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spiritual struggle between light and darkness and what it means to the future of humanity.

I came across this after talking with a few in chat, got me asking questions like can you seriously get good out of bad such as hitler or gadaffi

Interesting article.




The NDE and the Void,

Kevin Williams research conclussions




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The way I see it is there is not a FORCE of Good versus Bad or as in the old religions a God versus a Devil ..... there is only ONE FORCE and that IS GOD or LOVE or SOURCE.


But the Physical World is a Creation of Gods and it is a way of making sense of LOVE.  In Heaven (for want of a better word) there is only LOVE, so it does nothing, it has no qualities, it just IS.  So God created this World and introduced what looks like an Opposite force called LACK of Love, this is merely to reflect back what LOVE is.  So now we can say LOVE is Good and Lack of Love is Bad, LOVE is kindness and Lack of Love is hurtful, LOVE is excitement and Lack of Love is Boredom.


Earlier Religions interpreted Lack of Love as an Evil Force and called it the Devil, believing it to have a force and a mission of its own.  But ONLY LOVE is a force, Lack of Love is just an illusion, a vacuum, a reverse mirror of LOVE.  So when we behave badly, or hatefully, or cruelly, we are doing so because we are immersed in or 'feeling' a LACK of love.  When we know we are LOVED our lives transform and we feel abundant, joyful and vibrant. 


You cannot DO any harm to someone if you are feeling LOVED, even if you try, you will start to leave 'love' and feel guilt, or upset or judgemental, or prejudiced.  It is only when you let go and forgive or have compassion that you re-enter LOVE and then you want no harm to anyone and you start to understand where people are coming from with their hurt and anger.


I think it is quite hard for some of us who grew up with Religions where the Good were rewarded and the Bad punished, to accept that in Gods eyes everyone is LOVED beyond measure.  The religious leaders would say what is the motivation for being good if there is no punishment.  But there is no motivation for being good other than that GOOD things happen to you when you start to act in a loving and loved way and negative things happen to those who are negative and judgemental, angry or hateful.  But again that is only what happens here on Earth, when we croak and return to GOD we are all loved equally, we return to being GODlike and at one with God.


It is possible too that each of us has been a Hitler and a Mother Theresa at some time in our many lives as the ONE GOD who is the spirit within us is one and the same. And likewise each of us had been an exciting adventurer or explorer of the farthest reaches and each of us a boring tourist to this Earth,  each of us has been the finest teacher or  scientist and each of us as come as an unschooled or unteachable !   We truely are Spiritual beings having a Physical experience ...


What the "Hitlers' of this world do for me is they cause me to look at pain and fear and war and hate and they make me uncomfortable and then I have to make 'choices', I can join in fear and take sides and 'fight' against 'evil' and so have it all in my life for years, OR, I can say these are all opposites to what I want and I can pivot to looking for goodness and kindness and peace.  Again for non LOA people it is hard to see that PIVOTING is a way of empowering the Good or the Wanted, most non LOAers see this as a cope out and feel that we are ignoring the 'issues'.  They want to 'fight' against what they see as evil, but this brings more and more and carries the issues forward to new generations.


The "Mother Theresas' also present choices for me, I may like what Mother Theresa does and I may judge her as as saint but it may make me feel 'guilty' too and so I need to be sure of what it is about her that I like and want in my life and then PIVOT so that I seek out only what I want.  It may be that I want to see abundance around me and to hold all the people I see as healthy, happy and well rather than seeing them as sick.


People we judge as Good or Bad, are always causing us to make choices, but it is US who are making the ultimate choices in our lives.

thanks genevieve, you always have a good way of explaining things, long but good lol.

I know I say am new to Loa but I am not really, think been doing loa scince I could think and dream, same as everyone,some goodsome not so good

but the laws "will", have to learn more about

thx again for reply enjoyed reading

lol may be not, my way of thinking of bad is very basic, 1 if you use a weedgie board that opens up to the low demension, these are very dark spirits,

The other bad, human emotion, thought directed towards others with out care, causing harm.

I am still knew to LoA, I am sorry guru, but I think anyone that thinks there is no bad is deceiving themselves, how can we evolve progressively from the lowest feel> to joy, how can we become the purest if there is no bad, if there is no bad that means there is no light.


Unless it is all light, simply of different hue. For myself, a prism is a great symbol of what physical expression is to me. The light comes in, white, pure and is refracted into various colors and hues of experience.


It all comes from the same source, however.


I mentioned in chat the other day while discussing this how to me, it is all a big play. All the world's a stage...as-it-were. Playing out various concepts, creating "sides" and "contrast".


I spoke about the Jewish people and their cultural identity. Which, is much like an individual's identity; it attracts what resonates with it.


The Jewish cultural identity has, for most of recorded history, been about being God's chosen and this in such a way that it meant travail, hardship, suffering and being displaced. That is who they are in their own view.


Having chosen that role, in order for it to play out, they need a "supporting cast" and circumstances to give that meaning.


Hitler and Germany, was only one of many villains in this tale. Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Spain.


How would the Jewish peoples have this cultural identity, without all of the players involved?


In order to experience the depth of a particular identity, it plays out just like a role in a movie. If you want to play the Hero, there has to be a villain, or a villainous circumstance to overcome. Or else, there is no Hero.


Thus from one perspective, it could be said to be an act of unconditional love, for one to play the villain, so that another gets to be the hero. For what role could be tougher than the one everyone hates?


It's hard to see this perspective oft times, from down here in the trenches.



Yes, the ending of that children's story that I mentioned before goes something like this.

(The 2 children are friends, and have decided in heaven that one will be the good guy and one will be the villain when they come to earth)

The future bad guy realizes the situation he has put himself in - to be hated ,and he says:

"In the moment that I strike you, remember me for who I really am".

It's a really sweet story.

Thanks for sharing<3

Thanks kevin for reply can see where you are coming from, in order to grow the toughest is the villain, this reminds me the quote from the bible

"If you love those who love you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who do good to you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners do the same. And if you lend to those from whom you expect to receive, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, to get back the same amount. But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.  Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful.

yes it would lol, check gens reply genevieve

a bit more inspiring:)

Love this Question Jem.

Bumping for more input 


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