “How do you manifest faster?” People want Barry Allen manifestations. The fastest man…ifestation alive. But why? People want to force things to speed up because they either aren’t satisfied where they are and/or want to have more fun in life. In both cases, people want to speed up the change in conditions so they can speed up the change in emotions. But emotions don’t come from conditions. So instead of closing the gap of external experiences, you can quickly feel emotional experiences. There you go. You just increased your speed of satisfaction in a flash.

Manifestations and emotions are independent of each other. So speeding up manifestations does not guarantee an increase in good-feeling emotions (other than the initial, temporary honeymoon high). Add the fact that you will always want something you don’t currently have, then speed begins to lose its meaning since manifestations never end.

If you want to speed up finding your partner, then you will want to speed up getting married. Then speed up getting a home. Then speed up getting a job. Then speed up having children. Then speed up getting a car. Then speed up getting a better job. Then speed up going on vacation. Then speed up getting another home . . . and it just keeps going. You’re spending you’re whole life wanting to speed everything up, like the movie Click, so when are you actually living? When do you take a breath and enjoy what you have? You don’t, because as soon as you get one thing, you appreciate it for five minutes until you’re in a rush to the next.

Speeding up manifestations is missing the whole point of manifesting. When you’re eating something really good, you’re not in a hurry to manifest the whole thing being eaten. You slow down and savor it. When you’re in the flow of playing basketball, or watching your favorite show, or making love, or hanging out with your friends, or making love to your friends, you’re not in a rush to finish what you’re doing because you’re enjoying yourself so much. People only want things faster because they’re not fulfilled where they are. And feeling fulfilled comes from focus, not stuff. So you can speed up all the stuff you want, but you won’t feel fulfilled, which was the whole point of getting your speedy stuff.

You’re dissatisfied where you are and in a rush to get over there. Then what? No sooner do you get there before you want to be somewhere else. And then over there. And then over there. Your perception is off. There’s still a dissociation between where you are and where you want to be, instead of viewing those as one in the same. You only want to speed up manifestations when you don’t know how to control your emotions, and think the key to fun is external manipulation. Constantly wanting to speed up where you are to be somewhere else is an unsustainable approach to life.

You think you’ll be satisfied once the box on your list is checked, but once it’s checked you’re on to the next one. You’re just going from one issue to the next checking the boxes but you’re never happy. And if you are happy, then you’re not in a rush because there will always be an unchecked box.

You allow things to happen as quickly as you’re ready for. Wanting them to come sooner than you’re ready for is like having guests come over before you’ve had a chance to clean your house, buy food and get dressed. You would much rather they wait until you’re ready. Or it’s like baking oatmeal chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies, but you can’t wait. So you either take them out too early so they’re undercooked, or you crank up the heat to speed things up and now they’re golden black. Just let them cook as long as they need to. And don’t put your life on hold until the cookies are done.

When you feel good, everything unfolds in perfect timing. There is no need or desire to make things happen faster when you’re going from one satisfying moment to the next. It will just be a continuation that feels more like how you feel now. Not to mention they’re already happening as fast as possible, but you don’t care because now is so intoxicatingly engaging for you.

Since you’ll always want and receive manifestations for eternity, and your fulfillment in life comes from the thoughts you’re thinking regardless of the stuff you have, then with those two factors, speeding up manifestations doesn’t make sense.

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This is a really cool article , you are really trying to help people to develop the understanding of what happiness in life is, maybe you could gather all your articles and write a book.

That's what i have always thought, the world truly needs Brian's book!!

Maybe . . . :)

Hi Brian,

Thank you for yet another brilliant article. I can relate to it and your approaching has been helping me.

A friend of mine is hurting and I just sent her this article to read. I also explained the idea of finding a little bit of relief to her, just like we discussed. She was not convinced. She is not a PI member but wanted to ask you this question, so I will post it on her behalf.

"What if you have a basic human need that you have wanted for very,very long but it is not coming? How do you deal with the pain and disappointment? What if relief is not accessible in your present state?"

I'm aware of her problem but cannot post here.

Hi Brian,

I thought about my friend's question quite a bit and attempted to explain to her too. Abe says that a little bit of relief is always accessible, so I sent her the emotional guidance scale and asked her to get herself to state 21 from 22, and explained that even that small amount of progress can create a shift in vibrations, and moving from depression to insecurity can also bring some relief. I hope what I said was correct.



My question to you: Do you want it to continue to be a very, very long time? (Shouting, “No!” would be an appropriate response, ha ha.) If you continue the stance of refusing to feel a little relief, then you keep yourself stuck, which doesn’t feel good. You have the power and freedom to feel a little better. It just requires a little more focus and a little more practice.

