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Starting to believe an Act of GOD/Universe/Source is able to help only.

I have banged my head against the walls over and over for two weeks, and I've gotten literally nowhere.

Is the UNIVERSE AGAINST me moving to Nevada?

As well the guy.

I basically give up and believe only an act of God could bring me either dream now.

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Are the walls ok? :) if you believe that God can make something happen, ok , use this belief , but have 100% trust in it. we can use whatever works. universe never works against us neither does it work the other way, its neutral, unless U assign it a meaning , so if you believe its working against you it will support that belief 100%. 

I must be an exception.

An Act of God, sure. How about an act of Love? Coincidentally, God is Love. So perhaps that act of God you need is really an act of Love towards yourself. Can you try that?

Ok, who do i love?

Yourself Laura. Give yourself love, lots of love and compassion. This is the answer you're looking for. 

Laura, I agree with Astro. All the love that you have for the man you love should actually be directed to yourself. Then, the rest of the world will fall in love with you.

Consider that there may be good opportunities waiting for you in places other than Nevada. Also imagine the possibility of meeting a new man - a kind, loving man who respects, honors and values you. Please don't limit yourself. Allow yourself to think beyond Nevada and that man, and see how a world of opportunities opens up.

I hope I didn't hurt your feelings saying this. I just want you to be happy and feel better.

I am really of focusing on self love!

It is like a shming of a person who is not pampering themselves appropriately to get love. 

I fkn deserve love and thats it.  No,  i must jump through hoops if any damn kind.  I am sick to death of not having a partner! He should love me or go blow it out his butt! I hate my situation. 

Pampering yourself isn't really self love. You have to really feel it. Or feel it for your life as well. I know that sounds hard, but compassion makes it easier.

I want to ONLY go to grad schoolin NEVADA
How do i get a woman to let me work for rent?

I cannot do 90% of normal jobs andvi am waiting for an ssdi application.

Only freak pervert men offer me housing for sex!

I am celebate and will only have sex if the man i love contacts me?

Is the universe trying to completely fo 3rd ce me into either sleeping on thebstreets or be a prostitute exchanging sex for rent??? This nightmare just wont end!

You are not giving yourself (which includes God/Source/the Universe, because you are an extension of this, not separate from it) very many options. 

There are countless ways in which moving to Nevada and living there could happen for you, and the truth is you cannot even begin to imagine the great majority of them. They are beyond your comprehension, and you would not believe most of them if they were revealed to you in advance. They would seem impossible. There may, in fact, be perfectly agreeable ways of moving there that you have already rejected because you believe they cannot happen, and thus they truly can not because you have excluded them from your experience. 

If the only positive means of moving to Nevada and acquiring safe housing that you can imagine is not manifesting, this does not mean all doors are shut. Nor does it mean that the negative scenarios (homelessness; prostitution; sex-for-rent) that you have decided are your alternatives are truly your only other options. They are simply the limited, unpleasant set of options you allow yourself to believe in.

When you are coming at reality from your physical mind, you can only see a narrow range of options, all based on your or others's past experiences (or, rather, the physical mind's perceptions of past experiences). Humans have experiences, create post hoc explanations for how those came about, and then attempt to use those explanations, which come from a limited, physical view of reality, to create future experiences by limited, physical means. (Bashar goes into this, but for brevity I will not right now.)

Your higher mind, however sees all possibilities, all potentials, all ways of bringing you to whatever it is you want, and if you allow it to guide you, it will steer you toward it. The key to getting what you truly want is learning to listen to and trust your higher mind, and follow the prompts it gives you, even when you don't know exactly why you are prompted to do certain things, or what will happen when you do. 

When Bashar says, "follow your highest excitement," this is what he is getting at. Your "highest excitement" is your higher self guiding you in the direction of what you most want. Despite the name, it is not often all that exciting; it is not the kind of excitement of a game show winner jumping up and down (though it can be). Most of the time, it is a sudden desire to take a different route home, or call somebody you haven't heard from in a long time. When there is a choice before you, one option feels noticeably better than the other, even if only by a degree, so you choose that. Or perhaps it is weighing two options that both feel unsatisfactory and realizing you don't have to accept either of them; that there will be other, better options if you relax and let them come to you.

The way to what you want may seem strange, and not at all what you expected, or how you think it "should" go. There will be moments when it appears that everything has gone horribly wrong (and I have stories about this!), and that perhaps you have made a mistake in following your excitement, and that it was all stupid, childish, irresponsible, a lie. This is when most people give up, but in truth that is when it is most crucial to hang on and keep going, and keep following where your higher mind leads. Whatever you appear to lose in that time, you will either regain in better, more expanded ways, or you will realize you do not want or need it any more. 

The key here is to stop telling yourself what few options are available to you, and simply let every option be available to you, including ones you can't even imagine. Quit trying to force those few options to happen (or not happen) from a limited, physical perspective; they might not be happening because your higher mind knows it's not what you need most, and has something better for you if only you will accept it.

God is All That IS, period. 

Separation from God not only never happened, but impossible. 

Only as I AM , Absolute I AM , Pure, Whole .... Absolute I AM... am I understood to be BEing itself. 

I cannot not be Being, TOTAL BEING, for to be at all, even non-being, I must be Being. I and BEING are One. I AM-BEING BEING.

All BEING, Pure BEING, Absolute BEING, Infinite BEING . BEING BEING. 


God and I AM. One God, One I AM. One One. All All.  


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