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I want to live here and have the sort of life like the posts on this tumblr page. How can I have such treasures http://preppyandpreppy.tumblr.com

The most I've manifested is about $1,300.00 that was three years ago. When I did that I just asked for 1,000$ than forgot about it and never asked the universe again until some few months later.

Now the last thing I manifested was a parking space and something sweet to eat. I've tried manifest wealth for a long time and think I'm asking the universe for too much that s why I get anxious when it doesn't come.

I want to manifest safety and my family friends even strangers treating me nicely and stop/bullying/harassing me before I move as I feel we are extremely dependent on one another and I read it can be difficult to leave abusive relationships. No cops and the fbi can't help.

My goals are so big i think they're impossible. But I feel  like if I ask for something smaller I'm letting people down or that others will look down on me or that $1 million is poor.

Where do I start should I ask for four times my income 10x 100x what?

I want to  start small but I also need things such as money  and  safety desperately so I can get out of this house.

Should I imagine a flower a feather a cup of coffee or what how do I start small and how work my way up from the small to the but stuff?

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That’s great re the $1,300.00 but you didn’t manifest it – you created it.  That’s hugely important.  People use the term manifestation to refer to what they want to show up without realizing that term actually means how something shows up and that’s often where we get in the way of the universe contributing to us. 

Now when you say you want to “manifest safety” that’s important because that can be a limitation depending on your term of reference and definition of what safety is.  It means different things to different people and so when you use a term like that, its important to see if there are any potential blocks we have in place that we don’t realise.  There really isn’t anything safe or unsafe in the universe that we cannot have awareness of – the trouble is that often we get so stuck in the mind that we ignore our awareness. 

Now you say the goals are so big that you think they are impossible.  Well even the term “impossible” has the words “I’m possible” in them.  So its really useful to look at those goals and see where are those blocks – are they yours?  Are they beliefs or structures, or things other people have said to you – for example has anyone ever told you that you can’t have that big goal?  Its important because often we are taught filters growing up without realizing or being conscious of them.  So its not till you question why you can’t achieve something that you can start to uncover what the blocks are.

Now you say if you ask for smaller things you are letting people down or look down on you – is that really true?  It may be, but its not till we closely examine these ideas that we can see whether these are facts based on what someone else told us, or underlying beliefs we have.  For example, even if you started with smaller goals like $1 million – is that really poor in this day and age?  What if by you creating that $1 million you acted as inspiration for others to make more money and have enjoyable life.  Wouldn’t that be a cool thing to do and wouldn’t that make the world a nicer place (for example). 

Now you say you “need” things.  That’s important as the money and safety are not necessarily needs as per the human definition (oxygen, food, shelter etc).  I get you want out of that house – but its really important to look at the words we use to create our lives as they often reveal our biggest hinderances. 

Should you imagine a flower a feather a cup of coffee – sure if it feels good to do so and you have confidence in those things – go for it.  You can play with any or all of htem. 

Thank you for your reply. How do I know what's a block?

Well anything that comes up when you say you desire to create or achieve something.  Sometimes other people are so valuable because they will reveal blocks.  For example, one time I wanted a red ferrari.  It was a desire I always had growing up and they cost a fortune.  However I really wanted it and it was just a thought I had in my head.  When I hit 18 and passed my test, I was so determined to have one.  I would tell people about my desire to have one, and they would often reveal my blocks by saying things like "Oh they cost so much" or "you'll never be able to afford one" or "they aren't for people like you" etc.  These were all thoughts I had but had not acknowledged that I had them.  When I realised that, I started questioning them.  So I took them apart one by one, so with the cost so much - how much do they cost, does everyone who owns a red ferrari earn a fortune or are millionaires, are non millionaires driving ferraris etc.  I really started looking at the beliefs and then I started realising so much of them were complete nonsense I had told myself and had heard from others.  It took me only a year to buy a ferrari and I got one in unusual circumstances by practising a lot of techniques but it happened.  I kept it for a year then sold it and made a nice sum of money and bought two other different cars of my choosing at that point.  Its an example of a real life block I had and I hope it illustrate to you some common blocks that most people have.  

The example is one of many, but it illustrates the "block" idea.  

I always get the block im not white so it can't be accomplished or that's not going to happened said flippantly. I also get fairy tales aren't real.

Well it may not be so much a block, but a thought you are engaging in and using to create your life.  Its really helpful when you notice these thoughts coming in to think "hold on a minute thats not true" and then to affirm something in its place.  It sounds easier said than done because often times we think thoughts thousands if not millions of times a day, but it starts the change process off and then you see things happening.  Each time you say things like this though you are giving an order to the universe which it will always fulfil so its a kind of block but not in the same way as I was discussing.  So good that you mentioned it and i hope this helps.

You're such a precious Soul and you deserve a precious life but that does not imply you need all d luxurious things in d world, you can have something luxurious and something that is very cheap and be happy because these are d things you like & you love. Luxurious does not mean precious.

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It reminds me of a similar question that came up in an Abe workshop once time.  They were asking the same thing about starting small or starting big and Abraham's response was simply to just start.  They were saying that it was fine to have either as a target but the most important thing was the action to get towards where you desire to be.  Interesting that it came up after reading this but I figure it worth sharing.  Hope it helps.

Yes, small and big are just perspectives, as Abraham always says we have usually more resistance towards d "big" things because we consider them big.

Thank you

"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'" - Muhammad Ali 

Thank you for your reply Stephanie!


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