Relief is always accessible and that’s what makes it so wonderful. Depressed to insecure probably won’t give you much relief even though it is one step up, because they’re so close to each other. If you feel depressed or powerless, relief would feel like anger and blame. Anger and blame feels better and feels more empowering than feeling depressed or powerless. You’ve been sad sometimes and got pissed off and that helped you feel a little better. No matter where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale you can always focus on something that helps you feel relief.

Disappointment is needing something to happen, needing the conditions to change before you give yourself the freedom of permission to feel relief. You make your relief be dependent on something you can’t control, which makes you feel powerless, and ultimately disappointed.

You disempower yourself when you practice a belief that says, “I can’t feel better until I get what I want.” Not only that, but you offer resistance to what you want. The only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it. The quickest way to get what you physically want is to show yourself you can have what you emotionally want. And to show yourself you can have what you emotionally want, you want to practice giving your attention to anything that helps you feel even just a little bit better. Meditation in the morning can be helpful because when you slow down your thoughts, you slow down your thoughts focused on the lack of what you want, slow down resistance, and you feel better.

Thank you Brian. My friend is aware of this link and I think she has read your response. I will get back to you if she has any follow up questions.

I understand what you are saying to some degree since I have now listened to "Ask and It is Given" twice. My friend is depressed. I am stuck at boredom, but I try to reason with myself and reach for contentment and optimism. I thought it was not doable in the beginning, but now I know that it is in my hands. 

I'm waiting to get ahold of part 2 of the book with the 22 techniques/processes. 



You don’t want to get caught up so much in the processes of reaching for the next specific emotion. You just want to reach for a thought that is more satisfying than the thought you were thinking. Thoughts are either more satisfying or less satisfying. Focus on feeling a little better and focus less on feeling a little worse.

Boredom is no momentum. As long as you don’t push against feeling that way, make peace with and allow it, you will allow momentum to build and be inspired to do something that is interesting for you.

Thank you Brian. You explain things so clearly. I agree with everybody else here when I say that you should write a book, since you make things simple for us to understand. 

That's exactly what i needed to hear! HUGE thank you Brain!

Nice thread, but I can't completely agree with you. You see, all of the teachings tell stuff that I mentioned countless number of times and those are:

You can be, do or have anything you want.

Universe loves speed.

If the Universe inspired you to have a certain desire, that means that there is a way to achieve, otherwise, it wouldn't.

It's as easy to manifest a castle as it is to manifest a button.


You have a point when you say that if everyone manifested what they wanted fast, they would just move onto the next thing, but that's what human spirit is, it came here to explore in the physical world and that's why it always wants more, it wants to create, to experience, to enjoy. You also said that we should enjoy while it happens. The fact is, sometimes people want certain stuff to happen faster so they could genuinely enjoy what's happening. I personally am interested in "speeding up" my studies because I enjoy working in my field more than studying. It makes me feel alive, like I'm having infinite energy. There are always people that say "You should see studying as a journey to actually working, and the struggle of studying is there so you would feel more joyous once you reach your goal and start doing what you love." The truth is, the real journey begins once I finish my studies. Studies are just necessary evil. There is no joy in studying because the universities nowadays are not grading your real knowledge, but your ability to memorize certain amount of information within certain amount of time. And then, when the day comes for you to get your specialization (I'm a med student so it's a big deal in which field you specialize once you get your MD) they're looking at your scores from med school in order to rank you and decide if you're fit for that speciality or not. On the other hand, I'll be 23 in a few days and I'm a first year med student, by the time I get my MD, I'll be 28, 29 when I finish my internship, which means I may get my first job at 30. That's too much. People my age are finishing their studies and finding good paying jobs, becoming independent, and I'll have to spend at least 5 more years as a student. while everyone else would already have working experience, their own income and probably own at least a vehicle, some of them might even start paying off their own places to live. I want that too, and I'm living in anything but good conditions now, that's why I want to speed things up. Let's get clear about something, I don't want stuff to just fall out of the blue straight into my lap, I'm willing to work for it, I'd just like to get a little push from the Universe, we all know that such thing is nothing for a force like it is, just to make it go faster. And I don't want to have nice numbers on a paper, I want to really have the knowledge to back up those numbers, after all, I'm going to be a doctor, people's lives will depend on my knowledge.

Sorry for a long comment, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

When I was 23 I felt really impatient about these things too, now I'm about to be 29 and I can assure you that it's not that big of a deal.

Can the universe bring these things to you more quickly? Sure. Maybe the system will change or you will be granted more opportunities to work in the field than normal, but you don't have to figure that out. Regardless of whether you wait the usual time or find a way to make things go faster, you still have to make peace with where you are and feel okay about it. You are putting the cart before the horse when you focus on the conditions in the way that you currently are.

If you can find the feeling of what you want without needing it to happen right this second, you will find a satisfying solution.


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